This was the first thing posted up on the writer's gallery on neo, This is also the first decent thing I wrote. I actually had created that in maths class one day! Don't own Yuri and Alice.

-Kitty the loser.

'It's been a while since I was in the comfort of the inn my grandfather ran. I wake up daily to the hearty breakfast of air and trudge down the muddy trenches in the cold Siberian summer. I wash off in the polluted black water and hope to god that I never pass another soup kitchen... It's been three years, and soon I may have to go and follow my very destiny...damn that voice.

I used to play the violin when I was a kid, mama taught me. I was really good at it too. I once played for Royalty passing through. I don't know if I can still play maybe I should try for money...'

Yuri looked at the dimly lit inn and tavern, He walked up to the receptionist/barmaid. "Hi, do you allow traveling people perform for money?" He asked. The clerk nodded. Yuri pointed to a small violin. "Go ahead, let's hear you." The clerk said in a bored voice.

Yuri stood up on the stage gripping his violin, he wasn't good at saying how he felt, but he begun to play the most bitter sweet tune ever made.. It told of the pain in his very soul and the sweet soft melodies wafted through the air. The bar staff stared at him in awe, it seemed he still had it. The only thing is he was unable to finish it because he hit the floor in pain. The voice had returned and was screaming out to him, 'she...the train to fentigan...get! She's Tokyo!' Yuri woke up in a dimly lit room. A maid rushed in some food to him, they obviously thought it had been hunger...

Yuri looked at the food. 'Well maybe a few bites..'

After swallowing all but the plates and cutlery Yuri went off again towards Japan. "Awight! Here I come!"

Yuri rested on the train, he may be older, but his pick pocketing skills haven't been lost. He sat on the train and waited for it's departure before throwing his trench coat over his head and faking sleep. It was a few hours of rest passed by and he felt it, that malicious force that sent a shiver down his spine and caused his fusion soul to grow excited. 'He's here...'

He waited momentarily before getting to his feet and casually getting his coat on. He went off in the direction the other man had went, and left curious onlookers behind him as he faced his destiny, and found his soul mate....

Alice looked up at her rescuer, he wasn't much to go for in manners but...he was cute, especially the way he crinkled up his nose at the mention of church. "So? Where to?"

"Dunno, we'll go to fentigan and see what train we can get." Yuri looked at Alice as she gasped, "What? Is that where you were being taken to?"

Alice nodded. She stood up and linked onto Yuri's arm, he could feel how weak she was. "Let's go you need to rest..."

Alice looked up at Yuri. "Thanks."

Yuri smirked, "So, how about that kiss?"

Alice grunted and hit the young harmonixer on the head with her bible.

"Heeey...." Yuri mock whined, he pouted slightly which made Alice's heart flutter as Yuri's Umber eyes glittered in the soft moonlight. 'Oh yes, he's cute alright!'

"Uhm, Yuri, Were you really serious about eating me?"

Yuri laughed at her being gullible, "No! You're way too cute to eat, well in that way..." Yuri hoped she didn't know what other way he would like to eat her.

"What other way is there to eat a person Yuri?" Alice looked at her companion, "Yuri!" She slapped Yuri's face leaving him standing there with a red cheek and a smirk on his face.

"Yup, things are gonna get interestin'!" Yuri chuckled slightly and followed Alice's swaying backside with glee.