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Summary: Aragorn and Legolas are playing practical jokes on each other…things get out of hand and Aragorn ends up getting caught by Orcs.  Legolas will do all within his power to save his friend, but will he be in time?  Not slash, some torture (mostly implied) Please R&R!

Warning: Again…there IS some torture.  DO NOT READ THIS STORY, GET MAD BECAUSE THERE IS SOME TORTURE AND THEN FLAME ME!  If you do, then you obviously can't read, because I'm telling you right now, there IS some torture.  LOL, you better not yell at me because there's torture, or I swear…. =)

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Ch. 1--- Captured

            Aragorn woke up slowly with an aching headache that, after several moments, he recognized as drug induced.  It also took about that long for him to realize that his arms were bound behind his back and his ankles were tied.  As soon as he stirred a heavy weight dropped onto his stomach, causing him to gasp as his breath was taken from him.

            Aragorn tried to position himself in such a way that he would be able to roll the person, for person it was, off of him, but he was tied too well to be able to move in such a way. 

After a pause, he felt the cold steel of a dagger pressed against his neck.  It dug into it, stopping any hope of a mistake or of talking his way out of the situation.  It was getting more and more out of hand, and all he could do was lay and wait for the other to make the first move.

It moved slightly, digging it's knee callously into his side.  Aragorn wondered where his companion had gone.  He prayed that he was safely away, that he had managed to escape before this person had captured him.  But his friend wasn't one to just run away without a fight. 

Knowing that he could do nothing but wait, and wishing fervently that he had found a more comfortable place to lay down to sleep—not that he had considered that he'd wake up with a sizable creature on his stomach—Aragorn tried to push the gag from his mouth with his tongue.  It was tied well, as he was sure the blindfold was.  He didn't even try to get the blindfold off, there was no way he could manage that subtly.

Then the being leaned forward and began to untie the gag.  Aragorn made no move to help or inhibit, preferring to merely lay still and wait.  Once the gag was off, Aragorn was still quiet and motionless.  The being, on the other hand, moved forward more and began to untie the blindfold.  Once it was off, Aragorn lay there for a moment, and then slowly opened his eyes, expecting the worst.

            And groaned.

            The person, or rather creature, that sat on top of him laughed lightly.

            It was a nice laugh.

            It sort of tinkled and trilled.

            Not the kind of laugh that you'd expect from a kidnapper.

            Except maybe this one.

            Now that the being had stopped laughing, it grinned down at him.

            Curse it, it even had a pleasant grin, although Aragorn had the strongest inclination to wipe it off with his fist.

            He would have, too, if he hadn't been tied up and sat on.

            Aragorn lay stiffly, not about to be the first to say anything.

            The kidnapper would speak when the kidnapper was good and ready.

            Not before.

            Damnit, this one probably wouldn't speak at all.

            However, it surprised him, leaning back and studying his face and then leaning forward and patting his face.

            "Did you have a good-night's sleep, mellon nin?"

            "Get the hell off me, Legolas."


Yes, the orcs are coming!  I just had to set the stage.  And in case you didn't get that, Legolas was the "companion" and "friend" that Aragorn was worried about. 

P.S.  All will be explained!  (Including why Legolas tied Aragorn up) in the next chapter!  Of course, by then I'm sure you'll have some new questions!  lol

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