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Chapter 9 The First Date.

"We have to go back to the castle" said James.

"Aww already?"

"Yes, that's where our first date was."

"Oh! Ok! Let us be off." Lily said excitedly.

"Go up to your dorm and put on some nicer clothes" James instructed once they were back in the common room. "Then meet me in the kitchens in about thirty minutes"

Lily said yes then got up on her tiptoes and kissed James on the cheek.

She was so happy and practically floated up the stairs to her room.  Bella was anxiously awaiting Lily on her bed. Just as Bella was about to ask how it went Lily put up her hand and said "I don't have time Bell, James is recreating parts of our romance from the last to years, and he starting with our first date!"

"I remember that!"

"Tell me what he does"
"Nope it's a surprise. Oh lucky! You're first date was your best."

"Sweet, ok he said to dress nicely. What should I wear?"

"I've got the perfect thing."

Bella dug in her trunk for a minute and pulled out a black, spaghetti strapped dress that came to about mid-thigh.

"Perfect" said Lily. She put it on and it clung to her showing off her amazing figure. She left her hair the same, but added some eyeliner to bring out her eyes.

"Ok, done, hurry Lily, you only have ten minutes to get to the kitchens! You're gonna remember this date for ever!"

They bid each other farewell and Lily was on her. Lily got many whistles before she left the common room, especially from Sirius.

Once she got to the picture of fruit, she tickled the pear and entered the kitchen.

"Hello Lily" greeted James. He was now wearing black slacks and a nice, navy blue long sleeved shirt. They hugged and a little house elf came up to James and said "Here you are Mister Potter." And handed him a large picnic basket and bowed.

"Thanks, lets go Lils. But first grab my hand and close your eyes. And no peeking." She did as she was told.

 They walked for a while went up some stairs every now and then when finally "you can open them now. Lily opened her eyes and shivered. They were in the astronomy tower and it was a little cold. James conjured a tuxedo jacket out of nowhere and wrapped it around Lily.

He told her to hold on a minute and flicked his wand around a few times and their picnic was set up on a black blanket. There was a bottle of white champagne and a bouquet with at least two dozen white lilies. James unwrapped two steaks and put them on their plates along with a few mushrooms and greenbeans.

He told her to sit down and he sat next to her and poured the wine.

"James you really shouldn't of taken wine."

"I know, but we will just have a glass…or two…or eight."

She laughed at this.

When they finished eating he pulled two heart shaped cupcakes. They ate those then James transfigured the silverware and plates into instruments and enchanted them to play slow soft music.

"May I have this dance Lillian?" he extended her hand to her. She laughed at what he called her and took his hand. They danced in circles for hours. When the tune to Belle Notte (lady and the tramp) came on, James leant down and kissed her. It wasn't a deep make-out session. Just a light, sweet, meaningful kiss on the lips. Lily felt as though her legs couldn't support her weight but it was all good. Everything was perfect, especially James.      

After that James put the dishes back to their normal state and with another flick of his wand cleared the blanket and laid down on it. Lily followed suit and snuggled into him. They just laid there for a while watching the stars. James broke the silence "look a shooting star" he pointed "make a wish"

Lily closed her eyes and thought

'I wish this night would last forever.'

At about eleven thirty James said "wanna take a quick ride on my broomstick?"

"I beg your bardon!" said Lily thinking he met something dirty.

"No I mean…Accio Nimbus one thousand!"

In a matter of no time, James's broom was zooming towards him.

"I don't think so I don't really like heights"
"Trust me" he whispered.

"I do"

James swung one leg over his broom and told Lily to get on the back. She did so, but very slowly. She wrapped her arms around his waist and they were off. The second Lily felt the broom move, she tightened her grip on James and shut her eyes.



"Are your eyes open?"

"Yes" she lied.

"No they're not"

"How do you know?"

"Because if they were I know you would be saying how beautiful the lake is."

She opened her eyes and he wasn't kidding. They were about twenty feet above it and the bright silver full moon was reflected upon the water

"Wow the moon is gorgeous" she said gazing up at it. "Oh no the moon! James it's a full moon!"

"Shit. Remus" he said "Lily I'm so sorry I didn't mean for this to happen, but I have to go help him"
"I understand, oh I hope he's ok."

"He's fine he has Peter and Sirius" he said reassuringly.

He flew back to the astronomy tower and walked Lily back to the common room. They shared one more sweet kiss and he raced off. Lily had a smile the size of Texas on her face and sighed.

"Fairy dust" she said to the Fat Lady and went into the common room to tell Bella how it went. But surprisingly when she got back to the room, Bella was asleep.'oh well, I'll tell her tomorrow'  she thought. And fell asleep as the wonderful night kept replaying in her head.

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