Title: Oh My God...
Pairing: SS/HP, DM/HP RW/HG
Spoilers: SS/PS, CoS, PoA, GoF
DISCLAIMER: I tawt I saw a copyright. I did! I did see a copyright and it's not in my name! Heh, JKR owns this particular piece of genius. I just play with the characters.
Summary: When Harry Potter finds out who he really is, a lot of things change. And I mean A LOT He finds his real parents, new feelings for the most unlikely person, and some strange powers. Includes Gods, snarky potion professors, animagi, and oh yes...a lot of SLASH. R/R

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Chapter Nineteen: Fulfillments

"Well, I can be the new God of the Underworld."

. . . . . .

Zeus stared at Voldemort.

"Tom Marvolo Riddle." He pronounced the name's every syllable as if testing it for its accuracy in relation to the mortal standing before him. "The God of the Underworld." He said the title with the same amount of precision and consideration. "Why would we deliver this realm into your hands? You who have sought naught, since creation, but to destroy life."

Voldemort seemed to weigh the words of the god before him, before deigning finally, after some minutes, to answer him. "Do you often make it a point to answer your own questions, your majesty?" he answered, exaggerating the "your majesty". Zeus growled low, so low that it was a rumble. The air began to crackle and the beginnings of a lightning bolt began to form within his hand. Hermes chuckled gaily.

"Oh! Zeus, I like him," he said emphatically, looking for all the world as if he had found a new pet. Voldemort smiled winningly. "Can we keep him?"

Ares, however, was growling right along with Zeus clearly not amused by the audacity that was being displayed by this mortal.

"You have thieved magic from a god," he accused viciously. "Why should we let you have anything other than infinite torture? It was your pact with Hades that started this chain of events. You are the reason that we are in this position."

"I assure you," Voldemort began calmly, taking in the vituperative comments as if he were presiding over a trial as a judge and not the prime suspect. "I have done no such thing," he finished with aplomb. Ares seemed to crackle with poorly suppressed anger... Rage marked every feature of his face. He seemed to grow to 1000 ft. His sandaled feet dug into the ground, creating impressions in the marble. He sprung off the dais swinging his bronze axe a mere centimeter away from Voldemort's neck.

"Ah. Terrifying," he deadpanned. Half of his hair fell to the ground. "I was very partial to that. It took a long time to grow," he said frowning. Ares rose his axe again, roaring.

"Stop," Zeus commanded. The axe continued its downward dissent. "Stop!" This time the axe did stop. Ares whirled throwing it so that it lodged into the wall on the other side of the room. He strode back to his thrown clearly more than a little pissed off.

"What is it that you have done then?" Zeus asked conversationally. He asked the question as if he were simply trying to solve a particularly tricky mystery. Voldemort shrugged one shoulder, as his other hand was currently occupied with fingering his much shortened hair, but then opened his mouth to speak, looking for all the world as if he were humoring a small child.

"I admit, he began with a long suffering sigh as if he were doing his audience a favor in using that particular phrasing. "I did make a contract with Hades to steal the magic of one Harry Potter, whom at the time was but a mortal wizard and my mortal enemy. And what I received was wizarding magic, to be sure, but slightly different. It changed me."

Zeus examined him.

Yes, he did look different now that he took the time to look. He had battled with rage throughout this whole meeting, hoping that it would not take him over. He was the king of the gods and he had to preside over this event with a clear mind especially due to the close nature of the subjects involved. One wrong move and he would be the one on trial here, but even some things he could not handle.

"We shall call the Daughters." There was a wave of gasps through the gods. Hera spoke.

"But Zeus…You know that that means for the summoner."

"I do," he shot a look to Ceres before turning his gaze to back upon Hera. "I owe this to you as well." Hera sat back in her throne. Her silence would be consent enough for his next actions. No other god made a move to object the proposition.

"I call the Daughters to preside over this assembly," Zeus intoned. 7 women immediately appeared before Zeus, kneeling. They all wore tight leather outfits and carried weapons that gleamed with their own light. Altogether, they were quite imposing seeming to be huntresses.

One woman looked as if she were in her 40s, though she was quite fit looking. She stood out apart from the others, obviously the leader. Tall and lean, she carried a quiver of arrows and a bow slung across her shoulder. She had long brown hair that framed her face in tight curls. She wore a rather stoic expression on her face and stood perfectly straight. Her leather clothes were of a more conservative cut, having only a black laced leather bodice over a simple peasant top and a black leather pants. The other women wore short leather skirts with their leather vests. Half of them had their leather studded with steel spikes while the other half went without. And while only the leader seemed to be carrying a quiver and arrows, 2 of the women held daggers, 3 had swords, and 1 wore a holster around her hip with a gun. These were the Erinyes and the Litae. Led by Nemesis, they were truly the daughters of vengeance and they sought to exact it in many times a non-peaceful manner.

"I am Nemesis," her eyes alighted on Zeus and she smiled almost savagely. "And so you have finally called?"

"Yes," Zeus nodded. Nemesis was another he had wronged. Not too smart, when he thought about it: wronging the goddess of vengeance. He sighed mentally, even as his features hardened physically. He had a lot of things to atone for.

"Your will, my lord?" She was cackling like a hyena.

"Judgment," he said. He would not respond to her jeering laugh. He would not stoop to that level. "…and punishment."

"For whom?" Zeus waved his hand in the general direction of Hades and Voldemort.

Nemesis looked over her shoulder at them then extended an arm quickly across her shoulder, pulling an arrow from her quiver. Shooting it into the sky, she once again locked gazes with Zeus.

"You realize I will enjoy this very much?"

"I am prepared."

"Then we shall begin."

"You will regret this brother."

Golden threads fell from the sky. Each of the daughters held onto one and began chanting. It became a macabre song and it was sung in rounds. They then began twirling in opposite direction: one minute 2 here, the next 3 there. They did this over and over again in alternate patterns. The strings they held were weaving an intricate design. Every time it seemed like they would lose grasp, another string would fall from the sky and the dance would renew. Their weapons gleamed under the influence of their own spell. They danced faster, spun faster and twisted closer with each frenzied beat.

The three women with swords spun into the middle of the chaos. These were Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megara; the Erinyes. Alecto represented unceasing anger. Zeus watched her as she spun into the space the others had made before her. Her mouth was set in a fierce scowl; her eyes were filled with inhumane rage, drawn together closely. She squinted almost as if she were blinded from the fury she doubtless contained within herself. He looked next to Tisiphone who represented murder and, yes, her eyes did gleam with an unrepentant bloodlust as her gaze locked upon Tom Riddle, her sword already raised to strike. And finally there was Megara who represented all that had to do with jealousy and infidelity in marriage who focused a distant gaze on Zeus, himself. He refused to look away and held her gaze. The other three women continued to whisper their prayers.

In another moment, the cage that had been holding Hades dissolved in the wash of power that the Daughters had summoned. Hades was now held in place by the threads the Daughters had wielded not mere seconds ago. Tom Riddle was in a similar state. The next moment, Tisiphone and Alecto were shoving their swords through Tom Riddle and Hades, respectively. The Litae stopped their chant and kneeled in a triangle formation around the pierced through beings and anchoring the threads with their bodies. Nemesis nodded to the one with the daggers and she began to speak.

"We are the Litae, the Prayers born of Zeus, to offer retribution for sins committed. We have made our judgment and the Erinyes shall execute it." They held up their arms in unison to the sky holding their heads up, speaking to the sky. The Lita in the middle pointed an accusing finger at Voldemort, and began to speak.

"Tom Riddle, Voldemort… You are guilty of many sins, but we have found that you have already been partially judged. Still, you have stolen a god's magic and you have pilfered many souls. Yes, you will you will have the prize you seek but at a price. You will become the god of the Underworld, however for every soul you have damned to that place you will feel their pain thrice magnified. And though you have been judged and restored your own hope in the world you will never be allowed again to steal hope from others or feel more than is your due. There will be no pleasure for you in your rule, but all your subjects will find never a fairer ruler. Your greed for the immortality you seek will also not be satisfied. You will rule so long as the gods seem fit. They are your benefactors so please them well."

"Hadesss," hissed another Lita. She remained sitting in her corner, the weapons of her trade sat by her side within easy reach. "You have been a naughty god. With your powers and duties now ceded unto Tom Riddle, you are stripped. However, you are still a god and, of course, cannot be killed. You shall be prisoner in your own former realm. Do not look so pleased," the Litae cautioned coolly when she saw Hades begin to smile, "for you will be guarded and tormented by all those who you have tormented and ridiculed through your rule. Those who you have wronged will be allowed to bestow upon you one punishment of any manner they so choose and that punishment will persist for all eternity or until each of your victims have unanimously agreed that you have suffered enough. Furthermore, you shall be compelled to feel grateful for these punishments. Do not sneer in the face of those of your tormentors, Hades. It will be only by their hands that your hell will stop. And if they so deign that you are worth mercy that was not offered to them, remember that if you do not pay in kind, we shall return and there will be no way to stop our wrath."

"Father Zeus," the third Lita whispered, voice raspy but mysteriously lyrical. "You have spent many centuries ignoring the ill others have caused each other unless it directly affected yourself. Your curse is arrogance and prideful ignorance. In fear of prophecy, you spurned many of your wife's advances. And for what? Do you believe that young Harricles will one day unseat you? When he does, it will not be for ill, but because it will be your time to recede and a new rule to take the world." The Lita smiled suddenly her smile luminous in the dark of her words. "Your punishment, dear Father, will be to relive the fear that you caused your victims. And you will bear the pain of each of your past decisions with all your future dealings. Furthermore, regarding your son Harricles…until such time as you have realized the error of your ways, he will live a predominantly mortal life. Until such time that you yourself decide to step down, he will live as a demigod. The world is not ready to receive such hope if there is no hope for you." Hera gasped as if in pain.

"Why are you punishing Harricles! Zeus has changed!" The Lita only stared her down.

"Changed in regards to whom? Only yourself? That's not enough for the proclaimed king of the gods. He must be fair to all who are part of his court. Is there any amongst you who agree with Hera?" Nemesis stared at Zeus mirth shining through her eyes. Ceres pierced Zeus with a look of utmost satisfaction. No, there really weren't…

. . . . . .

Severus found himself floating. This was nice. There was no more of that pain he had been experiencing. He felt so weightless and calm. The peace settled around him and came in waves, pulling him down and cradling him as if he were a small child again. And then he was aware of hands: loving hands caressed his cheek, ran themselves through his hair, and patted down his clothes. He felt so taken care of. He never wanted to open his eyes lest he find himself dreaming.

"Open your eyes, little prince…" And he did because he could never deny his mother anything. He found himself in a field full of tall grass. In the distance there was a small house. He recognized it distantly as Spinner's End. He drew his eyes together in concentration sitting up slowly, long fingers pressed to his brow.

"Mother," he murmured slowly. Her hand rested over his knee, the other still running through his hair.

"I'm so proud of you." A tear found its way down his cheek. He dismissed it in favor of the information he knew he had to gather.

"Where am I?"

"Oh, dear one! You don't remember?"

He lowered his hand and looked at his mother fully for the first time since waking up in this strange field. He couldn't believe it. This was not the woman he had last seen on her deathbed with almost lifeless grey hands held in his own, eyes dulled by pain and knowing of what was to come. No, this was the mother he had known before he had become a Death Eater. Before he had slapped her in the face and called her a coward for not having the strength of character to understand that he was more than their situation. This was the vibrant woman full of life and love that had raised him to be a personality to contend with, to use words as weapons instead of fists. This was the woman who used to roll around in fields with her children until night fell and then point out each and every single star and constellation until they fell asleep in her arms. This was the woman who snuck into his room at night creating a potions wonderland when it was found that he had an affinity for them, who would arrange safaris through the garden in search of beetles and newts so that he might have only the freshest ingredients for inane pranking potions. This woman who had nurtured him and his sister all their life and had asked for nothing in the bitter end, even when she was spurned and driven to an early grave. This was the woman before him now and Merlin had he missed her.

He hugged her tightly aware that his tears were flowing freely now. "Mother, I missed you so much. I tried to do everything I could to make you proud of me again," he sobbed into her neck. "I never should have joined them, Mother. Why did I never listen to you?"

She ran her fingers again through his hair. "Severus, look at me." And he did – into eyes so much like his own. "You have always been a strong lad. I grew you to be one and I have never regretted a moment of my life or yours. I have watched you do so well… and I have been so proud. When I walk amongst these fields and see the other spirits I cannot be anymore happy than I am. You are my Elysium, Severus. And as much as I would love to have you here with me for the rest of eternity…It is not yet the right time for you to be here. You are needed Severus…not by me. You must return for your sister and for your young man." She wiped the tears from his eyes and fussed around his collar; straightening it and patting it down. His mouth was open but he couldn't help it. He scrutinized her face and realized that her eyes were misting. He held her hands tightly within his own to stop the fussing.


She suddenly stood up. "You must be hungry. Come into the house while we wait. I'll make you some of that tea you love with the little muffins. You still like those right?" He was confused.


"Why for your young man to come get you, of course! It's tradition." And then she was off towards the house and Severus had no choice but to follow her.

. . . . . .

Draco stood before Zeus and the rest of the assembly of gods. Harry stood next to him, albeit a bit more silent with eyes downcast.

It had been several months since his capture. Remembering had been a process all in and of itself as well as a process he rather soundly forget. He was lucky that Draco had been by his side. For several weeks, he had barely been able to be in a room with another person without flinching away from them. And he remembered being visited by all the gods, but being unable to stare upon them in their true forms. He had just received his parents and as quick as they had come they had been taken away from him. Voldemort always took things away.

"My baby boy. My Harricles," Hera's voice was music to his ears, but he could not look upon her.

"I am sorry, my son. It has truly been a circus here and now my past has corrupted your future," Zeus said morosely. "I could not even be with you whilst you recovered. What type of parent can I be?" Harry scuffed his shoe on the marble tile. He reached out for Draco's hand needing the comfort to get through this.

"I'm just Harry again." He smiled sardonically. "Or rather slightly more than just Harry, but I'll not be Harricles again for a long while. He dared to look up at the ethereal image of his parents, then looked away before his eyes burned. He heard Hera check a sob.

"Yes," Zeus agreed solemnly. "Not for a long time indeed." And then all parties were silent. The other gods simply watched the standoff of both parties.

"Oh for the love of…" Hermes interrupted loudly never to be one known for his patience. "Why are you here, Harry?" Harry squeezed Draco's hand hard and Draco squeezed it back in support. Harry held his head high, looking nowhere in particular.

"I formally request that one Severus Snape be restored to me as per the boon due me for the violation wrought against me by the former god of the Underworld, Hades. I am prepared to do any task you wish for his soul to be returned to life presently." Aphrodite smirked. It was about time. She remembered sitting by the boy's bedside as he recovered and his fevered dreams of the love he had lost. It had taken him sometime to even consciously acknowledge that he still wanted that person. And after what had happened to him, she could not blame him. But still, even now that other's magic wrapped around him just as a lover would and kept him safe.

Ares fingered his war shield, silently proud of his boy. He had been so angry for months during his recovery, barely able to stay by his side for wont of storming out into the world and decimating many mountains. Many a war had been started in the past several months. Now, he cradled his chin with his hand and looked fondly down at his little demigod. He had come so far. Strong by far.

"I see no reason why this boon should not be honored," Zeus said haltingly. He took his wife's hand in his own. "However, if this is the boon you choose, you will forfeit any other requests of the gods. And, until you are ready for the throne, shall be banned from the halls of Olympus. Harry swallowed, but nodded his head once.

"Yes, I understand."

"Are there any that oppose?" The thrones were quiet. "Then it has been decided. Be fair warned, the task to retrieve him is your own upon the tasks that we shall give you."

"I understand," Harry said and turned to stride out the hall with Draco.

"Good luck, my Harry. We'll see you again when it is time." And then both Harry and Draco were gone. Hera began to silently cry again.

Ceres caught Zeus' eyes. "He's a strong one. Nothing like you," she said quietly.

And Zeus could do nothing but agree.

. . . . . .

Severus Snape could not tell how long he had been in this world as each day passed and came in one seemingly fluid motion. He had made his peace with his mother, had gotten to know several uncles and aunts, had passed venomous aspersions on several spirits who were on their way to a worse place than this, and had been almost near orgasmic when he found the souls of Ron and Hermione floating for eternity as he strolled by the River Styx one day. He had learned that Voldemort was the new god of this realm and had belly laughed himself into a heap. And wasn't that the sight: Severus Snape belly laughing himself into a moaning wreck of side stitches. His mother had teased him for days! His demons kept him in check. The returned heart of Persephone saw that the Queen had returned and she had been the first to reap a most sadistic price upon the head of Hades and Voldemort himself. Neither would ever be the same for it, but what did they always say: hell hath no fury…

Still, he missed Harry dearly. And each passing day had him hoping for some news of his green eyed god while building his rather severe frustration. His mother had told him that he was waiting here, but he still did not know what exactly it was that he was waiting for and she, stubborn woman, that she was, would not tell him. Now, he sat upon a shaded hill back pressed against a large tree reading a Potions text from an ancient philosopher from the Mesopotamians. Merlin! They were intelligent! He had never seen formulas like this in all his days at Hogwarts.

Rather suddenly, a bit of his light was blocked. He looked up to find a hand was outstretched to him with a rather golden apple. He followed the bronzed arm up to a cloaked figure. He placed a bookmark in his book, gently placing it down in the grass. He took the apple, silently gasping a little as his fingers brushed the bronzed skin. He examined the apple and then the cloaked figure. Swathed in a black coat of what looked like feathers and scales, the figure was lithe but obviously a man. He had a contained dangerous presence and Severus wondered vaguely if he should step back or step closer. This person seemed to be altogether familiar. Without his knowledge his fingers had already began stretching forward to remove the figure's hood. He gasped when startlingly green eyes were revealed to him, beautifully full pink lips were upturned in a truly satisfied smile.

And then the apple was rolling on the ground as the body was pulled against him. By Merlin! This felt so right. And then he was taking those lips. Yes, these were his. Arms came around him holding onto him for dear life as their tongues sled against one another and they devoured the souls from each other.

There were tears certainly, but Severus could no longer distinguish whether they were his or Harry's. Gods but it felt good to even think the name and even better to have the body responding against his own now. He had the cloak unclasped now, his fingers working at the loose trousers that had been hidden underneath. Severus attacked Harry's neck as his hand unbuttoned and slipped into his pants, taking hold of and freeing his prize already thick and hard with anticipation. Sweet moans escaped Harry's lips as Severus assaulted his neck with small nips and bites, sucking away the sharp pains and laving the spots with his tongue even as he began to stroke his length. And Harry was jerking into his hand, moaning his name, scrabbling at his back, tugging against the cloying robe he, himself, wore trying to feel more of him. And then his Harry was coming against him, white hot cum spraying into his hand and it was all he needed as Harry rode out the waves of his orgasm bucking into his hand and shuddering against him chanting his name as if it were a prayer.

Severus removed his hand as Harry became boneless against him, pulling him closer, placing his own back to the tree he had been reading against and gently sliding down it back into a sitting position with Harry across his lap. He had no regard for his own condition. All that mattered was that his Harry was back now. And he belatedly realized that he had been chanting on his own.

"I'm sorry," he repeated as he rocked Harry against his chest kissing every bit of him that he could reach. Harry's hand came up to lay across his cheek and he wiped away a renegade tear.

"Why, Professor Snape…I had no idea that all this time I only had to give you an apple." And Severus was laughing and kissing those beautifully bruised lips. He would never let this man go again.

Harry sit up, slowly unbuttoning Severus' clothes seemingly touching him everywhere and no where. He began to babble as he slowly undressed his quarry.

"I'm sorry it took so long really. I was so fucked up after…after…well y'know. Couldn't remember a bloody thing. Draco was there, though… I was so lucky he was. He's stayed with me this whole time. I told the gods I wanted you…as a boon… for repayment…for what happened. I really thought they were gonna say no, y'know but they didn't and they gave me tasks. That apple was one of them. It's an apple of immortality you know. Had to kill the biggest effing dragon for it, Draco was so mad when I came home…and gods Severus but I forgot how beautiful you were…" Harry said, his disjointed explanation tapered off by lust.

By this time, Harry had fully undressed him and most of himself. Severus pulled the pants completely of groaning in approval as their naked cocks met and rubbed against each other. Harry's lips were now attached to his nipple, swirling his tongue across the pebbled flesh.

Severus' hands were busy remapping every piece of Harry. He slid them lower past his waist and in between glorious cheeks and fingered the tight ring of muscle there. Harry threw his head back arching into Severus setting off a most delicious frission of friction.

And then Harry was batting away his hand, positioning himself, and taking Severus into him. And Severus was shocked and fucking amazed. The brat had come prepared and gods he was so tight and this was so perfect and how the hell was he even thinking as he held Harry's hips as the man bounced himself up and down on Severus' cock. Severus watched himself disappear over and over again into that tight channel and then he was staring into Harry's eyes, realizing finally what he had been trying to communicate all along. This was his decision. He had chosen Severus to be his. He would continue to choose Severus no matter what. And despite all that happened, nothing could change his mind. Well, he had nothing else to do then… Severus grasped Harry's hips reversing their positions so that he was on top, wrapping the man's legs around him, he leaned over and gently took his lips.

"I accept," he whispered to the dazed man under him and began to thrust into him, angling himself so that he would brush against that spot inside his lover even as he also took him within his hand to stroke in time with his thrusts. And they were moving together and frenzied and sweet. Familiar magic rose around them then and then Harry was coming, the subsequent tightening pushing Severus over the edge so that he was emptying himself into Harry and he swore to fucking Merlin he had never had an orgasm last so long. He collapsed against Harry breathing deeply the scent of him as he gently pulled himself out and summoned whatever last bits of energy he had to pull Harry back against him. He stared him in the eyes.

"I will always be your protector, your guardian, your whatever you need. I'm so sorry that I could not have realized what I wanted earlier and I apologize for whatever words or actions I might have undertaken in order to distance myself from you."

Harry simply rested his face in the man's neck and chuckled softly.

"Severus Snape, you're coming home with me," he said simply. "And by the gods, you won't be leaving my side ever again." The magic hummed around them gladly as they rested in each other's embrace.

In a small little house surrounded by tall grass, Mrs. Snape sat with a tea service and a large smile upon her face.

"More tea, Mister..?"

"Malfoy…and no…I think I'm more than content drinking in that sight." The stately woman chuckled even as she leaned in as if imparting some grand secret.

"Imagine my shock to realize I've raised a voyeur." And they both chuckled even as their hurts filled with unimaginable happiness.

. . . . . .