AN for chapter 11

I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this but my weak will has forced you all to play my hand.

Everyone is complaining about how Kao is turning, and I'm genuinely surprised a lot of you didn't get it. Kao isn't going to make good on his threat, he does genuinely care for and want to protect Ranma, but his views are a little skewed, this is the thing that helped create the monster that is Carnage, he just has a very skewed perception, these symbiote's were never designed to actually be "good" it is pure luck that it happened to be so. Regardless, Kao was bluffing, and Washu didn't call the bluff. Kao is still very skeptical of the TM crew, especially Washu and her experiments, and he does not want his host to go through anything he doesn't want to. So knowing, he dealt with it the best way he knew how, through force and threats. Washu was especially susceptible considering the thing about children, with her past.

Though Kao does believe in "the ends justify the means" He wants to protect lives, but it does not have feelings to the extent we do, the symbiote's are showed as having them, and it only has minor effects on the host, but I imagine that these things are meant for death and destruction, not to save lives, as Kao stated. And what Kao wanted Ranma to do is what it believes, that if he didn't kill the brotherhood, they would continue. Of course they will, but that's where the gray area occurs.

As I see it, Ranma didn't really have any trouble killing Saffron, he was actually quite and willing to do so, though he needed the incentive. Ranma would never resort to that sort of thing usually, but if the time called for it, he would. In this case, Akane, Nabiki, and Washu (to a much lesser degree) where nearly killed and the same reaction occurred, but Kao was assisting through hormones and adrenaline, but that's all Kao can do, make Ranma a bit more irritable and quick to act (if it's possible to make him quicker to act). Regardless, Ranma was willing to, but what Logan said came through and Ranma realized that killing in that bloodlust like state would not be healthy.

Kao does not have complete control over Ranma, nor will he ever. In the next chapter, Ranma was going to confront Kao and a clash over their ideas was going to occur, and Kao would eventually have to give in, knowing that he would not be able to find another host (he doesn't even know if bonding with Ryoko is possible, he doesn't know what race she is).

Rorax: Yes I know, and it's a bit difficult to mesh considering the other universe (specifically marvel) that I'm having to combine. Consider that Marvel already has a galactic view in place and I'm suddenly inserting the TM crew, I have to make some assumptions and tweaks. In this case, Earth was never really cared about by most of the galaxy, specifically Jurai and those associated with the empire, thus it comes as a surprise that these sorts of beings exist. The thing with Washu is true, but then there'd be no real conflict would there? So I'm having to scale her back a bit, for the time being, so that the characters can actually begin to deal with things on their own terms before she starts really showing what she's capable of, the Juggernaut thing was only really for show, she could have dealt with him in an instant if she so desired. And the Magneto I'm using is the one from the comics, who has by and large been really underplayed through popular media. In the movies and TV shows, it showed him struggling with things like moving the golden gate bridge and such, but the canon Magneto is ridiculously powerful, and doing something like that would be of almost no effort to him. He has almost complete control over magnetism, hence Washu's surprise. Washu could probably replicate it if she so desired, but had no real reason to, she will probably try to now that she sees it as a challenge to her genius. And yes, Ryoko could have mopped the floor with them. But she wasn't worried, because she could have mopped the floor with them. I think I forgot to post it but I said to one of my pre-readers that she was essentially trying to have Ranma taken down a peg or two because he was pissing her off and he needed his head to deflate a bit, she would not have let Ranma or anyone else die. But considering she also could not tell the extent of Ranma's wounds, as Kao was covering him, she didn't think it to be too serious. She also was overestimating Ranma. Ranma will soon discover that Ryoko outclasses him by a lot, Ranma now has the strength (Spidey is a Class 15, Venom is Class 20 or so, and canon Carnage is class 40, he can overpower both at once, but along with Ranma's inherent strength, this will probably be 45 to 50.) He is stronger than her, and most likely physically faster. But Ryoko has nearly unlimited energy, the ability to fly, teleport, and her swords and such. Defeating Ranma would be as simple as floating above his jumping range and bombarding him til he was dust. And Ranma will not be happy.

Dumbledore: Romantic drama won't really be an issue, it'll be mostly romantic comedy, and the pairings are really preliminary regardless. And yes, I'm starting to agree about Washu… Anyway, the center of the fic for the next few arcs is not about the romance at all, though relationships will change and new doors will open and such, but don't expect Ranma to start dating or telling someone he loves them for a long time.

C. Rose: Hey the same goes with you, I'm still waiting eagerly for Golden Opportunity (though don't rush it). But trust me, when I start a fic I have every intention of finishing it, regardless the time taken, and I want all my readers to know that too. Too many fics, good, bad, long, short, or whatever have gone unfinished so I have every intention of finishing mine so people aren't thinking back to my fics saying "man I wonder what would've happened…" I'm always upset when I find a really good fic and find out the author hasn't been around for a long time. Though I'm running out of fics to read, not too many new good ones are being written and too few good ones are completed, reading the partials is always depressing if I like it.

Anyways, I hope that this answers some questions. As it is, I'm trying to squeeze all the fanon out of me and trying to keep everything as canon as possible as everything starts to diverge. I've had this specific encounter planned for some time now however so I doubt I'll be changing it, it's really needed for some character development and conflicts to emerge in the future, which will drive the story. As I said though, I want to rewrite the fic without the 'Kao' personality, it's getting annoying and I'm finding out that some future events would be hard to do with that character, and am going to try and get it back to the standard symbiotic being that just has a slight empathetic link. Some things will go differently as well (such as this event, it will never happen if the being has no personality) And I'll probably keep Brock alive. Though I dislike the character, He is needed for some things and would probably have been better off kept alive. I already have part of the first chapter written, and as dogbertcarroll suggested, and I already thought of, I'll be posting it as a new story and let people judge between the two.

Let me repeat though what I said above, Kao is NOT going to be evil, and has absolutely no plans to actually hurt Ranma if Washu tries to remove him. He just wants what's best for his host, and has a harder time understanding the moral implications between things, that'll change however as Ranma confronts Kao about it and gives him a piece of his mind. Ranma is not going to become Venom, and will not be possessed, he was slightly influenced by the adrenaline and hormones, but Kao's words were what got him the most; he did not want to see anyone, and especially the girls hurt. Kao was simply acting on what it thought was best, and will find it was wrong. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding you all had, but I had hoped more of you would get it.

Let me know if there is anything else that confuses you, I'd be more than happy to elaborate. E-mail me at chrnorris (at) gmail (dot) com or gundraw (at) msn (dot) com

Ja -Chris "Gundraw" Norris