Meri Kurisumasu!

Chapter One: Chichi

Gentle snow flakes fluttered to the already white ground. Children ran gaily in the soft powder, throwing it about in great snow ball fights, while others fought to build the greatest snowman the block had ever seen. In stores, teddy bears and artificial trees filled the windows, while Christmas carols and Beethoven's Ninth Symphony trailed out the doors to meet the ears of those walking by. It was a beautiful December day, with romance and joy in the air.

Bakeries were filled with the sweet smell of Christmas cakes, while children gathered outside in the hope that the owner might take pity and hand out a few free treats. Chichi laughed a little when one owner did come and the kids all shouted out with glee. Her kids were far too old to be oggling bakery shop windows, and the idea of gift giving was mere fantasy. She longed for the days when she could wake early to make a special dinner for herself and her husband, when her son would beg them to go stare at the store displays, and she and her friends still exchanged cards and greetings.

Now, even Pan was too old for these celebrations. She would be looking for a young man to spend the holidays with soon, as would Bra. Goten would more than likely be out on Christmas with Paris, and she wondered what Trunks would be doing. Probably working she mused, as he always did. Still, she was sure that when he returned home, Christmas would be celebrated in his home. Already Capsule workers walked through halls adorned with holly and mistle toe, and there would most certainly be an employee party as well.

Continuing on down the street, Chichi stopped into a small store, just to look around for a while, and escape the cold on her long walk home. She stared admiringly at the various objects which adorned the shelves. Small wooden knick-knacks, glass figures and an assortment of similar items each drew her attention.

"Are you interested in those?" A kind voice suddenly asked as Chichi stared at a pair of ceramic birds. She turned to face an elderly gentleman wearing an apron and a smile. She smiled back a little, then shook her head. "No, I'm just looking really." She answered, and he nodded, then went behind the counter. "I do have something you might be interested in." he told her, opening a drawer and taking out something wrapped in tissue paper. "I made this many years ago but never had the heart to sell it. Somehow though, I think you might want it"

Chichi watched him from in front of the counter as he pulled off the paper and handed her a glass orb, slightly tinted blue. It seemed ordinary enough, but upon closer examination, she found four hollow spaces inside, in the shape of stars. "Oh my…" She whispered, absorbed in the light caught inside of the glass.

"I saw something like that once." The shop keeper told her. I offered to buy it from the person, but they told me it couldn't be sold so I decided to make my own. The original was colored a bit differently, but I think this one is nice just the same."

Chichi nodded and looked up at the man. "How much is it?" She asked. "Well," he answered. "I couldn't think of selling it, but it seems to be made for you so I want you to have it." Chichi gasped and looked at the man in shock. "I- I couldn't" The man only smiled and closed her fingers around the ball. "Please take it." He pleaded. "I want you to have it."

"I- thank you." She whispered, staring back at the glass dragonball, then smiled. Four stars, just like Gokou's.

Chichi left the shop, holding the glass in a small box. She notice another pack of kids standing around a candy shop and, feeling joyous, walked into the store and bought a bag of candy for the kids to share, then headed home.