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Notes and warnings:

This story is shonen ai and thus two boys in love. If this isn't your kind of thing, I advise you to click 'back' now. It's going to get limey in a minute. :D

"You did well in the battle tonight," Roy said as he sauntered through the door, unfastening the head band he wore to keep his unruly hair out of his eyes. "I don't think Link was expecting to lose to a newcomer. He should've paid more attention to your other fights and what a good swordsman you actually are."

"Ah, it was just a fluke," Marth replied, grinning despite himself. He was confident of his abilities, but hadn't expected to beat the legendary Hero of Time, not in a one-on-one battle, relying only on himself.

"You've done it now, and you'll do it again: it was not a fluke," Roy said, pretending to be stern, but crossing the room and kissing him softly on the cheek. "You're one of the best fighters here, Marth, and if you try to tell me otherwise, so help me, I'll kiss you again."

"Well, then, I'm the worst fighter here. Looks like you're going to have to kiss me..." Marth just about managed to suppress the amusement that threatened to play over his lips before Roy's own played over them instead, soft and gentle and not at all flirtatious anymore. The prince adored the way the boy would switch from playfulness to tender affections so suddenly and without warning; it was cute and sweet and exciting, all in one tantalizing instant.

Roy pulled away, his cheeks slightly flushed and his eyes ever so slightly lidded. "I'll shut the door," he said, pulling it to and clicking the lock into place. He walked back to Marth lazily, sitting down on the bed and wrapping his arms around him, nuzzling his neck, trailing kisses down to the soft fabric of his tunic. Marth sighed his approval, enjoying the closeness, the feel of Roy's hair falling across his skin, the way his lips were heating up as he began to move them up his neck again.

"You say you're the worst fighter," Roy purred, his breath warm against the prince's ear. "Prove that wrong and fight back…" He flicked his tongue over a velvety earlobe, provoking a shiver and then fire, as Marth took up his challenge, eyes glinting, hands on Roy's shoulders, pressing him down onto the bed, pressing his lips to his own. Marth heard Roy moan beneath him as his tongue slid into the boy's mouth and began the gentle dance, the start of something with the potential to become more...

Roy stroked his hands up and down Marth's back, mimicking the movements of their mouths and pulling him down so their bodies were as flush as their cheeks. Marth's own hands were running through Roy's hair, running down his neck, over his chest, fiddling with the buttons on his tunic, trailing over the smooth skin that was now exposed; he didn't give the boy chance to react with anything more than hot sighs against his lips as his fingertips teased and explored.

"Marth!" Roy cried out, hips bucking involuntarily as the prince broke off the kiss and began, instead, to play his tongue over his nipples, sending waves of pleasure straight down to his abdomen. The only things he was capable of now were breathy sighs and melodic exhalations that sounded almost like he was singing. His eyes fluttered open and met Marth's, the two gazing intently at each other as Marth made a show of very slowly and deliberately moving a hand down Roy's stomach, pausing when it reached the button of his trousers. The boy tried to control a whimper as he began to ache in anticipation. They had been together like this before, just playing around, but this time felt different: something in Marth's eyes, something about the way Marth was so intense tonight, made him wonder what might happen, what they might do that would change things between them forever.

Unable to stand it any longer, Roy arched up for another kiss, hungrily, desperately entwining Marth's tongue with his own, both their hips responding this time. The sensations that washed over them drove their kisses faster, faster until it was Marth who was panting and having to break away.

"Tired already?" Roy murmured, wrapping his arms around the prince and swiftly rolling over so that it was now he who was on top. Marth looked beautiful, laid out on the bed, his head resting on pillows, until he surprised Roy by pulling the boy's tunic off in one smooth movement, exposing the whole of his torso, tanned skin and smooth muscle.

"Not at all," he said, smirking, ghosting his fingers down the middle of Roy's chest, trailing them away at his stomach teasingly when he felt him shiver.

"Then you will be," Roy promised, relieving Marth of his shirt as quickly as he had been of his.

"You… we…" the blue haired prince said slowly, falling into his partner's eyes as a hand was planted beside him on the bed and his own taken up in the other. His look was met with a smile of tenderness and underlying fragility.