Author's Note: This one's short but a nice little ending to kind of tie up lose ends, in my weird little way. It's set twelve years into the future, just so you don't get overly confused. I hope you understand it, my over analyzing of it makes for about five million different ways of looking at it. Please R/R and enjoy.

Summary: Twelve years after Jesse returned home, what changed in the reality he called home for almost a month?



A Dream Pointless in its Optimism

**Twelve Years Later, Location: Unknown**

In an old storage room filled with dust and cobwebs, an old and forgotten machine was leaning against the dark wall. Unknown by anyone, a tiny red light began to blink. Seconds later, the machine activated itself. In the blink of an eye, a man- one that had not been there moments before- appeared in front of the ancient device.

The twenty-six year old looked about himself, coughing from the dust he unsettled by his sudden arrival. Pushing aside the many cobwebs that blocked his view, he turned and deactivated the device without wasting any time. Everything was different, he couldn't be sure what other details would be as well. No one could be allowed to know that he was there.

With outstretched arms, he pushed and swatted at the many tiny threads that found themselves in his face. Finding the handle of the door, he gingerly turned it. Immediately, he felt the artificial light shinning on his freshly clean and shaven face.

Running a hand through his long dirty blonde hair, he walked easily through the many halls of the building until he made it to the exit. He walked as though no one saw him. As though his tall, well-built body was invisible to the naked eye. A small machine in his coat would agree. Walking down the sidewalk he received not a single look, for none of them saw the man.

Turning through a maze of streets, he found what he wanted: the Stargate. Years ago, as he remembered it, few knew of its existence. It seemed that, now, it was a popular choice of travel. But the flyers he had seen around spoke of a ceremony he wanted to attend.

Through the masses of people, he could see six familiar faces standing on a podium. According to the announcer, it was General George Hammond, retired, General Jonathan O'Neill, retired, Colonel Samantha Carter-O'Neill, Lieutenant Colonel Janet Fraser, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c. Hearing what the Major's new name was brought a smile to his lips- who would have guessed?

The words seemed to matter very little to the man, he only really took in the content. It seemed the 10th anniversary of the Gou'ald's demise was a major event. Everyone in the state of Colorado and many other places (including planets) seemed to have attended it.

Like a beautiful face he hadn't thought he'd ever see again. A young woman with golden blonde hair and a majestic smile. Her eyes sparkled as she showed off something to her friends: an engagement ring glinting on her finger.

Next to her came a man of similar age to the two. He wore an Air Force Lieutenant's uniform, fitting well to his broad and masculine body. He smiled as he bent and kissed her. Just another long-forgotten face to the man. With a dejected movement, he looked down at his left hand. A single tear spilled down the side of his face when he saw the gold band. It only brought back memories of time that were happier yet more tragic than they ever should have been.

Peering through the crowd, his eyes caught sight of a man he knew to be long dead. But the balding man stood there, watching his daughter with both pride and joy. A hint of sorrow was hidden behind his pleasant mood as long forgotten memories rose to the surface. Only the child perched on his knees seemed to hid that from everyone else. The young boy of six or so clapped and smiled as he watched with his blue eyes. The man smiled as he pointed out the boy's parents and messed up his short, blonde hair.

With a sigh, the man turned and made his way through the large gathering of people. Maneuvering around everyone, he made his way through the crowded streets and back to his starting point.

The movement of the creaky door unsettled the dust, getting it in his tear filed eyes and dry throat. With a simple push of a button on his hidden machine, the ancient device was active yet again. Touching the center, he returned to a world rebuilding itself after years of fighting; one that was missing so many good people he had just seen.

~ The End ~


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