Chichiri and the Chocolate Factory

By Li Mai

Li Mai: Hello everyone and welcome to Chocolate and the Chocolate factory!

Tasuki: What the *beep*, that's not the name! It's Charlie and the Chocolate factory!

Li Mai: That's what I said and no cussing! This is Children's theater!

Tasuki: *beep* *beep* *beep* you!

Li Mai: Oh well. Now, for our story! You know everything that's been going know, Willy Wonka had all this stuff happen and now he's having a contest...

Friend Lindsey: That's right, a contest!

Li Mai: aren't in this!

Friend Lindsey: Yes I am, Mrs. Casey said I was one of the narrators!

Li Mai: Not in my story!

Friend Lindsey: Fine! I don't care! *runs away*

Tamahome: Can I come out yet?

Li Mai: No!

Tamahome: Wahh!!!

Li Mai: Shut-up! We've had 4 of the golden tickets found, let's meet our lucky winners: Augutina Gloop, where are you Augustina Gloop?

Miaka: I love to eat! I could eat all day! This golden ticket is my meal ticket to eat and eat and eat!

Li Mai: Good job, Miaka, you memorized your lines!

Miaka: What lines...?

Li Mai: Err...our next golden ticket winner is Violet...I mean Victor Beauregarde, where are you Victor?

Tamahome: I like to chew gum...and I like Miaka.

Li Mai: That's not in the script!

Tamahome: But I do!

Li Mai: I don't care!

Tamahome: *cry* *cry*

Li Mai: and the third? Salt, where are you Verucaus Salt?

Tasuki: I hate ya all and I'm a little brat, whine, whine, *beep* *beep*!

Li Mai: No cussing and get the lines right! *throws cactus at Tasuki*

Tasuki: *Cactus hits him* *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!*

Li Mai: And our fourth, Mike Teavee.

Chiriko: I want to watch television! I love gangsters, with their pistols and knuckle dusters, oh boy what I wouldn't give to be one!

Li Mai: Chiriko, I love you. You memorized your lines.

Chiriko: *runs and hides*

Chichiri: Can I come out now, no da?

Li Mai: No! Now the most important character of our story, Charlie Bucket. Charlie's a good boy.

Chichiri: Yay, I'm a good boy, no da!

Li Mai: I said you aren't on yet!

Chichiri: No da?

Li Mai: ......Now you're on.

Chichiri: I found a golden ticket hooray!

Li Mai: Good job.

Miaka: Can we go eat chocolate now?

Li Mai: You aren't going to a real chocolate factory.

Miaka: You lied to me?

Li Mai: ......Yes, I did.

Miaka: Oh well, can I have chocolate.

Tamahome: How about some white chocolate?

Li Mai: Tamahome! This is a kid play!

Miaka: I like milk chocolate better.

Tasuki: Oh! Burn!

Tamahome: I'm crushed! *cry*

Li Mai: Whatever. Time for a 5 minute break! Now!

Tasuki: This is *beep*!

Li Mai: Shut-up you stupid baka!

To Be Continued...

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