15 year old Lily Evans is an ugly, fat loner, but very very intelligent. But when she gets lost in the Forbidden Forest, she meets someone that offers her a life-changing decision. Now she has to decide if she wants to keep her brilliant mind or trade it in for a sexy body and a gorgeous face.

Disclaimer~ I do not, nor will I ever own Harry Potter or his world! Unfortunate, yes I know, but true none the less.

Ok this is my second story, I really wasn't to fond the other one I wrote so I removed it. Please tell me if this is any good or should be burnt to a crisp. So here it is ladies and jellybeans, the world premiere of  Is This Me?

Chapter One~ Welcome to Lily's world 

15 year old Lily Marie Evans was sitting on her bed crying. She looked to the floor and saw teen magazine her sister threw at her mouth before screaming "Take some tips on how to look good you ugly bitch!" She saw a deep red drop of blood hit her white sheets then felt her bottom lip and only cried harder.

She got up and went to her bathroom to clean up a little bit. While washing her lip she kept repeating in her head 'only 4 more days. Only 4 more days till Hogwarts.' when she was done freshening up a bit she went to her desk and pulled out two pieces of parchment, a quill and some ink.

The first letter she wrote was to her "best friend" and the second one was to her father.

Dear Jessica,

How's your vacation been? Mine has been ok but with Petunia around, everything sucks. I miss you so much. I hope everything is ok because you haven't owled me all summer! How's Sirius been? I want to talk to you and catch up so bad! I'm going to Diagon Alley tomorrow, I hope I see you there. I'll talk to you later.



She quickly tied up the letter and began to write to her father.

Hi Daddy,

What's up? I really, really, really miss you. I hope the "mission" goes well. Its almost the 1st of September and I can't wait to go back to school. Petunia is still a little mean but I'm doing what you told me and trying to get along with her. Mom is doing great. She is very happy and always going out. Right now she's in Las Vegas! Can you believe it. I know you don like the thought of me and Petunia being home alone.......together but its ok. Well I have to get to sleep its already  11 o' clock. 

                                                I love you Daddy,


You see the mission that her father was on was top secret. It was a mission to save a little girl that was being held hostage somewhere in Scotland. She couldn't right about it in letter because of the chance that owls got crossed. Even though her father and mother and sister are all muggles didn't mean that they didn't know how to care for an owl and know when it has a letter.

Lily was walked over to her caramel brown and white owl named Skittles and tied the letters to his leg. She kissed him goodbye and watched as he flew into the night.

As she was walking back to her bed to get some sleep, she almost slipped on the magazine. She picked it up, sat on her bed, and flipped through it.

"All these young incompetent, pompous, circumstantial, gits are so vain and fake" then she fell asleep with the thought of going back to the magical world, the next day.   

"Its 7:00 a.m. in London and a bright day it is. Expect no showers or clouds as we have a beautiful day. Back to you Jerr-" Lily's hand smacked the top of her alarm clock and grudgingly left the warmth of her bed. But she was quickly filled with excitement because she was going to Diagon Alley by herself for the first time. No more mother to tell her what she can or cannot get.

She jumped in the shower and started singing. There was a loud BANG on the door and "shut the fuck up Lily!" from her loving sister, Petunia. Other than her bitch of a sister, this was gonna be a great day...............or so she thought. Little did she know that this was the day her dear friends Sirius, James, Remus, and Peter the queer were visiting Diagon Alley.

OK thats it for chapter 1 but I have a bunch of ideas for this story. !!WARNING!! Im prolly gonna update this story slowly cuz im often busy.