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Summary: Seth Cohen has it all. He's rich, good looking and popular. All the girls want him. But he wants someone else. Summer Roberts. Too bad she's not interested.

Pairing: Seth/Summer, Ryan/Marissa

Author's Note: I just thought of this in my Socials class. We're going through Fur Trade, so this seemed more fun. Anyway the reason Romeo and Juliet is mentioned here as you'll notice is cause we're reading it in English. This chapter doesn't jump into Seth Summer right away, but it's just to introduce you to the characters. Cause I changed them a lil.;). Anyway I hope you guys like this. Sorry for any mistakes! I'm not a pro. Reviews are very welcome.=).

It was a very sunny morning in Orange County. Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts were walking up the stairs to the school entrance. It was Monday morning, one of those mornings when school seemed worse than any detention for skipping and Summer was very tempted to just leave and go home back to her warm bed, curl up under her blanket and never get up. But Marissa wouldn't let her.

- "Sum you can't just skip every time you don't feel like coming to school. And you're not leaving me here all alone."

-" Then come with me." said Summer.

Marissa didn't get a chance to answer because at this moment Ryan Atwood walked up to them and Marissa couldn't help but notice the change in Summer's face. "She still doesn't like him" she thought to herself. She turned to Ryan.

-"Hey", she said with a smile.

He smiled back and gave her a kiss. "Hey beautiful".

Summer rolled her eyes and scoffed. Ryan whispered something in Marissa's ear and walked off. Marissa gave him such a loving look that Summer just couldn't help it.

- "Seriously Coop, you have to stop that."

- "Stop what?" asked Marissa innocently, But she already knew what was coming - another long lecture from Summer about how guys are heartbreakers and you shouldn't get too attached. Ever since summer's parents divorced when she was in elementary, she's been rough around the edges. She stopped believing in forever and criticized all relationships. She went out with a couple of guys but in the end she always got hurt. Marissa knew that Summer was still hurting because it didn't work out between her parents and she didn't have faith anymore. Summer stopped caring what other people thought, and the once one of the most popular girls became sort of an outcast. Marissa didn't ditch her friend in need and they've been best friends ever since.

A couple of girls standing near by snickered when Summer walked past them but she gave them such an icy look, that they just turned away. The sunny day didn't match Summer's mood. She continued:

- "Maris, I know you really like him, but guys like him only want one thing, trust me. I mean he's like one of the most popular guys in school, star of the football team. He probably thinks he's the King of Earth."

- "Ryan's not like that", interrupted Marissa, starting to get angry at Summer's words.

Summer turned to her.

- "Coop, I just don't want you to get hurt. That's all. Remember Luke?"

Marissa unconsciously hugged herself.

- "He hurt you. I don't want Ryan to do the same."

When Marissa didn't say anything Summer kept going.

- "And his brother! It's like every single girl in this school swoons when she sees him. And he knows it and acts like an asshole. He kissed three different girls at one party. Jerk." The last word was said with such disgust that you'd think he was her number one enemy.

- "Look Summer I don't know about his brother but Ryan wouldn't hurt me. He's not like that. I know it." Marissa sounded so convincing that anybody but Summer would've dropped it.

But Summer didn't stop.

- "Anybody who's close with Seth Cohen the King of the rich popular jerks is a jerk." she stated.

- "Whatever." Marissa figured it would be easier to just agree with Summer and not argue. After all it was the fiftieth time they've had this conversation since Marissa started going out with Ryan a month ago.

Summer sighed.

- "I hate this school" she said. "All these girls throwing themselves at guys who aren't even worth it. What's up with that? You should see Melissa Anders in my English class. We're going through "Romeo and Juliet" right now. Guess who they chose to be Romeo?"

Before Marissa even had a chance to answer Summer cut her off.

- "Seth Cohen! Romeo! Please! More like.. ugh, I'm not even going to say it. So anyway Melissa Anders almost beat up Kathie Newman for the role of Juliet. And its just reading. No acting involved!" Summer shook her head." That's sad."

Marissa smiled.

- "Why do you care? I thought you hated them."

Summer was quick to answer.

-" I do." She made a face." And I got English right now."

-" Bummer." said Marissa." I have history. I gotta go meet Ryan in the hallway though, meet you at your locker after class okay?"

- "Yea".

Marissa walked off leaving Summer standing there, debating whether or not she should skip in the washroom. The she shook of that thought." I can handle high school" she told herself and with a straight back and a determined look she walked to her class, brushing right past Seth Cohen. Neither noticed each other.

Seth was currently busy with Anna Stern. One of the most popular girls in school Anna was very good looking and on the cheerleader team. When Summer walked past he was standing by his locker talking to Anna. he figured he liked her more than other girls. They looked perfect for each other from the outside and everybody thought they'd end up together sometime soon so it wasn't unusual to see them standing together in the hallway. Anna gave Seth one of her winning smiles and trailed a path with her finger from his neck down to the belt on his pants.

- "I'll see you later" she said.

He gave her an intrigued look. She raised and eyebrow at him and walked off. Seth smiled his famous lopsided grin that made all the girls swoon and turned back to his locker. That's when Ryan walked up.

- "Hey bro." he said giving him a pat on the shoulder.

- "What's up?" asked Seth turning to him." Took you a while to get here."

- " I saw Marissa in the hallway" Ryan smiled sheepishly.

Seth started laughing.

- "Look at the toughest guy on the football team here, blushing about his girlfriend. Ryan my man are you in love?"

Ryan gave him a look.

Seth continued:

" Okay if that's one of your shut-up-and-don't-mention-it look then forget it Romeo. I'm bugging you till you confess." Seth paused." Hey I heard Lynn's still mad at you"

Ryan let out a frustrated sigh. " Don't even talk to me about Lynn"

- " Okay you actually said a sentence there and it wasn't about Marissa. Frustrated about the Lynn thing huh?"

- "Ok there is no Lynn thing. She thought something was between us and there wasn't . Anyway it's history." Ryan gave Seth funny look. " I hear you and Angela are getting close"

- "Yea because obviously people have nothing better to do then talk about my love life."

- "Stuff gets around pretty fast."

- "Yea", agreed Seth.

- "Look, I gotta go. I got P.E. We're playing soccer." Ryan smiled.

- "I wish I was the sporty one in the family."

- "Girls still love you."

- "Yea." Seth smiled.

- "Oh by the way, remembered Ryan," isn't Anna mad about your three girls at one party event?"

- "Okay, Ryan the way you said it it doesn't sound good. I was drunk and they came on to me. What was I supposed to do? And I only remember kissing them. Okay i dont know how far I went with the third girl because my memory is a blur on that part. But it wasnt my fault. I don't think Anna knows yet."

Ryan laughed.

- "Are you kidding? The whole school knows."

- "Shit."

- "Yea George Clooney better figure out an excuse."

Seth was about to answer when the bell rang.

- "Shit I got English" he mumbled." He grabbed his books and closed the locker. " Later Romeo" he yelled at Ryan and hurried down the hall.

Ryan shook his head.

- "Yea will see how you're gonna be when you find the right girl."

He wasn't sure if Seth heard him but he didn't care. Their P.E. teacher didn't it like when students were late.

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