All I need (One shot)

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Warning: Violence


Bakura sat in his soul room staring at a picture of his departed hikari. He looked so happy

in the picture. His chestnut eyes sparkled with life.

A single tear splashed down onto the glass.

The blade of my knife

Faced away from your heart

Those last few nights

It turned and sliced you apart

This love that I tell

Now feels lonely as hell

From this padded prison cell

Ryou's fresh blood still covered his hands. Why did he do it? Why did Ryou threaten to

leave him? Anger welled up inside Bakura. He threw the picture violently across his

soulroom, shattering the glass as it hit the wall.

So many times I said

You'd only be mine

I gave my blood and my tears

And loved you cyanide

When you took my lips

I took your breath

Sometimes love's better off dead

He could still see the fear in Ryou's eyes as he reflected back. He could still hear him

pleading for his life.

Please Bakura! No! I promise you're the only one for me!

Bah! Lies! It was all lies! Ryou never meant a word of it!

You're all I need, make you only mine

I loved you so I set you free

I had to take your life

You're all I need, you're all I need

And I loved you but you didn't love me

Bakura decided to step out of the ring to look at his fallen hikari one last time.

Ryou laid there on the floor, bloody, mangled and motionless. Bakura kneeled down over

Ryou's limp body and ran his fingers over his hikari's cold lips.

I loved you Ryou, why didn't you love me?

The sound of sirens blared from outside.

Laid out cold

Now we're both alone

But killing you helped me keep you home

I guess it was bad

Cause love can be sad

But we finally made the news

Bakura reached out and interlaced his fingers Ryou's icey cold hand. He recalled those last

moments before started his assult. They were aruging over,

something...something.......Bakura couldn't even remember what though. All he could

remember is grabbing a sharp knife off the counter and bringing it down violently into

Ryou's chest. Repeatedly.

Red and blue lights flashed through the kitchen window.

Tied up smiling

I thought you were happy

Never opened your eyes

I thought you were napping

I got so much to learn

About love in this world

But we finally made the news

Bakura could hear the authorities break down the door. He kissed his innocent hikari's cold lips one

last time before retreating back into the ring.

If I can't have you....nobody will. See you on the otherside my love

You're all I need, make you only mine

I loved you so, so I put you to sleep.

Bakura's eyes snapped open. The room was dark. A cold sweat covered his body.

Was it just a dream?


Well there you have it. My first song fic! I thought of it while cranking up Girls Girls Girls

yesterday as I drove in my car. I hope you enjoyed it. I'd love to know what you thought,

so please leave me a review. Was it real or just a dream?????