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Summary: Sam and Jack married? And with a son? When an alternate reality faces its destruction, Sam and Jack send their son through the quantum mirror and to our Sam and Jack. But why is he so special? S/J;

Rating: PG


Me, Myself, and Reality

Chapter One:

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

A fourteen-year-old sat patiently at his desk, waiting for the bell to sound. It was only two more minutes, then freedom from that particular class. Looking up to his left at the front of the room, his teacher, Mrs. Johnson, stood teaching about World War Two.

Moving his eyes away from his Social Studies teacher, his blue eyes searched the room, looking at the other two rows of desks. In the first row right across from him sat Alyssa. She smiled back at him. Before turning her contact blue eyes back to their teacher, she ran a hand through her light blonde hair.

With one more minute until he could leave the boring class, he shook his head, brushing his own shaggy, dirty blonde hair out of his eyes before he too turned back to watch her; his mind not away from Alyssa. The two had been dating seen the end of seventh grade, almost eight months. Both his parents like her and hers like him, it wasn't that bad off.

Finally, the greatest sound to his ears reached him when the bell rang in its customary fashion. Grabbing his books, he took his time considering he wanted to walk with Alyssa and his next class was just across the hall.

Picking everything up- two binders and two books- he stood his full height of 6'8" and waited for his girlfriend. Watching her stand, he knew everything was going good for him. Straight A's yet again, he still had his girlfriend, and he made the basketball team for the third year in a row. Yep, everything was going his way.

Once Alyssa had caught up, the two walked out of the room and into the hall where their classmates for Math class were just allowed in. Walking in, Alyssa whispered to him, "Meet me after school. Ok?"

"Ok," he told her and walked to his own desk in the second to last row. Setting all but his math binder on the floor, he looked up at the board where the first problem of the day had been written.

He wrote it down and thought about it for a moment but was stopped when his friend sat down next to him and asked, "Did you see what just pulled up?"

"What?" He asked back.

"There's some black car that just pulled into the circle. I heard people say they saw two Air Force officers get out," his friend, Matt, told him, his voice strangely unnerved.

His eyes watched him for a minute, his ears not even hearing the bell condemning him to that class. In his heart, he knew that could easily mean bad news for him. Bad news about his parents or one of them.

At that moment, a loud knock was heard at the door and rang through his math teacher's words. She stopped and opened the door to reveal the two dreaded officers of the US Air Force. "Jesse O'Neill?" One of them called and he raised his hand shyly.

"Come with us," the other barked at him. Jesse's eyes found his teacher's and she nodded her approval. Standing, he retrieved his books and followed the two officers out of his classroom.

As he was escorted down the hall, he began to feel as if it stretched on forever. Millions of thoughts were running through his head, all of which he desperately wanted to ask the two men behind him.

Looking over his shoulder, he looked at the first face he saw. The man's face was stone but, in his eyes, Jesse could see his pain and sorrow. Glancing quickly over the man's uniform, his eyes caught the shine of his nametag reading Major Davis.

Looking back at the hall in front of him, he took a few last steps before stopping at his locker. Reaching out a shaking hand, he slowly spun the dial until he had enter in the correct code. Pulling open his locker, Jesse swallowed hard, attempting to push back the tears his bravado was franticly trying to keep hidden. The silence and urgency of the two officers escorting his was scarring him to point beyond understanding.

Reaching for his backpack to shove in the few things he needed for homework, Davis pushed his hand away and stated, "You won't need that."

"But I have-" Jesse began but cut himself off when he saw the look of sincerity on the man's face. Dropping his hand, he slammed his locker closed and locked it back up, getting the feeling it would never matter again.

Without another word, Jesse turned and walked with the other two back to the foyer where they could exit the building. Moving a few steps ahead of his guides, he pushed opened the door allowing the sunlight to shine on his skin. When he looked out at the circular parking lot, he could see a single black Cadillac and knew that it would be the car taking him wherever he was going.

Once inside, Jesse closed the door after him and pulled his seatbelt on. Waiting silently in the car, he decided not to speak until the car engine was on and they were already on their way. The first words out of his mouth were:

"They're dead aren't they?"

Playing dumb, Davis- who wasn't driving- asked, "Who, kid?"

"My parents. That's why you had to take me out of school."

The two officers looked at each other, thinking about what to tell him and what to leave out of their explanation. Looking out at the street, Davis explained, "Well, kid, your parents wanted us to come get you. They need to talk to you about something very important."

"It couldn't wait?"

"No." His answer was quick, too quick. Jesse looked back at the road. No, he didn't like it at all.


The giant mountain Jesse's parents worked in was something he had seen many hundreds of times, just like everyone else who lived near. But, unlike those who worked there, Jesse had never had the privilege to walk inside the corridors or see anything that when on in there. Sure he had always been curious, wondering what went on, engaging and joining in on talks with his friends about the place. But he never got to see it…

Until now. Whatever it was he had been summoned for was fulfilling his wildest dreams. He would see the infamous mountain. It was something he thought would be all gold or something in his youth but had come to believe that there were aliens or something in there. But he had never been allowed to know.

Once inside of the elevator, the tension seemed to mount but, at the same time, was relieved in some respect. It seemed to take forever before the machine stopped. Once it had, he was accompanied out of it and to a table.

His guards walked up to it and seemed to sign their names. Once finished with that, the second guard- who had driven him- walked away with a quick nod in Davis' direction. But Davis, he handed his pen to Jesse and told him to sign his name where his finger was.

Looking at the paper, there were tons of names, most he didn't recognize. But three he did. A Col. Jack O'Neill, Dr. Samantha O'Neill, and Dr. Daniel Jackson. Sighing, Jesse signed his name under Davis' and placed the pen on the table.

After doing that, Davis gestured to a second elevator and put him on it. Again, they went down many levels- Jesse had no idea how many. When the door opened, MP's seemed to lurk everywhere. All of them had guns and all of them where nervous; tense.

Jesse watched them in admiration as his guide pushed him in all different directions. Observing the strange place, he knew that he would never be able to wander the corridors in that place, not from memory at least. Everything was the same; all grey and dull. The lighting was dimmed and almost eerie.

After plenty of walking, Jesse was led up a flight of long winding stairs, passing by a floor that had many computers and an amazing view of the huge room beyond. Though he was forced to keep moving, Jesse was given enough view to know that something big was in the other room.

Once to the end of the stairs, he found himself in a large briefing room. Three of the four walls were nicely furnished and covered with screens. But, the fourth, was a grey wall matching the outside walls.

Around the large briefing table sat abandoned coffee mugs and glasses half-filled with water. Crumpled papers littered the floor near the chairs and ripped and unused papers lined the table itself. From all that, Jesse could tell some serious thinking had been going on that day, and it was just beginning.

But his escort did not stop him there. No, he was forced to continue to walk. Walk until he came to a closed door on the opposite side of the room labeled General George Hammond. Behind the door, he heard nothing but voices, presumably arguing over something. Something important.

But the arguing abruptly stopped when Davis knocked on the door and it was swung open by one of the inhabitance of the room. When the door was opened, he saw a large, powerful looking man sitting behind his large, intimidating desk. His face was wrinkled in concern and Jesse could tell there were many decisions weighing heavily on him.

Half sitting on the large desk was Colonel Jack O'Neill. Or merely Dad to Jesse. Standing off in the corner was Dr. Samantha Carter- his mother- and Dr. Janet Fraser, a strong woman Jesse had met almost three years before when she was invited over for dinner and became much of a family friend after that.

"Thank-you, Major," the distinguished man of about fifty told Davis. The Major nodded and stepped outside, knowing the four would want to talk to his charge in private. "Take a seat, Mr. O'Neill," the man told him, gesturing the seat in front of his desk the minute Davis stepped out of the room.

Jesse looked at the door in which Davis was just behind then back at the four people, watching him and waiting for him to do as he had been told. And he did. Though he now felt unprotected without his ever-present guard, he did as he was told out of shear fear of what was about to be said to him.

"Now, son, I know this may seem strange to you… and very confusing, but trust me, it is necessary," the man, Jesse assumed was the General, began slowly. He seemed to be walking around eggshells with him, hoping that he could explain without explaining anything. But he knew that he couldn't do that.

"Everything I'm about to tell you, you will repeat to only those you recognize as working here, in this facility. Is that understood?" Jesse nodded at the man and he continued, "This place exists for one reason: to protect Earth. To protect people like you and your friends. From what? From aliens. A specific one being a race known as the Gou'ald.

"Few races ever go up against them and survive. We have had many allies that have simply been annihilated by this race. Our best ally, the Tok'ra, have recently been destroyed and we now have strong intelligence showing we're next."

Jesse sat quietly; listening to everything the General had to say. It was… different to say the least. Aliens coming to destroy Earth. But, what he couldn't get, was way they were telling him that.

As if reading his mind, the General continued, "I know what you must be thinking: why is he telling me this? There's something very special about you, Jesse. Something we need to preserve. There is a device we have been able to acquire. It is linked to hundred of other realities. Some so different it's beyond your imagination, while others, you can barely tell that there's a difference."

"And… you want to send me to one of those places?" Jesse asked, his voice shaky and unsure as he asked the intimidating man.

His father nodded solemnly from his place on the General's desk. "Yea, kid. But… you have to go alone."

Jesse starred at his father in alarm. He would have to leave them? His parents and go away to a completely different place? What if it was of the really different ones? How could he live there?

"You mean, I have to go. By myself to a place… completely different to my life?" Jesse asked.

"We've looked at some of the realities closest to ours. There's one where… you don't exist and your father and myself do. Though we're not sure if they are married or even together, it's the best possible place to send you. They seem to have managed to avoid the wrath of the Gou'ald. Or at least an invasion so far," his mother piped up.

Jesse sighed and looked down at his hands. He would go if they made him, but he'd much rather prefer to stay with them. Looking back at his father, he asked, "When do I have to leave?"

"The sooner the better." Jesse just nodded for he had no desire to do much more.

**SGC, Storage Closet**

The so-called mirror device, Jesse had been explained about, was much less attractive when saw rather than imagined. It was a six-foot slab of rock, it's middle a mere black plate. He looked at it thinking, 'How can this do anything but take up space?'

Jesse turned and looked back at his parents, who were standing off to the side close to the door. They looked back at their son, understanding his confusion and disbelief. Then his view shifted to his long time guard, Davis, standing not far from his parents. He had brought him from his school, to the General's office, then to the room they were currently in. Davis gave him a quick smile and a nod of support.

His eyes moved once again as they landed on a small piece of machinery. It was not much bigger than a textbook but much more interesting. Stepping up to it, he saw many colorful squares and such on it along with an orange half-sphere in the dead center.

While he had been looking at it, his mother had moved closer to him. She placed an uneasy hand on his shoulder and used the other to pick up the piece of technology. Turning him around to face the mirror with a gentle shove, she pressed the square in the top center.

Jesse looked up at the mirror and saw that the black slate had been replaced by the image of a large beach with crystal water flowing back and forth on the golden sand. Jesse starred at it, his eyes ready to pop out of his head in his awe. But, just as suddenly as the image was there, it had changed. His mother had changed it using the middle sphere; she turned it like changing the TV channel.

Jesse looked at the new image. He saw the same image as he did when the door was opened: a long grey hallway seen from a storage closet. As he continued to watch, he heard the sound of metal boots hitting the metal floor.

"Turn it!" His father shouted at the sound, confusing Jesse.

But the new image soon held his attention. This time it was a dark room. Inside the room were red streams of light surrounding the mirror. He assumed that they were some type of security; that the mirror in their reality was much more secure than the one he was standing in front of.

Jesse waited for him mother to turn the image to another one, but she never did. Instead, she whispered to his father, "This is the one."

"Are you sure?" He asked, his voice just slightly louder than hers was.

"Yes." Jesse turned to see his father nod at her last words and knew this was the place he was going. No matter how absurd he thought the whole thing sounded, he believed his parents. Searching his father's eyes, he tried to prove that he didn't need to leave. That he could handle whatever was coming. But his eyes weren't budging and Jesse easily realized that he would not be changing his father's mind.

"Do I have to… to go now?" Jesse asked, his eyes meeting no ones' eyes but the floor's.

Jack looked his son over. It was true that he was becoming a man right before his eyes. It was more than he wanted to see. But he knew, that soon the Gou'ald would come. And, if Jesse was there, they all would die and he'd never see him grow up. But, if he sent him to this place, he knew there was a chance he'd survive and the him there would watch Jesse grow and become a man. Perhaps get married. Maybe have children. But, most of all, live without the threat of the Gou'ald.

Jack looked over at Sam. Her eyes told the same story. They wanted him to grow up. To live a life, not die at the hands of an enemy he didn't even know. But, most of all, it was the secret he held. The reason he didn't know this enemy. And why they didn't know of him.

"I'm afraid you need to go now. The Gou'ald will be here soon. Trust me, now is better," Jack insisted. Jesse nodded, his eyes still focused on the spot he had found on the floor. "Jesse. Jesse, look at me." Jesse's eyes moved to find his father's. "You'll be all right. That's very important. It's important that the Gou'ald never find you. That they don't ever know you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Tell that to them." Jesse nodded. His father's tone was extremely serious. Something he tried to avoid and Jesse knew to do as his father had instructed him.

With a shaky breath, he bit back his tears and stepped forward. Embracing his father, Jesse felt him relax with the knowledge that he would soon be safe. Reluctantly, Jesse parted with his father. After, he moved toward his mother. Sliding his arms around her waist, he gave her an equally as tight and comforting hug.

Somehow, the word "good-bye" seemed… inadequate. And, almost, wrong. This wouldn't technically be good-bye for he would meet them again wherever he was going. It was just… it wouldn't be them.

Jesse broke the tight embrace with his mother and turned to look at Davis. Stretching his hand, he said, "Thank-you." Davis took Jesse's small hand in his larger one and shook it fondly.

"No problem."

Stepping back, his new view permitted him to see both his parents. His eyes, sad and fearful, looked at his parents and gave them a silent good-bye. With a deep breath, he turned and faced the ancient mirror. Then, as instructed by his mother, he placed his hand on the mirror.

It was a strange feeling. All he did was merely touch a mirror but he felt as if an electrical charge had been sent through him. He could feel the hair on the back of his neck and on his arms standing on end.

Moving his hand away from the electrical mirror, he looked down at it. He saw nothing wrong nor out of the ordinary on it. But it wasn't sight that was wrong. It was his nerve endings sending jumbled up signals- confused to if they were being electrocuted or touching nothing but air.

Looking up, he saw his parents and escort from school and through the SGC- Major Davis- standing there just as they had been before he had touch the mirror only backwards- a mirror image.

Through the invisible barrier, he looked at his father, standing in his real dimension. Giving a sad smile, he nodded to him from wherever it was that he was now trapped. It was as if to show he was all right and able to handle himself, but that was not how he felt.

Turning his blue eyes away, they found and connected with his mother's equally blue eyes. His smile had not faded but was breaking. He wanted to cry. He wanted to throw himself and the mirror and be with them; suffer with them whatever fate was coming.

But he knew they would not allow that.

So, instead, he raised his hand and gave a quick wave. The last he would ever give to anyone from his universe for that was the signal. The signal to his mother, who held the mirror's controller, to deactivate the mirror. To cut his tie with his reality forever.

Within barely a moment, the machine turned off and was left as a simple rock. A hollow rock that held so many possibilities and so many realities. A rock that could change your life forever or destroy it. Or do both, like it had for Jesse in so many ways.

With a dejected step, he walked backwards. Fighting back his tears, he closed his eyes and forced himself to look away from the mirror. To look away from his last life and realize that he had a whole new one there. Though he may have left his true parents, he was told that he would have them there as well. If they wanted him, he would still have parents.

Before Jesse even knew what was going on, he was suddenly surrounded by soldiers. All of them holding a gun, and all of those guns pointed at him. Looking around at the men and trying to comprehend what was happening, he realized it would be a good idea to raise his hands.

And so he did. To show them that he had no weapons. To show he was not going to harm them. And to show that he was more afraid of them than the mirror he had just touched. After doing that, he looked down and found he had made the right choice for at least twenty red dots were all pointing at his chest.

One of the soldiers- Jesse identified as a Captain- stepped forward, his gun pointing at Jesse's neck, and asked, "Who are you? And what are you doing here?"

Jesse looked in fear at the man. He knew that he could not stop the man. He may be one of the strongest in his school, but that man did not go to his school and was a lot bigger, a lot stronger, and a lot more equipped weapon-wise.

At that point, Jesse didn't know what to think. His mind- as sharp as it was- was still trying to wrap around the alternate reality thing. Because of that, having twenty guns pointed at him with the ability to kill him if he showed any sign of hostility was too much for him.

With a shaky voice, he answered, "J-Jesse… Jesse O'Neill. And I don't really know why I'm here."

The officer eyed him with a curious yet suspicious look. After taking in what he could while within the dark room, he nodded to his fellow officers and stepped away. With that sign, one of the soldiers closest to him lowered his M-16 and stepped forward. Taking hold of his still raised hands, he moved them until they were behind his back. Then he cuffed them to ensure the safety of others incase he was hostile.

Gently, the Lieutenant pushed him forward, taking him through the crowd with only two men going in front of them and at least two following them as his guards while the other fifteen or so guards went back to securing the area.


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