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Secret Fantasy




He let the word fall upon their ears slowly, rolling off his tongue in almost a seductive manner as his lower lip rose in near-provocative attitude, his azure eyes, bluer than the midnight sea they flew over, challenging the questioner to make him do something stupid. The rest of the audience held their breath, some of them, mainly an autumn blonde member, hoping he would be dared to dive off the blimp and swim with the sharks. He ignored their gaping faces, wide eyes, and leaning bodies next to falling over from the suspense as he locked his gaze with those of amethyst orbs dancing with mischief.

Malik Ishtar. On their way back home from Alcatraz Tower, the evil Malik had been vanquished into the eternal darkness of the Shadow Realm, leaving behind a heart-broken boy desperate for love and understanding. Unfortunately, the presence of Yami no Malik having been residing inside his body for so long did not leave without forcing upon Malik some drastic side-affects, including a major chemical-imbalance and a sadistic outlook. Though Malik had done exceptionally well keeping his sadist side down to a minimum, he was starting to grow bored. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is an increasingly dangerous threat. They had been at this "Truth or Dare" game for the past half-hour, and granted, it was amusing, Malik wished that something could happen to spice things up around here. His chance finally came when the green-eyed dice cat dared him to kiss Bakura.

His hunger for excitement wasn't satisfied. Yami no Bakura had flat out refused to kiss Malik, and the trembling hikari looked so timid and frightened, that all Malik could do to keep the bunny from having ulcers was give him a tiny peck on the lips. He could've gone further had the Shennen Ring not been vibrating with the rabid rabbit's rage. Horned-hair albinos are no fun.

Growling under his breath in frustration, when it came time for Malik to choose someone to torture, he almost broke into a grin when his eyes fell upon Seto Kaiba. Ah, yes, he could sell tickets and make lots of money from the torment of the High-and-Mighty-Oh-Great-and-Powerful Priest. But Kaiba's guts were practically made of steel, so this was going to take some thinking. No matter. Even if he couldn't shatter Kaiba's entrails with a dare of suicidal humiliation, at least he was going to get something out of this. Something so controversial, all Hell itself would break loose upon this blimp.

Kaiba had uttered the word "dare", which made it all the sweeter, for Malik had been prepared with a question in reply to "truth". He would just have to manipulate the question a little, keep the same concept, and, though he highly doubted Kaiba would go through with it, at least certain members of the party would pop a few arteries.

This time, Malik could not hold back his grin as he inquired, "Before I tell you my dare, there is something about you I need to know to see if you have the capability of completing it."

"Go on," Kaiba instructed darkly, already growing impatient.

But Malik fed that impatience, taking care to drawl this out as long as possible as he leaned slowly forward. His amethyst eyes captured the Shennen Rod gleaming from its place beside Kaiba, which pissed him off to no end, which gave him the courage to endure whatever wrath Kaiba would unleash once the question escaped. "Tell me...would you sleep with anyone in this room?"

The question had indeed caught Kaiba off-guard and everyone else in the room almost did fall over. "Malik!" he heard Isis hiss. Malik ignored her. It was a valid question. After all, it was all their fault for not setting up rules for this game in the first place.

Kaiba's eyes narrowed. Malik shivered with excitement at the outrage screaming in those twin sapphires, the heavy blush streaking across the handsomely curved nose. Here it comes. Kaiba was going to deliver the diatribe that would make Navy Seals cower with whimpering fear in dark corners from the verbal massacre. No doubt Isis would jump to Malik's defense, despite he was the cause, and then Kaiba would yell at her. And then Joey would yell at Kaiba for yelling at a woman in general, and the dragon and the mutt would mutilate themselves in auditory bloodshed. Malik did not need his sister's Shennen Tankh to see this common.

But once again, Kaiba would best the powers of the Shennen Tankh, for suddenly his mouth shut and even formed his infamous smirk. The blush faded to non-existence. The rage in those dragon eyes faded to a gleam of pure wickedness. "That all depends." The reply was not in its usually bored monotone, but a husky purr that would send shivers down anything that had a nervous system. Everyone else, besides the two boys whose amethyst and sapphire were locked, looked at each other in mirroring shock. There was actually someone on this blimp whom Kaiba found worth having sex with? Kaiba actually considered sex??? Had the situation not been so much like the atom bomb, leaving behind just as much devastation, several members of Yugi's group would've set up booths to bet on whom it was Kaiba had the hots for.

Malik had not been expecting this answer, but it was causing the game to become better and better. He wondered why they didn't play games like this in ancient Egypt. This was very much like a Shadow Duel where players risked pride and face, sometimes completely destroying themselves over two nouns and a conjunction. "Well, what if there are no strings attached?" the sand-haired leopard continued. "Once it is done and over with, the two of you are to pretend it never happened?"

Kaiba's grin grew wider, as if he were devising an evil scheme of his own. "Then I certainly would. Provided she is perfectly willing."

Uh-oh. She. That narrowed it down to only four people present in the room. Unless, of course, a few other members were keeping secrets they had no intention of sharing.

"Then I dare you..." Malik drawled lazily, "...to take the hand of the girl you want to sleep with, lead her into your room, and fuck her brains out right now."

If it were humanly possible, eyeballs would be rolling around the floor as the others gawked. Mokuba simply tilted his head to one side, wondering why everyone was looking so flabbergasted. And what does fuck mean? He often heard his brother use it when he was extremely stressed or pissed or both, but the younger Kaiba never bothered to ask. It was a highly offensive word, he knew that much.

Kaiba smirked. "I would, Ishtar, but I must request you rethink your dare. I am not prepared for such an intimate ordeal. I don't possess condoms, I doubt the girl is on birth control, and I really can't take such high risks of pregnancy. I have too much going on with work, even if there should be no strings attached, I don't want to have to go through the controversy of taking care of a squalling infant."

Malik sighed. So much for that. But he could still do some damage. Well, the dice kitty had a good idea from his dare. "Fine. Kiss the girl you want to sleep with. And make sure it is a good spit-swapper, too."

"Fine then. Have the girls all stand up in a line for me. A kiss is no good sitting down. Too tempting."

Hesitantly, Mai, Tea, Isis, and Serenity all lined up in front of Kaiba, looking nervous and a bit outraged themselves. Joey looked ready to kill, being held back by Ryou and Yugi, should the worst happen. Tristan and Duke hung back in the corner, Mokuba just sat there looking disgusted (still believing girls possessed cooties), and Malik drank it all in with gratifying satisfaction. At last. Chaos would be unleashed.

Kaiba stepped forward, and dragged his eyes over each of the four until he stopped at Serenity. He didn't give his smirk time to appear on his face. Leaping in for the kill, he grabbed Serenity's shoulders, crushing her against him as his lips slammed upon hers. Tea gave a small scream as the others quickly dove to pull Joey back. "You bastard!" Joey screamed, and even worse obscenities streamed forth from his mouth. Malik only laughed, clapping his hands gleefully. This was better than he imagined. Joey was absolutely livid, and though he had eight people pinning him down, he was still struggling to break free and disembowel Kaiba with his bare hands.

Serenity became frozen at the ferocity of Kaiba's kiss, but when her nerves melted, before she could fight him, her body betrayed her and her mouth began responding to this not-so-gentle caress. But when feeling her response, Kaiba's lips loosened considerably to a tender invasion that made her gladly give him way. She closed her eyes as his hands released their death grip on her shoulders and made a path down her sides. Kaiba opened his eyes, the azure orbs dancing with their own psychotic laughter as they glared sadistically at Joey. Joey stopped his struggling as his gaze locked with Kaiba's. Making sure Joey was watching intensely, Kaiba closed his eyes again as one of his hands lowered and squeezed Serenity's small ass, grinding their hips together, groaning long and loudly so that Joey could hear.

Drowning in the heat of his passionate kiss, Serenity wasn't even close to prepared when Kaiba suddenly pushed her away from him. "Relax, my dear, it's not you I want," he growled. "There is no one here I want to sleep with. This game was becoming a bore. I just wanted to spice things up a bit."

Malik glared at Kaiba, amethyst eyes clearing stating Liar.

Kaiba simply smirked and walked away. Even Mokuba blinked at him. His brother...didn't just...no...he didn't!

Instantly, Joey was by Serenity's side, taking her protectively in his arms. "Serenity, are you okay!?"

"I'm fine, big brother," Serenity replied, shocked that her voice was steady. Maybe she was okay. But her heart could not say the same thing. In fact, it felt like it had exploded, and the blood was dripping from Kaiba's hands.


The night drawled on as if it were to last for eternity. The silence of the grand blimp was broken only by the soft steps of socks upon the tiled floor, tiptoeing quietly to a room that was located farther away from the others, the owner of such a room wanting nothing more than perfect solitude. Heart quaking, she couldn't shy away now as Serenity slowly slid open the door to the bedroom, knowing that he had to be in there. She had no particular plan in mind aside from talking to him about what had ensued between them that evening. She could still feel the bruise of his kiss on her mouth, the erotic feeling of their bodies pressed so tightly together, fitting perfectly as in a primal puzzle.

However, Kaiba was not in his room. It stood as bleak and empty as his dark heart, and she shivered from the cold that emitted from within. Either it was from a symbolic sense or the raging air conditioner that frosted the atmosphere here, she could not decide. The room itself was not as luxurious as she had expected the master room of this voluminous blimp to be. In fact, if truth be told, it was even emptier than her own guest room, consisting nothing more than a small bed, a dresser, and a nighttable with a lamp that knew it would never be turned on tonight. The walls reflected the eerie glow of a computer screen as a laptop sat upon the dresser, the screensaver nothing more than a patch of flashing cobalt.

Serenity shivered. She was wrong in coming in here. She turned around to leave, but instead found herself looking at a black chest. She raised her eyes slowly, her height barely reaching the broad shoulders, and found her amber gaze being sliced by icy oceanic irises that were both curious and suspicious and all out angry.

"What the hell are you doing in my bedroom?" Kaiba demanded, nothing more than a hiss of breath but doing far more damage than screaming could ever hope to accomplish.

"I-I-I'm sorry," Serenity apologized, voice wavering in near panic. "I-I was only tr-trying to..."

"This is MY bedroom; you are not supposed to be in here!"

"I'm sorry..." she tried again.

Kaiba continued to glare at her in a dangerous fashion. "Yeah," he whispered. He began walking toward the door, and slammed it shut. He then locked it, crashing any hopes she had of escape. He turned back toward her, and she suddenly found herself unable to find which was more terrifying: his rage or the gleam of lust that had inhabited his eyes. "Yeah, you're gonna be sorry, all right."

"I only wanted to talk to you!" Serenity cried desperately.

"Save it," Kaiba snapped. "No amount of talking it going to spare you from the punishment I have in store for you."

"I didn't mean to break into your room!"

At first, Kaiba stared at her. Then he threw his head back and laughed loudly. "Do you think that's the only reason I am punishing you?" He shook his head, cinnamon locks swaying from the motion. "So naive. No doubt a virgin, ne? Good. I like virgins."

She gasped as he advanced toward her, taking a step back with every step forward he took. She could not break that intense gaze, her heart beating so loud, it seemed to echo throughout the entire room. A tiny cry escaped her when her back hit the edge of the bed and she fell. Kaiba quickly snatched her in his arms before she fell onto the suddenly inviting white sheets. "Don't be so quick, my dear," he whispered thickly. "We'll be going in that direction sooner than you think."

Her face flared. She wasn't naive enough not to know what he was implying. "You made a grave mistake coming in here tonight, baby," he groaned, eyes still holding her undivided attention. Yeah, that was kind of obvious to her now. She regretted ever meeting this guy.

Mustering up all the courage she had left, she spat with classic Wheeler furiousness, "Let me go, or you'll regret it, Kaiba! When Joey finds out what you're doing--"

Kaiba laughed again. "I sincerely hope he does."

Anger was taking over her fear, but it was a careless anger, an emotion that would make her do careless things that would only lead her to even more precarious terrain. Like trying to slap Kaiba's smirk on his face for instance. Lord knows she tried, but Kaiba's reflexes were those of a jungle feline and he caught her wrist before she could make contact. He giggled, actually giggled. "Feisty little piece of pussy, aren't we?"

Her jaw dropped. "YOU ASSHOLE!" she screamed, tears gathering in her eyes. She tried to slap him with her other hand, but Kaiba caught that one, too.

"Now this is more like it," he drawled, mouth several centimeters from hers. It was then she could smell beneath the masculine breath the yeast of drink. She had heard Joey's proclamation of a liquor finery located by the blimp's kitchen, and from the smell of things, Kaiba had one bottle too many. Though he did not sound drunk and seemed to be perfectly in control of himself, it was obvious Kaiba was on the edge, balancing on the fine line of consciousness and pure drunkenness. He shoved her onto the bed and crawled on top of her, one leg on either side of her, still keeping her wrists pinned above her head. "Now for your punishment," he growled softly, and, despite her struggles, he claimed her mouth with his once again. This time, he went even further, shoving his tongue through her unprepared lips.

She wanted to be repelled, launch her cookies in his face or something, that'll teach him, but instead she found herself weakening willingly to his embrace. His advances, as rough as they were, still held a tenderness to him, as if he were doing this more out of need than lust. He released one of his hands from her wrists and began running it down the side of her face, her neck, finding the zipper at the top of her collar and with one liquid motion, parted her shirt open, exposing her baby-blue bra to him.

He pulled slowly away, eyes drifting down to her breasts. "Oh, how cute, little boobs," he remarked wickedly. His mouth then began nibbling her ear and under it, inhaling deeply as he drank in her sweet  languor. "But I like them." He lowered his head to devour her neck, rolling his tongue along the jugular vein causing her to gasp with need.

"K-K-Kaiba," she groaned, finding herself arching against him, feeling his hard length through the material of his leather pants.

He lifted his head to look at her, almost pouting. "Must you call me that?" he said. "Why don't you call me by my name? Say it, Serenity. Say my name. Say Seto."

She could if she could keep herself from spiraling down this whirlpool of sensations he was shoving her into. Serenity could barely hear him over her thundering heart. At least she could take comfort in knowing that technically speaking, she wasn't being raped. Actually, if she didn't have the virtue not to admit it, she would say she was enjoying his touch, and wanted more, so much more. "S-Seto..." she breathed, followed by a groan as he chuckled against her heated skin. His body shook with pleasure at the sound of his name from her mouth. As if trusting her, he released her wrists all together. But instead of trying to fight him, Serenity grasped his hair and pulled him further against her, savoring this feeling as much as she could. Okay, fine. Screw virtue. Dammit, she was loving what he was doing to her.

Clothes soon found themselves rudely abandoned to the floor as the couple made passionate love, both losing themselves in ecstasy. Serenity wondered if these metal walls were soundproof, but she soon didn't care as Seto's hands and tongue drove her to realms of pleasure she never knew existed. Apparently, business and dueling were not the only skills he possessed.

The climax left them breathless and hardly able to move. For a minute they both just lay there. Kaiba was the first to move, raising himself on his elbows, preparing to leave, but was caught by surprise when Serenity pulled him back down. "Stay with me," she breathed, begging for his body to remain close to hers. Kaiba's eyes widened at first, but then he smiled, a true genuine smile as he laid back down on the mattress. He lay on his back, cradling Serenity's head under his chin as she snuggled against his body. His eyes began to drift as he pulled the white sheet over them, and soon they both fell into a deep sleep in each other's arms.


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