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Summary: After night filled horror and sorrow some days in this life, 18 reveals her true feelings on life. Her coldness dwells within, but you never thought she'd be scared herself would you?

Lost in the darkness

I fear the one-day when darkness falls,

That this awful dream will come true,

I dread the day it takes over my life,

Concealing my emotions that grew.

I can't stand being forever lost,

Into this abyss of mystery filled illusion,

How can I escape this awful dream?

When I can barley deal with the truth,

Everything is so confusing,

I'm so lost in this world of pain,

This fantasy isn't lasting,

It's something that is keeping me from you,

I fear that I can't break out,

Of this mystery image that gleams,

The perfect world I know that is false,

The world that has been deceived,

I can't imagine being locked inside,

This nightmare is eating me up,

The scarlet and crimson is flooding in,

How can I break away from rut?

The daggers of pride pierce my soul,

What am I going to do?

All of this is happening so fast,

These dreams are going to enter my mind,

Taking of what precious moments that I have left,

Leave me alone to die away,

I can't stand being captured for eternity,

Yet I don't want to wake up and face life,

For both things is hell for me,

Now I have nothing to do but cry,

I cant with stand, the pressures on,

Now what am I going to do?

Closter phobic from the emptiness I feel,

Closed inside this small box,

This vile image is killing me softly,

I'm stuck in the middle with despair,

I have my two choices in life,

The line between life and death,

I can wake up and deal with my pain,

Or I can lay down with my eyes closed,

In a coma and never to wake,

Not having the face life nor dreams,

For the hope and faith has gone,

Nothing is yet to help me out,

Still vanished within life itself,

Searching this world of vile dreams,

Wondering what it's all about,

Now you know how I truly feel,

Of the grief I live with for life,

This curse and gift that sticks in me,

Like a sharp point of a knife,

I cant awake to life itself,

Nor forever stay in this dream,

For both is what I fear most,

Yet I wont give up and be weak…