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Summary: Not good at summaries but, it's based on a mixture of a little of the manga and mostly the anime, so slightly AU. Anyways, Marron's always been there to help out the others, and now that everything is over and everyone's happily living about, Marron feels left out, until. (can't say sorry!) NON-YAOI (although I'm not opposed to it)

Notes: Please don't kill me if you don't like it in the end, this is the first Sorcerer Hunters fic I have written, and the second fic ever, so I might not be anywhere near as good as your favorite authors. Please, no flames as they say it.

Disclaimer: I do not own SH, otherwise I would spend time with the money I got from it rather than writing fanfiction about it.

Now onto the story!

Unwanted By Alpha2nd2003

It was just another day for Marron. After all the battles, it was finally over. No more Sacher (Zaha), so Marron decided to take a stroll like he always did.alone, to contemplate on anything that would keep his mind off of his loneliness.

Marron was walking around the lake until he heard some talking behind some bushes and trees. Seeing as he had nothing to do anyways, Marron decided to investigate. So he crept through the bushes noiselessly only to be shocked by what he saw.

Behind the bushes lay a clearing, and in that clearing was everybody else. Big Mama was discussing matters with Mille and the rest of the Haz knights, Carrot was busy with his two biggest fans, Chocolat and Tira Misu. Gateau and his sister, Éclair were off a bit to the side talking of muscles and stances and such. Daughter (Dotta) was having an intimate conversation with Sirius of the Wind. With the large checkered blanket, baskets, and a plethora of dishes with the remains of a meal, it was clear that everyone had just had a picnic and were now just relaxing and chatting. Everyone was so engrossed in their affairs that no one noticed when Marron stepped out of the bushes and walked towards the edge of the blanket.

Mille was the first to notice movement out of the corner of his eye and prepared to throw one of his feathers at the intruder, but as he turned around to throw it, he gasped in shock. Everyone else turned to see what Mille was so surprised about and saw Marron standing all alone at the edge of their blanket looking at them with unreadable eyes.

"Marron?!" Mille gasped. Marron put up a, though not noticeably, fake smile. "Hello, minna-san, beautiful weather today, ne?" Marron said with a soft voice as a small lifted his hair a bit, eyes still unreadable. Big Mama spoke up saying, "Yes, Marron, it is a fine day, I hope you can join us now."

Marron arched an eyebrow, "now? Should I have known of this gathering beforehand?" Everyone looked shocked and then looked at Carrot. Carrot sweat-dropped and laughed nervously, "ahehhehhehheh, whoops, I guess I forgot to invite Marron. But he probably would have declined in the first place anyway. He doesn't like big gatherings and probably would have wanted to go to the library anyways, right Marron?" To this, Marron gave a small smile, "right Niisan, heh, you know me so well"or not he thought. Inside he was shattering, his brother had forgotten about him and didn't even know who he was, of course he would like to spend time with his friends who were practically family. "Well, I had better be going, library you know, everyone please have a pleasant day" and with that he walked off. He glanced back at them wistfully while everyone resumed chatting as if Marron had never appeared. As he walked off, he thought Am I that bad of a company that my own brother even forgot to invite me to a picnic? Am I that worthless? No, it must have been a fluke. They wouldn't forget me. I'm their friend, right?

But as months past, it was clear to Marron that everyone had forgotten him. He had seen many times events that he had not been invited to, of which no one probably even gave a second thought to even consider inviting him. He felt lonely. It seemed all he had were his books. All he ever did for "fun" was read books and take walks. He loved nature. It was as if it was the only thing he could escape to besides his books to seek relief.

One day, five months after the picnic incident, Marron was taking another walk. As Marron walked, he sighed. I'm doing that a lot lately he thought. Hmm, no one around. Probably doing something they forgot to invite me to again, or didn't want to invite me to. He kicked a stone in the ground in frustration and then sighed. No, I should not think ill of them. They are the best friends anyone could ever have, maybe I'm just such a bad friend that they want to forget me. As he contemplated, he heard a sound in the bushes Hmph, probably another picnic he thought as his smiled a small bitter smile. Marron walked straight through the bushes, expecting to see his friends, but stood in awe as he met a demon instead.

The demon was looking towards the village that all Marron's friends lived in and turned when it heard an intruder.

When the demon turned around a bit, Marron got a good look at it's body. It was human like, two legs and two arms. It was dressed in black armor with spikes coming from the shoulder guards and from the tip of it's boot. But the enormous body with a build even bigger than gateau's proved that it was indeed not human. Plus, the red eyes and the extremely dark aura around it also hinted to Marron that it was a demon, and a very strong one at that.

"Boy," the demon spoke in a low voice, "what are you doing here, shouldn't you be out playing swords or something?" "You plan to attack the village don't you?" Marron responded, ignoring the demon's taunt. The demon turned to face Marron fully and said "And so what if I am, boy?" he smirked. "I will not allow you to do so" Marron said calmly as he took out some ofudas and prepared to attack.

"Heh, you think you can stop me boy?" the demon said as he too prepared for battle.

To this Marron just narrowed his eyes and quickly muttered "let's go" before he went to attack with a phoenix flare.

"Hmph" the demon smirked with a wry smile.

To be continued.

Hey, it's the end right now. Please no one hurt me, I know that no one would ever forget the beloved Marron, but I just felt like trying some Marron angst. I feel that the people in his group don't appreciate him as much as they should (don't ask me why). And about the demon, just use your imagination, I know the description was stupid, but what do you expect from a talentless fanfiction author who's just writing their second fic ever. Please review if you want to know what happens to Marron, I sort of have it planned out and it's a bit angsty, but tell me what you think first so you can find out what is so angsty about the rest of the story.