Darkness. It is merely a state that exists within the world. Void of all forms of light, darkness is the polar opposite of the light that comes and gives the life to this world. Does that mean that the darkness is wrong? That since it is the opposite of life-giving, that in fact it is life-taking? Does that mean those of the dark are also to be condemned as such?


            The sunlight floated through the cell bars weakly as the early morning wormed its way into the mind of the occupant of the prison cell. She meekly covered her eyes with her free arm to block out the light and slowly sat up. She looked around her surroundings and took in what was there. It was rather extravagant for a prison cell, large space, furnished with chairs and a table, even though it wasn't like she was allowed visitors. She smirked at that thought, thinking of the visitor that she did get regularly and wondered how her guards would react if they knew. A large red carpet covered the floor, with a circular blue throw rug in the center underneath the table. On a small shelf near her, she noticed a blue flower sitting in a vase, indifferent to the surroundings.

            She scoffed this all off as she swung her legs off of the bed, hearing the weights around her legs clink as they hit the floor. She let a grim smile out at that, realizing that the only real way that she was a prisoner was those irons. In short, Integra Wingates Hellsing found these surroundings most detestable indeed.

            She grabbed her glasses off of the table and stretched out, trying to dispel the remaining power that her blissful slumber had over her. She then took a moment to think of how everything could have gone so wrong. The instant freaks were the start of everything, and despite the actions of the Hellsing organization, they had caused much death, mayhem and destruction. Then came the battle Incognito at the London tower, orchestrated so that the Hellsing family would be stripped of all of its honor. As much as Integra hated to admit, it was a brilliant strategy. Now whoever was pulling Incognito's strings had free reign in the whole of England, she could not do much from behind bars. She still had two that she could issue orders to, but without intel, resources and manpower, there was only one thing she could have them do. Seek and Destroy, she thought to herself.

            At least the war in general was not lost yet. She assumed that with the Hellsing institution crushed beyond limit, Maxwell and the Iscariots would be starting to take hold of England to expand their power influence. With Hellsing gone, nothing could stop the Vatican from interfering with the Protestant nation. Though it left a bitter taste in her mouth, one beyond human measure, she took that humiliation along with her confinement. The Queen had asked her to stand through the test of time, and Integra intended to do just that. Rebuilding the Hellsing family's power would take quite a bit of time, far more than Integra had left.

            Suddenly, there was a loud rap at the door. Integra studied it for a moment and noticed that the wooden door still had not yet opened. Another knocked came, along with the voice of her guard. "Miss. Hellsing, you have a message."

            She stood up and trudged over to the door. "I'm awake, slide it under the door please." She said. She watched as a manila envelope slid through the lower crack of the door. She thanked the guard before picking it up and walking over and sitting at the table. She froze upon seeing the seal of her majesty on the cover. She paused before ripping it open and reading the contents. Her eyes went line to line as they followed the text written within the message. Upon finishing it, she could do nothing to hide her shock. She reread the message and began to shake uncontrollably. I can't believe it. A small but sad grin covered her face, He's not going to like this one bit…


            Integra sat down at her table, a small cigar in her hand. She had yet to light it, for she was waiting for her visitor, someone who had been at the forefront as the lead hunter as her years as leader of the Hellsing Institution. Night had fallen and she had no doubt that he would be coming for her soon, to make that abominable offer yet again. He did not let her down as he entered her cell through the shadows. His red trench coat seemed to billow behind him as he entered and stood before his master. His black hair and red eyes set him apart from other men, and his height alone would make him look like the threat he was. His hands were covered in white gloves with pentagrams and archaic writing on them, always there and never dirty, no matter how bloody a fight got. He saw her brooding there and said nothing at first, but let a small smile cover his face. "Something troubling you my master?" He asked, his voice cutting into her train of thought.

            She looked at him and held up her cigar. "Give me a light Alucard." She watched his face turn to utter disgust. "Don't argue with me. I know you can do it, then we will talk about more important matters."

            Alucard shrugged with a chuckle and snapped his fingers. A small flame liter the end of the cigar and Integra smiled at his parlor trick. "I really don't understand you humans. You have such miniscule life-spans and you willingly shorten that for foolish chemicals and their effects."

            She waved him off and silenced the rant that he only did to get on her nerves from time to time. "Enough Alucard. We have more pressing matters than my bad habits." She paused as she looked at him, realizing that he was looking at her intently. "Don't even think about invading my mind servant, my thoughts are of no relevance to you."

            He smiled and bowed again, "Of course, my master."

            "I received an order today, from the Queen herself." Integra said gruffly, the cigar trailing through her fingers. She looked at Alucard and she saw his look of interest. "You know what the order was. It was the one that we were unable to perform during the last battle."

            He scoffed under his breath. "The young lady still thinks I'm a danger." He then chuckled at Integra's shocked expression and such a statement. "Well, I am older than you can imagine, my master."

            Integra decided to ignore his rudeness. "This presents a large problem you realize."

            He sighed in understanding. "How long?"

            Integra picked up on the tone in his voice. "You aren't afraid are you, oh pure blood vampire." She mocked slightly with a smile. He shot her a glare that caused her to remove her smile. She closed her eyes and leaned back. "The Queen has me imprisoned in here as a show for the public. I have assurances that she will release me in at least 2 years."

            "Oh, so I am free to roam until then?" He asked with a laugh. Integra shrugged as if to say, 'do what you want.' Alucard then kneeled and lowered his head. "What are your orders, my master."

            Integra seemed to ponder his question and reached a conclusion. "My orders for you have never changed servant. Search and Destroy."

            Alucard smiled as he thought of the fun he still had left to have. Finally he asked another question, "What of Seras Victoria?"

            The use of her name attracted Integra's attention. "Oh, so you're calling her by her name now? What happened to Policegirl?"

            He smiled and flashed his white fangs. "Jealous, my master?"

            Integra scoffed at that, turning her head away in disgust. "Of a blood-sucker? Not a chance. I feel pity for her if she truly has piqued your interest."

            Alucard smiled in response. "She proved herself during the last battle. She has also drank blood of her own will since then."

            Integra stared at him in awe. "So we have another pure blood running within the ranks of Hellsing now?" She asked, her cigar falling from her fingers.

            Alucard smiled again and stood. "Far more than a mere pure blood. During the battle, she also took in my blood. She is a true member of my race now." The statement hung in the air as Integra stared at him in horror. Great god in heaven, there will be another monster like him? "Calm yourself, my master. She has a long way to go before she reaches my level of power."

            Suddenly a smile cover the lips of the youngest surviving member of the noble Hellsing family. This caught Alucard off guard but he knew that he was to receive orders from the look his master was giving him. "Train her Alucard. Train her as hard as you can. I have no orders regarding Victoria, and if I have to effectively lose one of my trump cards, I sure as hell want the other able to compensate. You have two years my servant. Train her in addition to your normal orders."

            At first there was no response from the vampire, but eventually a small chuckle began. This grew to the point where it became a roaring laughter, fit for a madman. He bowed for the final time and said, "Understood master. I will turn her into a fitting executioner for the Hellsing Institution." He then stood up and turned. He looked over his shoulder and asked her. "Are you sure you don't want my blood?"

            This prickled an icy chill to travel down Integra's body. It was the question she always dreaded and her servant knew it. The temptation for the power of a vampire and eternal life were always strong, but with the fall of her family from the grace of the Queen, the temptation intensified tenfold. She closed her eyes tightly and yelled, "You have your orders! I will see you in two years, do not return before then!" She was breathing heavily as Alucard watched her with great amusement and interest.

            "You are strong, for a human. So be it, I merely wonder if your grandchildren will be as strong." He said as he walked into the shadows, laughing all the way in delight.