Title: Desperation
Author: annonymouse
Summary: This is a poem I made based on Koji's feelings for Izumi.
Disclaimer: Me? Own this? I could only hope… =)
Author's Notes: My first poem, this is just my interpretation of his intense desire to have him. Dunno… Hope you like it!



I'm in an ocean and I'm sinking,

In eyes that pierce my soul,

Immersed in a spirit so fierce,

I'm drowning so please don't save me,

I'm in a maze I can't get out of,

I find myself wanting to loose completely,

My sense of direction in passages dark,

I'm lost but please don't seek me,

I breath you in and I suffocate,

I've lost control, I can't see straight,

I'm floating in a bridge between worlds,

I can't breath, don't resuscitate me,

Desperately seeking you,

You, who unknowingly became my all

My oxygen, my cyanide, my cure, my poison,

I think I've finally found you,