The Mysterious Sword Wielding Monk


By Maria Cline

Kenshin was doing the laundry when he sensed a strong fighting spirit. He looked up to see Sanosuke standing there holding something in his hand. "Ah, Sanosuke, how are you feeling?" Kenshin asked politely. He felt bad for beating the man to a pulp but he had to defeat him. Sanosuke was full of rage and was focused on defeating the Battousai. The now taller man was not like the idealistic boy he knew and befriended. At least now, Sanosuke has a chance to be redeemed and to become the protector of people that he wanted to be. He had wondered if the fighter recognized him from before. He doubted it. His hair had grown back, his scar was showing, and his speech patterns changed.

"Better. You kicked my ass back there." Sanosuke grinned as he put a fishbone in his teeth. "Thanks."

Kenshin nodded and then asked, "Why are you here?"

Sanosuke shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. "Well, I was just checking on you guys." He looked at Kenshin closely. "Say, Kenshin, where did you get that reverse-blade sword of yours? A sword like that is very rare since only an idiot would use a sword that can't cut."

"A swordsmith made it for me. I had it for ten years that I did." Kenshin replied as he looked at his sword.

Sanosuke leaned down and asked, "What's your real name, Kenshin or Shinta?"

"Oro?" Kenshin yelped as he leaned back.

"I nearly didn't recognize you with all that hair but now that I had a chance to think about it. There can't be two harmless looking wanderers who's a little short with a reverse-blade sword walking around." Sanosuke chuckled as he watched the shocked look in his friend's face.

Kenshin smiled in relief as he looked down. "Ah, you did recognize me. Shinta was the name I had before I was named Kenshin. You can call me either way if you wish."

"I'll call you Kenshin then." Sanosuke nodded, "It's better for a swordsman." He reached into his pocket and held a familiar looking green top. "I still got it."

Kenshin smiled as he recognized his old top. It was cracked in several places but it held up. "I'm glad." He looked down. "I'm sorry about what happened. If I had stayed, I may have made a difference that I might."

"Or you might have been killed like the rest of them." Sanosuke sighed as he knelt down beside him. "Look, it's nothing personal. I still hate the government but you're okay. I like you even if you are still a little weird."

"Weird me?" Kenshin asked innocently.

Sanosuke shook his head. "Damn, you still look like a kid. I got a question, how come you seem so idealistic despite what the government did to you?"

Kenshin beamed as he gazed at him. "I learned it from you. You were so bright and energetic back then. You were so optimistic and hopeful; it was heartwarming for a former manslayer like me that you are."

The taller man blinked at the response. Kenshin had actually looked up to him? It was strange. "Well, you better not be wandering away any time soon. I'm much stronger than I was when I was a kid. I may not have my zambatou but I can kick ass."

"I might stay for a while. Being a wanderer was lonely." Kenshin confessed.

Sanosuke looked to see Kaoru teaching Yahiko in the back yard. He smirked. "Ah. It's that woman. I don't blame you. She's cute and a little young for you but hey if you want her go for it!" Sanosuke advised.


That was then that Sanosuke decided to stay around the dojo. He liked Shinta and he knew how much the Sekihoutai meant to him. Knowing Kenshin's reputation as the Battousai, people will come around wanting a fight. If Kenshin doesn't want to fight, he can fight for him. Besides, he still owes Kenshin for that cold bath he was forced to get.

The End