This is the start of the fic my sister has been writing on Neo. From now on we're going to sign our names after the first author's note of the chapter as to avoid confusion of the author. Neither of us own Yuri, Halley, Keith, Meiuan, Fox face, Alice or Margarete

-Darkness Angel.

The great escape: The great prank.

It had been a trick. Carefully planned by Alice, fox face and Keith. Yuri was there in the funeral home looking for Alice's coffin. One was open slightly and he could sense Alice's aura from it. He got in and snuggled into the corpse beside him.

Fox face sniggered, "Hah, the baka fell for it! Esuo esu!"

Alice didn't approve of it first but now she chuckled behind her love's demented other half.

Yuri's soft lips were pressed against a pair of delicate ones inside the coffin.

"Mmm, Yuuuuriii..." Keith's voice sounded beside him. Yuri realized that it wasn't Alice but Keith. He jumped out of the coffin faster than a fart out of a bean eating contest winner. Keith emerged with a satisfied grin on his face and broke out into fits of laughter. "Necrophiliac!" Fox face said stepping out of the shadows followed closely by a snickering Alice. It had been a prank...a very cruel prank devised by Halley and Fox Face. Alice and Keith were convinced to help and as a result left a very ticked off Yuri Hyuga with a red face.

End of chapter one…

Well the chapters will be short but the story will more than likely be longer in doing that! Each chapter has a new set of problems for Yuri and Halley to face.

Baka = Idiot

Esuo-esu = Save our souls

Necrophiliac = We have one on nemeton online *cough*leels* cough*

Sis will be doing her thing on the next chapter and onwards… Oh and the phrase "Faster than a fart out of a bean eating contest winner" Is property of my sister, but she wont mind you using it, she'd be flattered to see you use it actually.