Chapter 1: Unexpected Baggage

Carnage and Chaos, a Perfect Match

Eddie Brock smiled as he felt stronger than he ever had been. His muscles burned with energy as he smashed the wall of his cell and walked out, eager to get his revenge on the one who locked him up. Parker.

Unknown to Eddie, the alien symbiote had left behind a piece of itself, a child if you will. This "daughter" symbiote stirred to life and immediately began searching for a host to live off of. Immediately spotting the cellmate of the former prisoner, the new symbiote analyzed it before deciding that it would not suit it's needs. This man was far too wicked, evil to have the gifts that it possessed.

Ordinarily, the alien would have taken the first host it had seen, but when its parent bonded with Peter Parker, an unexpected trait was carried, along with the spider powers. The want to be good, and protect those who couldn't protect themselves.

Quickly scanning the building, the alien dismissed the others in the area and left through the whole in the wall. It had a good while before it would die, so it decided to search for the best candidate.

A search across America started, through each major city. Starting in New York, the spawn of Venom crossed the country, eventually ending up in Seattle. Still no worthy subjects had been found, so the symbiote crawled into the wheel-well of a commercial airline jet, and made its way across the Pacific, to an island known as Japan.

-Nerima, Japan. Some months later.-

"Aw, come on Ryoga! You can do better than that!" The taunt rang out from the park next to the thing, immediately catching it's attention and forcing it to see what had said this.

"Shut up Ranma! Because of you, I have seen hell!" Ryoga shouted as Ranma flowed around another punch like water.

"Oh really? I hear they got good weather this time of year!" Ranma retorted, easily side-stepping a rather clumsy punch and giving Ryoga a good kick in the ribs.

Ryoga growled, knowing he was losing, and slowly a nauseating green aura ebbed and expanded around him, tendrils of the power reaching ever farther, searching for something. "Shut up! Shi Shi Hokodan!"

Ranma was about to counter with a ki blast of his own, but he looked behind him, and saw a play set with numerous children climbing and laughing, oblivious to the danger they were in.

Knowing that if he countered with a ki blast, Ryoga's might swerve and hit the play set, Ranma swore and leapt in front of the sickly green orb, and braced himself.

The blast hit him head on, sending him flying backwards towards the play set, but bouncing to a halt just short of it.

Kids immediately surrounded him, but backed off when they saw Ryoga coming.

"Looks like I have finally proven who the better fighter is, Ranma."

Ranma growled and raised his arms in front of him, cupping them as a golden light was produced between his hands. "Not quite! MOUKO TAKAHABASHI!"

Ryoga's eyes widened as he was hit with a blast at point-blank, sending him flying up and into the air a good 30 or so feet, before tumbling back down to the ground, unconscious.

"Are you okay mister?" One of the children asked, approaching him cautiously.

Ranma chuckled and sat up. "Yeah, sorry to scare you kids like that."

His bruises and burns from the fight visibly healed themselves in front of the children as Ranma cracked his neck and stood up.

Bidding the children goodbye, Ranma checked the now unconscious Ryoga, before leaving him there and beginning the long walk home. Akane had malleted him a few good miles away, and he had met Ryoga in this park, who had immediately attacked.

Unknown to Ranma, a creature watched him from the rooftops, following his every move. It had found its host.

Ranma got the sudden feeling of being watched, but shrugged it off when he spotted nothing following him. Entering Nerima, Ranma sighed and hopped up onto a roof, quickly getting his bearings before he saw something move out of the corner of his eye.

Looking towards whatever it was that moved, Ranma slowly and cautiously crept forward, keeping his eyes open for movement.

Then, a thick splattering sound came from behind him, and the only thing he saw when he turned was an amorphous red and black blob, leaping at him before everything went black.


His mind deciphered the noise heard, his head felt like it was slowly being compressed into the size of a small acorn.

". yes, his condition has stabilized. No, I don't think that is necessary Mrs. Saotome. As you wish. Yes."

"Will Ranma be alright doctor?"

'That's Nabiki.' Ranma thought, his mind in a haze as his eyes remained closed but he listened closely to what was said.

"Yes, Nabiki. It appears as if he fainted from fatigue, but his body did not show any of the signs that are common with exhaustion."

'What happened to me.?' Ranma thought, before his mind once again sank into unconsciousness.


His eyes slowly cracked open, regretting it immediately as light poured into his eyes, causing him to wince and close them again. Even slower, he opened them again and allowed his eyes to readjust to the light, before he sat up in bed.

He immediately recognized it as Doctor Tofu's clinic, and wondered why he was here.

[Because your body had undergone a massive physical change, and the pain would have been too great, so I temporarily shut down your nervous system.]

Ranma immediately woke up as he heard a voice inside his head.

"What the."

[Ah, how rude of me. I am bio-amplifier Kao-Soldier enhancer number 132. What is your name?]

Ranma shook his head, trying to stop the voices in his head.

[It is rude to not tell me yours, after I told you mine.]

"R-Ranma Saotome." Ranma muttered, still somewhat unnerved that he was now hearing voices.

[Well, it is a pleasure to meet you Ranma Saotome. I am sure that we will make great partners.]

"Just call me Ranma. Wait, partners!?" Ranma asked, slowly coming to terms with the new being in his body.

[Yes, Ranma. I am a being designed to enhance the abilities of those I bond with. I found you to be worthy, after seeing how you defended those children.]

'So it saw my fight with Ryoga. If it thinks that defending children is a good thing, I suppose it isn't that bad.' Ranma thought, though he wasn't about to start trusting this thing right away.

[Yes, I did see your fight. Your abilities are quite intriguing. May I ask what it was that you projected?]

"Wait, you can hear what I think!?" Ranma asked, growing uncomfortable.

[Indeed, I am a part of you, and as such I have access to all of your neural receptors. I live inside of you, and you gain everything I have to offer. Now, what is the substance you manipulated during your fight with this "Ryoga"]

"That was my ki. an embodiment of my spiritual energy" Ranma said, resigning to talking with this. thing. He figured it was a dream and he may as well have fun with it.

[I see. Host Ranma is a bio-energy manipulator, and refers to his bio- energy as ki.]

"What are you? How did you. get in me?"

[Again, I apologize Ranma. I am an alien symbiote designed to enhance the physical abilities of our people. But, as the planet I was created on was destroyed, I am but one of the two only living symbiotes left. As to how I entered your system, I must apologize again. After seeing your battle, I knew that you were the host that should have my abilities, you contained no wicked intentions or malice that all others seemed to carry.]

A flash of the red and black blob jumping at him appeared before Ranma's eyes, and he panicked. "You mean, this isn't a dream!?"

[No, apparently it is not, Ranma. As far as I can tell, my sensors tell me it is the physical world.]

Ranma's head was buried in his hands as all of the information filtered through his mind. "So. I know have an alien living inside my head. Perfect."

[Not only your head, host Ranma. I am in every part of your body, and can replicate myself to expand or contract as you please.]

Ranma suddenly got a thought of seeing himself exploding from the inside, and shook his head. "You mentioned that you enhance your host, what kind of enhancements?" Ranma asked, trying to get his mind off of that image.

[I enhance all physical traits of my host, excelling in strength, speed, agility and reflexes. When bonding, I will absorb any unique traits that my host has, and will be able to use them no matter what host I am being used by thereafter. Currently, I have absorbed your advanced healing, High pain threshold, high energy output, increased learning curve and enhanced reflexes genes from your system.]

"Wait, you can bond with others? And let them have the abilities I have?" Ranma asked, thinking of what Ryoga could do with that.

[Yes. I also have acquired several enhancements from my parent, and are applying them to you.]

"Wait, parent?"

[Yes. I was spawned from another symbiote, and inherited most of it's traits, however I am several times more powerful than my predecessor.]

"So. if it acquires these abilities from people, who did these abilities get acquired by."

[A young man by the name of Peter Parker, also known as the Spider-man. The abilities that are currently being applied to you are; Super Strength, Hyper Sense, Hand and foot barbs, Agility enhancement, and the ability to create a web-like strand of myself, as strong as titanium.]

"Spider-man!? What kinda name is that?" Ranma snorted, and then went over the abilities in his head. "So. explain what all these do."

[Of course. Your strength has been amplified, adding the strength proportionate of a human sized spider to your current strength. The hyper sense is a sense unique to a certain species of spider on Earth, which allows it to sense imminent danger, or a threat before it actually happens. Precognition, if you will. The hand and foot barbs are tiny barbs that extend from the surface of your hands and feet, allowing you to stick to any surface, and grip it much like a spider. They are small enough not to be noticed by others, however. The greatly enhanced agility is another trait to certain spider, which can leap great distances unharmed, and be able to move with extreme speed and grace. Finally, the web creation is an ability my predecessor invented, after seeing that this Parker needed to use a special device to create "webbing." The webbing that we can create however is much more sturdy and flexible, almost like a fluid-like consistency, yet harder than any metal on Earth.]

Ranma blinked. "Wow. Uh, that's some gift this Peter guy's got. What does he look like? Multiple eyes, eight legs? Forget it, I don't wanna know. Lemme get this straight though, you can come out of my body?"

[Affirmative. The Kao-soldier bio-enhancers are specifically designed to be able to remain outside the body. As such, we are shape shifters, though our natural form is not unlike a puddle. If you could approach a mirror, you could see for yourself much more clearly.]

Ranma shakily threw the sheets off of him, and walked in front of a full length mirror that sat nearby.

[If you could show me a mental image of your casual wear, I would be able to analyze it and replicate it.]

Ranma immediately thought of himself in his normal clothing, and his eyes suddenly snapped open as he felt his robe the doctor had given him rip off. What he saw made his jaw drop. In the mirror, he saw himself in his standard clothing, though he had never even put any clothes on.

Ranma immediately imagined himself in a red gi, and the clothes he was wearing shifted like putty before his eyes, and became a red gi with a black belt.

"This is so cool."

[Shall I show you my current design for a battle garment?]

"What?" Ranma asked, shaken out of his stupor.

[I also form into a full body suit that allows the maximum amount of movement for my host, as well as protecting him from physical blows. It is also designed to distract the opponent by scaring them. My current design is based off of Spider-man's own costume, however I am sure it will change as I see more.]

"Yeah. sure I guess." Ranma said, still looking in the mirror. Right after he finished, a gigantic blob of the red and black liquid shot out from his back, and engulfed his body. He was snapped his eyes shout and was about to scream when he noticed he was breathing fine, and not being suffocated as he thought he would be. Opening his eyes, he looked in the mirror and gasped at what he saw.

It was like a suit of spandex, covering his being, leaving little to the imagination up to his face, where his jaw had been elongated, and dozens of long, sharp, blood red teeth stuck out. His mouth was a void, colored a dark red. His eyes were pure white and rose up and out to the sides of his head before coming back down towards his nose with a sharp point. The edge of the top parts of his eyes looked not unlike a flame, chaotic and unpredictable.

"That would scare me." Ranma said, as he though of being attacked by something that looked like this.

[My thanks, host Ranma. In this form, your entire body has taken up the same consistency of what I am, allowing you to become a complete shape shifter.]

"I can. morph?" Ranma asked, running a hand across his cheek as he watched his reflection do the same.

[Yes. Please, imagine a weapon in your hand.]

Though he disliked weapons, Ranma imagined a simple katana in his hand, and gasped as he felt his "suit" suddenly grow bigger and form a katana in his hand.

"Okay. that was weird."

[Very good. Now please, drop the sword and do not touch it.]

Ranma did so, and after thirty or so seconds, watched the katana disintegrate into nothing.

[As you can see, any part of the "suit" you are not in contact with for approximately 30 seconds will disintegrate, leaving no evidence that it had ever been there.]

Ranma smirked. The problem he had with weapons had just been solved. By being able to simply replicate one at will, he could have limitless amounts of whatever he wished.

"So. do you ever run out of this stuff?"

[No, I can replicate myself as much as I wish, leaving you an indefinite amount of myself to use. Now raise your hand, palm facing towards a target and flex your wrist.]

Ranma did so, and his eyes would have widened had he not been in the combat form. A strand of the suit shot out, and struck the case of biohazard materials Ranma had been aiming at.

[This is your 'web.' Being stronger than titanium, it can carry a rather large amount of weight. And, as it is part of your suit, it can change shape, consistency and form. You can control it with a simple thought of what you wish it to do. Also, this means that these 'webs' can shoot out of any part of your body where the suit is exposed. It will be much easier at the wrist however, as this is where Spider-man was accustomed to shooting his own web.]

[In the future, all of these abilities, the shape shifting and replicating of weapons or "web" will always be commanded by thought. Simply think it, and it will be done.]

"So. what do you get out of all this?" Ranma asked, knowing that there was always a catch.

[I live, I need a host to live with in order to remain alive, and it was a failsafe designed by my creators to ensure that I never ended up in the hands of the enemy.]

"So. you feed off me?"

[Not at all, I simply coexist with you. I do not hamper, only amplify. That is my purpose, Host Ranma.]

Ranma was starting to hope this wasn't a dream. It was almost too good to be true. Part of him was saying he was taking the easy way out, but that was soon shrugged off as Ranma reasoned that the alien was obviously good, after all it had chosen him for a host, and that he had helped it and made it so this thing could live, he was a martial artist, and he had to help others right? Also, with all the crap he had put up with in his life, he thought he did deserve a little something at least, and this made up for it, if it really worked.

"So. what's your name?"

[As I stated earlier, I am bio-amplifier Kao-Soldier enhancer number 132.]

Ranma sweatdropped at the long name and thought. "How 'bout Kao? It would be easier in conversation instead of bio-whatever Kao."

Silence reigned in Ranma's head for several seconds before it finally answered.

[Kao hm? I like it. Like a memoir of my people. Very well, host Ranma, I am Kao.]

"Er, just call me Ranma. Host Ranma kinda freaks me out."

[As you wish. I will comply to the best of my abilities.]

Ranma imagined himself in his standard clothing, and the suit immediately molded itself, curling and sliding along his skin, and finally stopped, leaving only a perfect replica of his standard clothes.

Just as the metamorphosis completed, Doctor Tofu entered. "Ah, you're awake. Where did you get some clothes? I don't remember someone bringing in."

"Er, I found them by the bed." Ranma replied quickly, sweating nervously.

"Ah. Well, no matter. How are you feeling, Ranma? Dizzy?"

Ranma smiled and shook his head. "Nope, I feel the best I have felt in a while doc, must've needed that nap. How long was I out for?'

"Three days" Doctor Tofu answered happily. "School just started, and since your feeling so good I assume you are well enough to go?"

Ranma sighed. Guess that these new super-powers don't stop him from being in school. "Yea, I guess."

"Wonderful! I'll write you a pass."

Ranma grimaced and left the clinic, and Dr. Tofu curiously inspected the black and red swirled goop that covered his syringe disposal bin. Before he could examine it however, it all disintegrated into nothing.


Ranma entered the classroom, sighing at the thought of school. Absently handing the teacher his pass, he found his seat and slumped into it, immediately closing his eyes.

"Mr. Saotome, since this is material we had covered before your 'ahem' illness, why don't you tell us the answer to problem number three?"

Ranma looked up at the board and gave the teacher a look that said "you have GOT to be kidding me."

[32x to the third power.]

"Wha.?" Ranma said, surprised slightly at Kao's voice.

"Number three Ranma. The answer, please." The class giggled at Ranma's apparent cluelessness.

[The answer is 32x to the third power, Host Ranma.]

Before Ranma spoke, he bit back a retort about the whole 'host' thing, but regained his composure and answered. "Er... Uhm, 32x to the third power?"

The teacher was about to say incorrect, seeing as it was Ranma who answered, but then noticed that, Ranma was indeed correct.

The class stared at Ranma like he had grown a pair chicken wings and an extra scrotum on his chin.

'Whoa. you know how to do this stuff!?' Ranma thought excitedly, remembering he did not have to be vocal to communicate with Kao.

[On my home planet, mathematics such as this is quite simple. Taught to the youngest of out kind. It is not only my duty to enhance the physical aspects, but also the mental. You may think of me as a calculator that gives it's owner steroids.]

Ranma's eyebrow went up at the analogy, but quickly shook it off.

[I am basically a calculator and a computer that is inside your mind.]

'Finally! I can actually pass some tests! Thanks a lot Kao!'

[It is my pleasure, Host Ranma.]

'And stop calling me that.'

[As you wish, I will try to comply with your request, Host Ranma.]

Ranma groaned. Turns out there was a downside to this whole thing.

Author Rants: Second fic. boo yah. Woot. Anyways, I thought a Ranma with good Carnage would be really cool, and this story kinda plopped out several days thereafter. It will eventually be a massive crossover, so you can expect that most definitely in the next. What I currently have planned is Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, X-men, Spider-man, other marvel heroes when appropriate and anything else I can find really. If you want to see a series in here, say so, and also say who you think I should match him up with. Unlike R:KOS, there are a lot more women to choose from now @_@.