Disclaimer: I don't own slayers, I didn't make up the characters, etc.

Title: A Slayers Christmas

Note: Okay, yeah, I know, in the Slayers world there isn't Christianity (as far as we know), so please forgive me, but the idea came to my head, and I just had to write it. We'll assume that it's a holiday whose origins were lost in the mists of time, and the holiday has continued without the religious aspect. My apologies to those who take offence.

Rating: Eh, G-PG, same content that happens in the series basically.

Date: Somewhere around their equivalent of December 20th

"Ah….". Xellos sighed as he read the town news. The Obituaries were always nice to read, such lovely despair and suffering . . . Some one attacked by wolves in the forest. . .man falls off a cliff. . .such delightful misery.

The group had stopped at the town for the night, since it was in the middle of winter, and also because Lina absolutely had to stuff her face. Gourry and Zelgadis didn't even want to think of the amount of hunting they'd have to do, and in the snow, to satisfy her cravings. Based on the sounds coming from the dining room of the inn, and the waiter going by with 5 plates precariously balanced on a tray, she was still at it. He put down the news and grabbed his cloak and staff. The reading had given him and itching to go mischief making, something the great trickster was all too good at. He thought, "Perhaps I'll "accidentally" spook a horse and sleigh and give the riders a real ride. Yes. . .that will be fun…" He headed towards the door. Just as he got there, there was a knock. Probably just another person looking for a place to spend the night. He opened the door and was just about to step outside when….


Xellos fell to the ground as if someone had knocked the wind out of him.

"Curse this time of the year!" He thought. After reading the obituaries, he'd completely forgotten the holiday that came during the winter. . .Carolers, people giving, loving, sharing, caring. . . it was sickening. And now as the Carolers continued their song, he felt as though he was going to drown in the despicable joy emanating from them. . .they weren't even getting frostbite or chapped lips! Not a single thing to ruin their time! Why him? Other Mazoku never had to deal with this...


Despite the fact that someone had fallen right as the opened the door, the carolers kept singing. Xellos was having a hard time even moving now. He slammed the door shut in their faces. For a moment he almost though it was over. . .but no! They had stepped over to the main window of the dining room and even from here that infernal singing could be heard. . .this was worst than Amelia! Over the time he'd spent with them, he'd built up a resistance to that annoying brat, but faced with a dozen or so people being that happy, it was just too much. "Must. . . find. . . negative. . . emotions," thought Xellos as he limped along, using his staff for support.

"JOY TO THE WORLD, OUR SAVIOR HAS COME. . ." echoed from the dining room. The worst part was, most of the diners were enjoying it, resulting even more happiness emanating from the area. Xellos collapsed at the base of the stairs, twitching in agony as he rolled over onto his back. He was going to have to do something soon or this was going to be a serious problem. Suddenly, a figure appeared at the top of the stairs. "Who. . ." muttered Xellos, but then immediately recognized the long blonde hair and white dress. Filia! Xellos particularly enjoyed annoying her. Her rage was so sweet to savor. And she was actually quite beautiful and. . . "No" thought Xellos. "I am Mazoku, feelings like that are silly". At this time she was walking right down the stairs, not seeming to notice him. She actually walked right over him, giving him quite the view up her dress. As usual, Mace-sama, that club he'd been on the receiving end of so often was hanging at her thigh, her tail was curled around her waist with its usual pink bow and. . . she stepped right on his face. "What?" She said, confused, then caught sight of him lying on the ground. "Oh! Xellos, are you alright?". "Just peachy….stupid carolers…" he groaned. "Oh, well, I like them!" said Filia with a cheery voice and smile. He decided that she must like irking him almost as much as he loved annoying her. . . time for payback. . . and delicious anger. "I see that you decided to wear the blue underwear today…it goes with your ribbon nicely"

It took about a second for things to register in Filia's mind. Her cheery look immediately turned to rage and almost quicker than the eye could see, Mace-sama was in her hands. With a yell of "NAMAGOMI!" she smashed him with the spiked club, sending him smashing through the door, across the street and into a snow drift. His head was throbbing from the blow, but physical pain he could take. Her anger had helped him recover from the carolers, who had thankfully moved on after seeing a purple haired man go flying across the street after getting smashed through a door. And to top it off, his assisted flight had spooked a horse and sleigh, which was now speeding down the street, people diving out of the way and the riders holding on for their life. . . nice. He stood up, brushing snow from his cloak. Filia wasn't all that bad at times…

"Oh mister Xellos!" a familiar high-pitched voice called from across the street.

No. . . not her. Not now. . . of all the people he didn't want to see, it had to be her. Amelia came running across the road to where he had pulled himself out of the snow. Her cheeriness was already starting to make him feel nauseous again. Then he spotted the patch of ice right in front of her. . . a little magic to slightly melt it, making it slippery, and. . .

Amelia hit the ice at full tilt, lost her balance, and with arms flailing sailed right past Xellos, who had stepped out of the way, (He could have caught her, but where would the fun have been in that?) and into the snow drift he'd so recently visited. With a muffled thump the snow drift collapsed on top of her, leaving her sputtering and yelling for help as she tried to dig herself out. He stood there watching, and after a while decided to help her out (he could have more fun with her later). "Oh! thank you mister Xellos!" she exclaimed, trying to get all the snow off of her. He didn't reply, just keeping that smile and closed eyes expression that was so familiar. "Don't you just love this time of the year?!" she continued. "All the sharing, love, the joy. . . " He twitched. Maybe he should have left her in the drift. . . "What, don't you think so?" "Forgive me Amelia," he said, "but this isn't exactly my thing. I am Mazoku, remember." "Oh really?" She contested. "Don't you demons have any holidays? What do you usually do during these times?"

He waggled his finger "That, is a secret" and with that, he teleported off. He had other things to do that were certainly a lot more fun than talking to the annoying little princess.