Title: Harry Potter and the Extent of Existence
Author: Yih
Disclaimer: This is slash, specifically HP/SS.  Don't like don't read and I don't own anything except new theories, Signy, Sahar, and Hana. 
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Should you waver
I will be there to pick you up
Should you falter
You know I will be by your side
Should you weaken
I will lend you strength
Should you fail
You know I won't let you


1: Revelations (November 24, 2003 to December 1, 2003)

"He's knows, Harry." 


"He knows that Hana's not your daughter." 

"How?  How does he know?  The glamour charm we did on her was bloody perfect!  And we had your help in creating potions so that the glamour couldn't be taken down, Sev!  Who told?  Someone had to tell." 


"Draco wouldn't tell.  He fucking wouldn't tell.  That's his goddamn daughter." 

Severus sighed.  "I know.  He was given Veritaserum.  Bellatrix wants more than anything to break you and Hermione up.  She doesn't care how she has to do it.  I don't know how she discovered that it was even suspicious.  You and Hermione play the happily married couple very well, exceedingly well."

"Then why?  How?  Damn it all.  This plan was suppose to be fool proof." 

"Things never turn out the way they're suppose to be," Severus responded resentfully.  He was still angry that Harry had chosen to do the foolish thing of marrying Hermione to protect her from being a muggleborn witch that was also a single mother.  He gritted his teeth together.  "You were suppose to bind yourself to me, Harry." 

Harry pulled Severus into his arms and held him tightly.  "You know I love you more than anything else.  You know that if I hadn't had to, I wouldn't have.  You know that.  Hermione's my best friend.  I couldn't let her die.  I couldn't.  You know of his new laws.  He's a fucking hypocrite, but he wouldn't make any exceptions unless I extended my protection over her." 

"You're his favorite," Severus whispered throatily, pushing Harry against the wall.  "You're his favorite, that's why he hasn't killed her.  And you should have known that there's nothing more that Bellatrix wants than to have Sahar get a more secure place in his regime than for her to marry you.  His daughter and his favorite Death Eater joined in holy matrimony.  Her greatest dream realized." 

"Sahar loves Sirius." 

"Sahar will do anything her father tells her to do," Severus sneered. 

"She doesn't have a choice." 

"Neither did I," Harry murmured sadly.  "Neither did we." 

Severus bent his head down and seared Harry's lips with a fiercely passionate kiss.  He knew exactly how to melt his lover of seven years' resistance with a flick of a tongue and a measured caress.  "Tell me you want me," he hissed. 

"You know I want you.  Love me, Sev.  Please." 

"You know I do." 


"What are we going to do, Bast?" Hermione cried out, looking horrendous from her crying.  "He knows.  He knows.  Dray told me over the floo.  What are we going to do?"  Tears slid down her face.  "I never should have let you marry me.  Now you're in danger too, and it's all my fault." 

Harry reached over and pulled Hermione into his arms.  "You foolish girl," he murmured softly into her ear.  "It's not your fault.  I decided to bind myself to you to protect you.  All of us decided that this was the best.  You know that Lucius may love his son, but even he won't protect his grandchild.  There's too much at stake, especially when Draco can have other children and with the extermination law that Voldemort made that summer.  There was no other way." 

"But still…"

"But nothing."  He brushed a kiss over her forehead.  "I don't regret marrying you, 'Mione.  I love you like a sister.  And you've been wonderful about accepting my relationship with Sev." 

"How could I not?  You've accepted mine with Dray." 

"He's the father of your child." 

Hermione shook her head.  "No, you're the father of my child.  Dray's just the one that impregnated me.  Hana's your daughter, Bast.  She's yours.  I don't care if in actuality she looks like a Malfoy through and through without the glamour charm.  She's your daughter, and to her Dray's just an overbearing Uncle." 

"Someday we'll have to tell her."

"Someday," she agreed.  "One day if we survive this." 

"We will survive this," Harry stated determinedly.  "I will find a way." 

"I hope so."

"I will.  Believe in me."

"I do." 



"Master," Harry whispered reverently as he got down onto his knees before Lord Voldemort.  "You've called, I've come." 

"I don't think I have to tell you why you're here." 

Harry had been expecting this for days.  He'd been surprised when he hadn't been summoned immediately.  "It's about Hana and Hermione, is it not?" 

Voldemort nodded gravely, his crimson eyes piercing into Sebastian's soul.  Harry knew that Voldemort was a gifted legilimens, but his training with Severus and Remus had prepared him for anything that the Dark Lord might throw his way.  He was adept at occlumency, not as skilled as Severus but his empathy helped him unexpectedly in helping him to present believable emotions to Voldemort. 

"You lied to me, Sebastian.  You know that I do not tolerate lies." 

"I apologize, Master."  Harry bowed his head low enough so that his forehead touched the ground.  It was the ultimate sign of submission.  Harry almost never bowed to Voldemort, and certainly when he did it was only a slight tilt of his head.  But by doing this, he let the Dark Lord know that he was serious.  He was sorry. 

"Apologies aren't good enough."  Harry tensed his body.  He knew what to expect.  "Crucio!

His body twitched and twisted with the agonizing pain.  He might be able to alleviate some of it, but that didn't mean it made the pain go away.  It made it more bearable, but that was the extent of it.  He didn't know how long he'd been under the curse, but he'd thought he'd heard Voldemort apply the curse a few more times onto him.  He knew why.  Voldemort knew the curse didn't affect him as much as it did to others.  But he'd also discovered that applying the curse more than once, indeed a few times, could wring a scream out of Sebastian. 

Harry didn't know when he started screaming.  The third time?  That was usually when he started.  He felt like every brain nerve had been fried and strung out.  He didn't know how he was still alive.  This much pain he didn't even know a human was capable of feeling and still be able to remain conscious.  The Dark Lord certainly knew how to torture.  What use was torture if the afflicted victim passed out? 

Voldemort watched Sebastian's convulsing body with detachment.  He had to punish him.  He didn't like seeing his favorite reduced to this state, but he wasn't going to tell anyone of that.  Oh, he liked his torture but physical torture for Sebastian was so unsatisfying.  He never broke, even when he screamed he didn't break.  He just had to release something to bear the pain.  He never begged, never did he ask him to stop.  Yes, it was quite unsatisfying.  The point of torture was to break the soul. 

No wonder Sebastian was his favorite, he mused.  He didn't break.  He was strong.  Sebastian reminded him a great deal of himself.  His crimson eyes flickered over to where Sebastian's basilisk was being restrained by her elder sister.  Protective young thing wasn't Signy?  A deserved familiar for his favorite.  {Ssstop it!  Ssstop it!} Signy pleaded, begged for her Sebastian.  {Pleassse.}

{He lied to me.  He mussst be punissshed.}

{Thisss isss too much.  You will damage him.}

Voldemort realized this.  That was why he was timing this perfectly.  He knew exactly when he needed to release Sebastian from the Unforgivable.  It still astonished him that Sebastian could withstand the effects of 3 Crucios on his body.  It must be his superior mediwizardry.  Not even Severus, the most stubborn of his Death Eaters could compare to Sebastian in sheer willpower to endure Crucio

{I beg you.  Massster of All.  Pleassse releassse him.  End thisss curssse.}

He glanced at Sebastian dispassionately.  He was willing when Sebastian had endured to the limits of his reserve, only then would he release him.  Favorite or not, Sebastian had to be taught a lesson.  He didn't care to make his demands on Sebastian yet, but he would.  Oh he would.  Tonight was about torture and punishment.  Tomorrow, or actually probably in a week or so--- however long it took Sebastian to heal, would be about extortion and blackmail. 

{Massster, he cannot ssstand much more.  Massster?}

"Finite Incantantum." 

There was blood everywhere.  He had ripped Sebastian to shreds with his curses.  He would make a guess that the pool of blood around Sebastian was only a tidbit of the blood that was probably filling his internal cavities.  If he didn't cast a healing spell on Sebastian, he wouldn't make it back to Hogwarts alive.  However no matter how angry and betrayed he might feel by Sebastian, he still didn't want his favorite dead.  It wasn't the ultimate betrayal, and the action could be rectified. 

"Medicor sano.  Medicor sano.  Medicor sano." 

The external wounds disappeared.  But Voldemort had no doubt that Sebastian's innards were still violently ravaged.  As talented of a wizard as he was, the strongest wizard seen since Merlin himself, even he could not pretend to know everything.  His specialty was in offense magic, especially offensive dark magic.  Sebastian's forte was defense and medimagic.  A highly skilled mediwizard would be needed to treat Sebastian.

He gestured for Bellatrix to emerge from the shadows where she stood watch.  She had requested to be here, and he'd consented to allow her to view the punishment.  "Apparate to St. Mungo's.  Sebastian will need a team of healers if he's to survive the night." 

He noticed that her face was pale.  In a way, he knew that Bellatrix was fond of the boy.  There weren't many that weren't afraid of her.  Lucius and Severus weren't, but she thought of them as her competition and therefore despised them.  Sebastian she saw as an asset to Sahar and therefore herself.  That was why she liked Sebastian.  That was why she wanted him for Sahar. 


She went. 

He fixed his gaze on Signy.  {Take him back to Hogwartsss.}

{Yesss, Massster.}

She slithered to her Sebastian and wrapped her body around him tightly but carefully.  She didn't want to hurt him anymore than she had to.  He was hurting bad, she could almost feel his pain.  She might be a magical creature, but she was no phoenix.  She wasn't that empathetic nor did she have any healing powers.  She wished she did, but all she had the power to do was to bring death and destruction. 

But she could do this.  She could bring him back to Hogwarts.  {You will be fine.  I will not let you die.}

She apparated and was gone. 

Voldemort sat there with a grave expression.  {Wasss I too harsssh?}

Asta slithered up to her Master and angled her body so that she was eye level with him.  {You did what wasss necessssssary.}

{I wisssh he hadn't done what he did.}

{If he hadn't, he wouldn't be Sssebassstian.}


"Wake up Sebastian.  Wake up." 

Harry heard Severus's voice, but he couldn't bring himself to open his eyes.  He felt like he was almost there, almost able to yet he couldn't.  He couldn't open his eyes.  He felt heavy and dragged down.  Where was his strength?  Gone.  Far away.  Lost to him.

He'd just lived through the living nightmare again.  He'd seen his father being killed by Voldemort.  He'd seen his mother die to protect him, the ultimate sacrifice.  It was his mother's love for him that had kept him alive.  There was nothing else but that.  It was his worst memory and his only memory of his parents. 

"Wake up.  You're having a nightmare, Sebastian.  Wake up." 

He opened his eyes and gasped when he saw Severus's face hovering less than an inch away from him.  He lurched away and nearly fell off the bed if he hadn't been caught by Severus's strong arm.  "Is that anyway to greet a lover in the morning?" Severus teased, trying to lighten the haunted look he saw in his lover's eyes.

Lover?  What?  Oh God.  Oh Merlin, yes.  He'd finally managed to wheedle away at Severus's bloody self control last night and convinced him that he didn't want his first time to be gentle, that he wanted to be taken hard fast and furious.  It had been ecstatic and so bloody erotic that he couldn't see straight.  He'd never felt as completed as he had last night.  It had been perfect. 

"Sorry about that," he mumbled.  "Not use to waking up with someone." 

"I would hope not," Severus remarked possessively, his arms circling around his young and only his Sebastian.  "And I think you have some explaining to do.  I heard things that you cried out at night that need some clarification." 


"How do you know James and Lily Potter?" 

Oh fucking hell.  What he had he said in his sleep?  He had no idea.  How could he?  All he could consciously remember was seeing his mother being killed by a piercing green light that extinguished all life out of her when he was a baby.  Then having that same awful curse cast on him.  That was his last memory, so what had he said?  How had he said it?  Damn if he knew. 

"I don't know what you mean." 

Severus's dark eyes gazed down unrelentingly into his.  "You were mumbling in your sleep about them, Sebastian.  You kept saying Lily Potter and James Potter.  Then you'd start screaming.  I don't know.  Did last night upset you?" 

Oh god.  Last night had been unbelievable.  His ass was still sore.  Deliciously sore.  "No, last night didn't upset me," Harry declared fervently, leaning over to kiss Severus hard but his lover avoided him.  "Sev?" 

"How do you know the Potters, Sebastian?" Severus asked sharply this time.  "They were before your time.  You shouldn't know them.  You shouldn't.  Explain yourself." 

It was time.  He still hadn't believed he had managed to hide this from the man that he was in love with all this time.  "They were before my time," he admitted.  If there was anyone that deserved to know, it was Severus.  "It was because of me that they died.  Do you understand the implications of that, Severus?" 

"What?" Severus croaked.  "But they died…"

"For their son."

"Oh god.  But---" Severus tried to deny, "you died.  You're suppose to be dead if you are.  He killed you.  I watched him strangle you.  You were dead.  And even if you weren't dead, Godric's Hollow was set on fire.  There was nothing left but ashes." 

"It's true," Harry murmured.  "I did die here.  But I'm not from here."  He caressed Severus's face gently.  "I'm from an alternate universe, that's why I got injured badly that time.  I was trying to go back home, but the portal's closed.  Or something like that.  I can't go back home.  The last time I tried… was before graduation."

It was a lot for Severus to digest, but Harry clung to the hope that Severus would understand and not be too terribly upset.  "I wanted to tell you, Sev," he continued emotionally.  "But Dumbledore told me not to tell anyone, that it was for my own safety.  Because… you see… in my world, I didn't die and Voldemort was defeated then.  He didn't die, but he did fall from power.  Do you understand why?  Can you forgive me for not telling you who I really am?  I'm Harry Potter, not Sebastian Biggerstaff.

"Oh god, love, please say that you forgive me.  Sev?  Love?" 

If it weren't for the desperation in Sebastian's eyes--- Harry's eyes, Severus wouldn't know what to think.  It certainly explained a lot about Sebastian's--- no Harry's abilities.  From the limited information Severus had managed to dig up about the Biggerstaff family lineage, nothing indicated that their son would have the magical inheritance that Sebastian had.  However, if Sebastian was the child of Lily and James Potter--- that was certainly not out of the question. 

"You're Harry Potter?" Severus croaked.  "You really are the son of Lily and James Potter?" 

Harry nodded miserably.  "Yes.  Yes, I am." 

"That certainly explains some things," Severus remarked, surprising Harry when he pulled him into his arms.  "It would only be in your bloodlines to be as powerful as you are.  Though, it's surprising that you aren't better at Transfiguration as that was Potter's specialty, but your Charms abilities are certainly on par with your mother's and she was more than adequate at Potions." 

"You aren't angry at me?" 

"I'm in shock," Severus told him bluntly.  "I don't know what to think.  You died here, yet you came from an alternate dimension and managed to find a place here so perfectly that you've fooled everyone into believing you are Sebastian Biggerstaff.  I'm horribly conflicted, but I know that there's no one that makes me feel the way you do." 

"It's the same for me," Harry murmured breathlessly, wrapping his legs around Severus's waist.  "I'm serious when I say I love you, Sev." 

"Will you still say the same thing even when I watched him kill you here?" Severus questioned lightly although his eyes were dark with concern. 

"You didn't actively participate, and in my world you tried to save me from Voldemort."

"I didn't stop him.  That makes it equally my fault." 

"But it wasn't!" Harry protested.  "It wasn't, and I love you.  I love you, Sev.  I do." 

Severus laughed harshly, but didn't bother trying to sway Harry's earnest declaration.  "What was I like in your world, Sebastian?  Or should I call you Harry?" 

"Sebastian in public, but you may call me whatever you want in private," Harry whispered.  "You were not nearly as nice as you are in this world, but you were still a good man.  You worked for the Order like you did here.  You were brave even if you were courageous under the fire of heavy criticism.  Everyone believed you a Death Eater, but you were the most loyal Order member there is.  You were Dumbledore's greatest asset, his only spy." 

He was no such thing here, but he didn't have to let Sebastian know about that.  He didn't.  That information was best kept hidden until he could sway Sebastian into seeing the truth, that Dumbledore wasn't the gentle good wizard that Harry thought he was.  Dumbledore was different here.  At least now he knew why Sebastian trusted Dumbledore absolutely.  His Dumbledore must be different and he must be deluded into thinking they were the same. 

They weren't.  Sebastian had to see that.  They were different.  If he could see that he wasn't the same, Severus would make Sebastian see that Dumbledore was also different.  He didn't care how long it'd take, he had to make Sebastian see.  If he didn't, Sebastian would fall prey to Dumbledore's dangerous machinations.  And Severus would NOT allow that to happen.  Sebastian was his, his lover, his Sebastian, his only.  No one else's. 

Severus couldn't see Dumbledore being different in the other dimension, but he guessed it was possible.  Dumbledore had been different before the Dark Lord had risen all over Europe.  Not as manipulative, though still crafty--- he had to be.  But he hadn't been willing to sacrifice anything to win.  And that had been his charm, Severus could see how Dumbledore could lure a young Sebastian into utmost loyalty--- that was how Dumbledore had gotten to him. 

But Sebastian was his.  He bent his head down and capture Sebastian's sweet lips into his.  "You're mine, Sebastian, mine." 


Oh god.  It was worse than he'd expected.  He hadn't thought that Voldemort would act against Harry that badly.  Not even in this betrayal.  It wasn't like Voldemort had given Harry a choice, he'd forced Harry to do this by making that ridiculously hypocritical law.  The Dark Lord should have known that Harry wasn't the type to let his friends die, and Severus had thought being his favorite would save him from a punishment too harsh.  Severus was deadly wrong. 

But no one hurt his Harry like this.  No one.  Severus clenched his fist and tightened his jaw.  It had taken years, but he had finally convinced his innocent lover that Dumbledore wasn't the great man in this world that he was in Harry's world.  Severus would put Dumbledore and Voldemort on the same playing field, even giving Voldemort a head up since he wasn't a sly, side sneaking bastard like Dumbledore had turned out to be.  Voldemort didn't hide that he used people.  That, at least, was merit to his name. 

And Severus had managed to prevent Harry from foolishly going against Voldemort, not until they were ready--- if they ever would be.  To effectively betray Voldemort, they needed more on their side than they had.  Having the Malfoys on their sides would certainly be a boon, but they could only count on Draco.  Lucius was loyal enough to Voldemort not to switch, though he wasn't infallible like Bellatrix and Sahar Lestrange. 

"Daddy!" Hana cried out, tears streaming down her face as she ran after her father's broken body.  "Daddy!  Daddy!  What happened?  What happened to Daddy, Mommy?  Why is Daddy lying there?  Daddy!" 

Hermione was too emotional to say anything.  All she could do was hold out her arms to her daughter, the daughter that was the spitting image of Sebastian.  She had been charmed to look exactly like Sebastian, even down to his vibrant green eyes.  In reality, her true appearance was far different.  She was a Malfoy through and through.  When she'd been born, there had been no doubt whose daughter she was.  She was Draco's. 

She felt Hana collapse into her arms, tears drenching her shirt.  Hana might be Draco's daughter biologically, but there was no doubt who Hana's father would be in her heart.  It was Sebastian.  Hermione didn't even want to think about how Hana would take the news that Sebastian wasn't her father.  She was such a daddy's little girl; Hermione knew she wouldn't believe it.  She wouldn't.  She wouldn't. 

"Wait Severus!" Hermione cried out as the Potions Master was about to follow his lover and her husband to the medical ward.  "He was… punished because of me, wasn't he?" she asked in a trembling voice. 

Severus nodded briefly, seeing no reason to deny the cold hard truth.  His lover, his Harry was almost dead thanks to her incompetence in getting pregnant with Draco's child.  If she hadn't, they wouldn't be in this mess now, not that the mess would be any less his inner subconscious mocked.  If Harry wasn't married to Hermione, he would be married to Sahar.  Either way he wouldn't be married to him. 

He stalked after his lover's unconscious body.  He didn't want to think about it.  He didn't want to think that maybe the greatest joy in Harry's life wasn't even his unquestionable love, but that of his adopted daughter's.  He was jealous of a little brat of a girl that was undeniably Draco's child.  She acted just like Draco as a child; she was a brat, and having Harry spoil her didn't make her attitude to others any better.  But to Harry, she was the sweetest angel.  To her daddy, she was an absolute princess. 

"I want Daddy!" sobbed Hana, clinging to Hermione because Sebastian wasn't there.  "Is Daddy going to be okay?  Why is Daddy unconscious?  Please… don't let my Daddy die.  I promise… I promise I'll be good.  Just please don't let my Daddy die." 

Severus stopped.  He turned around and gave Hermione and Hana a cold gaze, but his eyes softened a bit when it rested on the enchanted emerald eyes that were so much like his beloved.  "If you want… you can come with me.  Poppy will allow you if you're with me to see your Daddy." 

He didn't know why he was doing this, being nice to this bratty girl that shared his Harry's devotion.  He supposed that it was because he knew that it would make Harry happy, and he guessed that despite his envy he had a bit of a soft spot for this imp of a girl.  He held out his hand, only to have Hana jump into his arms.  At 6, she was entirely too big to be jumping into his arms, but he didn't growl at her.  They'd get there faster if he carried her. 

"Uncle Sevvie," he hated it when she called him that, and the damn brat knew it, "will Daddy be okay?" 

"I don't know." 


"Draco Black Malfoy." 

His platinum blond hair was touching the ground as he had his head bent so low that his forehead was nearly touching the ground.  Draco was scared.  He was frightened for Hermione, for Hana, and for Sebastian.  Oh god, what had he done?  He should have been smart enough, wise enough to know that it only took one time having sex without protection…

"Your father should be pleased."  Voldemort paused deliberately, his crimson eyes studying the normally elegant young man that was currently trembling with fear.  "After all this time of complaining about not having an heir, he does.  Albeit, it's a girl--- it nonetheless is a continuation of the Malfoy line.  And a girl heir is nothing to be ashamed of." 

His eyes shifted toward the figure cloaked in black next to him, his daughter Sahar.  He had acknowledged, two years ago by the encouragement of Sebastian, Sahar as his daughter and as his heir.  "It's a pity that her mother was a mudblood, but such tragedies like that cannot be helped.  I expect you to start immediately raising your daughter as a Malfoy, and continue where Biggerstaff has left off in bringing her up as a loyal young Death Eater.  Do you understand me, young Malfoy?" 

"Yes, Lord, but…"

Interesting.  Even though Draco was shaking with fear, he still had enough of a spine to put in a but.  Despite what Lucius had said that his son was weak for falling for a mudblood, Voldemort saw strength in the younger Malfoy for standing up against the elder.  It wasn't easy defying a father like Lucius.  "But what, Draco?" 

"Hana thinks Sebastian is her father, and… and she loves him so much that I don't think I can ever replace him in her heart and… I don't want to destroy what is her entire existence," Draco finally finished, looking up with tears gleaming in his silver eyes.  "Is it too much to let Hana continue to think of Sebastian as her father?" 

Voldemort glanced toward Sahar, it was up to her.  "She needs to know who her real father is," Sahar stated firmly.  "And she needs to learn the Malfoy blood magic.  Besides, the glamour on her will only last so long.  And I know that the Malfoy looks breed true.  She'll look exactly like you, Draco.  It's better to tell her soon rather than for her to have to find out the hard way." 

Draco knew that, but he also knew that whoever told Hana that Sebastian wasn't her father was going to face her terrible wrath.  If there was ever a Daddy's girl, it was Hana.  Even Sahar couldn't rival Hana, not that Voldemort was the affectionate father that Sebastian was.  And as much as he'd love to have Hana call him 'daddy' he never would have made the father that Sebastian had made toward Hana.  He didn't have the patience nor the understanding to handle a young child's antics--- Sebastian did. 

"Draco, I am not happy that you've decided to taint the unquestionably pure bloodline that was Malfoy when you decided to have a child out of wedlock with a mudblood," Voldemort began patronizingly, "but I can understand the mudblood witch's allure.  She is a brilliant witch, is she not?  I believe she's the youngest ever professor at Hogwarts, even eclipsing Severus though she attained her Mastery a year behind him.  And her daughter should make you a suitable heir… and you do love the witch, don't you?" 

Draco nodded his head miserably, not even bothering to deny it.  Hell, his father knew.  His mother knew.  His whole family knew that he loved Hermione Granger with all that was his sodding heart.  He'd argued, he'd pleaded with them to let him marry her only to have himself stunned and locked up in the dungeon for daring to stain the Malfoy name with a mudblood.  "I do," he whispered hoarsely. 

"What if I told you that I'll force Lucius to allow you to marry the witch?" 

There had to be catch, a great catch.  "If I did what?" 

Voldemort chuckled, not a laughter of good cheer but malicious and calculating as befitted a Dark Lord.  "If you convinced Sebastian to marry Sahar, that is." 

Draco heard a gasp and thought that it came from him, but his mouth wasn't open.  It was then that his brain registered that it had come from Sahar.  "I won't!" she cried out, her eyes flashing defiantly.  "I won't marry, Sebastian!" 

The Dark Lord narrowed his eyes, and Draco cringed inwardly.  Even if Sahar was his daughter, that didn't mean he wouldn't curse her with an Unforgivable.  "He is THE strongest wizard other than me.  I daresay he's a good deal stronger than that mangy old Dumbledore.  And you will need him by your side when I decide your ready to prove that you're my daughter."

"I am your daughter!  I am your daughter, Father!  I am your flesh and blood.  I may not be a parselmouth, but I am a serpent animagus.  That is as rare as the parseltongue gift!  And I am the witch that's the youngest to hit majority since Morgaine!  I don't need Sebastian by my side to prove that I'm your daughter.  Anything you ask of me, I can do it.  I promise you.  I swear to you." 

Voldemort's crimson eyes bore down on his daughter heavily.  "I have Europe.  I want the Americas." 

"Then I will give that to you, Father.  If that is what you want, then I will get it." 


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