Chapter one: Intro

(Mushroom Kingdom Outskirts)

Sunlight tore across the Mushroom Kingdom, awakening everyone to a new day. Throughout the kingdom, toads were leaving their houses to either do outdoor work or just to take a walk.

One particular toad, conveniently named 'Toad', walked from a castle, through the pathways of Toad Town, a large town built around the castle. The princess of the kingdom, Peach, was giving her attendants, retainers and guards more time off lately. Recently, a portly plumber named Mario had finally destroyed the king of Koopas, King Bowser, saving the princess and the whole kingdom. Since Bowser's destruction, Peach had felt safer. Nothing had happened for almost half a year now. Recently, Mario had taken Peach on a vacation, and had been gone for almost a whole week. The princess left the kingdom in charge of several of her best attendants and retainers so everyone could get along while she was gone. So far, everything was working out.

Toad brought himself out of his thoughts when he noticed the edge of Toad Town approaching, which was what he wanted. The small mushroom walked through the gates and into the fields beyond.

Not too far away from Toad Town was a huge mansion almost as big as Peach's castle. That was Toad's destination. The mansion belonged to Luigi, Mario's little brother. Not too long ago, Luigi had saved Mario from a pack of Boos in a haunted mansion. After the haunted mansion vanished into thin air, Luigi used the money he had found inside it to build his own mansion, which looked a hundred times better than the haunted one. A white mansion with green trim everywhere, complete with a giant L at the top, Luigi's mansion was truly a sight to behold. While it was big, the only ones living in it so far were Luigi and E. Gadd, a professor Luigi had met on that particular adventure.

Toad walked up to the front door of the mansion and hit his small fist against it several times. Toad waited patiently until the door was answered. Toad looked up to see the short, old man Luigi had befriended, Prof. E. Gadd. Sure, the odd professor was short, but Toad was certainly shorter.

Seeing the small mushroom, Gadd smiled. "Ah, Toad! How nice to see you!" He said. "Do come in!"

"Thank you, professor." Toad said as he walked into the mansion. "Is Luigi around?"

The inside of the mansion looked even better than the outside. Luigi, being the tidy guy he is, made sure he cleaned the house at least once a week, so everything always looked as good as new. Toad quickly spotted Luigi dusting a mantle while humming a cheerful tune.

"Greetings, Luigi." Toad said, getting Luigi's attention.

"Oh, hi Toad!" Luigi said as he got down from the stepladder he was standing on. "What brings you out here?"

"Toad Town is having a party tonight." Toad explained. "We'd like you and professor Gadd to come."

Luigi raised an eyebrow with a smirk. "Really? Who else is going?" He asked.

"Oh, the usual. The Yoshies, Goombario's family, the penguins of Shiver City, Kolorado and his wife, Queen Bean, Mallow and his parents, the sibling princesses of Monstro Land..." Toad started.

Luigi cut the retainer off at the mention of the latter titles. "The princesses of Monstro Land? Plum and Maple? I haven't heard from them in years." He mused, eyes slightly widened. "I wonder what they've been up to since the old golf tournament..."

Toad continued with his list. "Lady Bow, Kooper and co., Moustafa, Johnny Jones, Birdo, DK and the Kongs..." He paused to look up at Luigi. "And Daisy."

Luigi's eyes widened. "Daisy?" He asked. "Okay. I'll be there. What time does it start?"

"Around seven." Toad replied.

Luigi nodded, then looked at Prof. Gadd. "You coming, professor?" He asked.

Gadd nodded. "Sure. It could be fun."

(Unknown Location)

Several shadowed figures stood around a small device, which was producing a fog-like substance. The device suddenly produced a hologram, showing the face of a young woman with shoulder-length brown hair.

"That's the one." A big, deep-voiced figure, obviously the leader, said he looked at the picture. "She's the one we need."

"But that's the girlfriend of that green plunger-faced plumber." A second, younger figure observed. "Isn't there another one we could use?"

"I'm afraid not." The leader replied. "She's the only one we can use."

"I wouldn't worry about that." The shortest of the figures said. "He doesn't look too tough."

"You'd be surprised." A round figured stated as he turned to the short figure. "He packs quite a punch."

A tall, thin figure laughed. "Worried I am not! Beat him we shall!" He said.

A small, floating figure beside him chuckled. "Let's play with his mind! Let him know what we're up to!"

A figure the same height as Mario looked up at the floating creature. "Why would we do that, man?" He asked.

"Yeah, it doesn't make sense." A figure with big ears added.

"Why not? It sounds fun!" The floating figure laughed.

No one else really thought that was such a good idea, but they didn't have a better plan.

"Very well." The leader said. "Luigi Mario will rue the day that he messed with us! Come, my friends. Join me in my moment of extreme and insane laughter!"

Everyone standing around the device in the middle of the room agreed with the leader and they all started laughing insanely.

(Later that Night…)

Later that night, Luigi and Prof. Gadd entered the gates of Toad Town, walking into the large town. Surprisingly, there wasn't anyone anywhere.

"Everyone must be at the castle." Luigi observed.

"That seems to be the case." Gadd replied. "Let's go see."

Luigi agreed as the duo walked through the empty pathways of Toad Town, towards the castle. Even the town dojo was empty for once. The dojo was a place for anyone to go and train to test their strength. Toad had even tried out himself. He got as far as defeating the Master two apprentices, but met defeat at the Master himself.

Luigi and Prof. Gadd soon got to their destination: the castle. Granted, the castle was bigger and batter looking than his mansion, but Luigi sure didn't want to live there. Judging by the lights coming out of the windows and the really loud music coming from inside, Luigi guessed that the party had already started.

The duo quickly arrived at the castle doors and went in. They quickly noticed that the castle was packed with the town residents and guests. Luigi wondered how Toad got Peach's permission to have a party while she was away. And Toad was too loyal to have one without consulting with the princess first. He figured that Toad asked before Peach left and received her permission.

Luigi was quickly noticed and was instantly greeted by several mushroom people and a few of the guests. Suddenly, something caught his eye: Someone sitting at a DJ table that was obviously placed on a low balcony for the party. What grabbed his attention was the old and wrinkled ape with a long beard standing behind it, scratching the records and bobbing his head back and forth.

Luigi shook his head. "That Cranky." He thought. "His love for that rock music will probably end up killing him."

Suddenly, Luigi noticed a person that was infinitely more interesting than an old ape at a DJ table: A beautiful, brown-haired woman dressed in a floor-length, yellow dress, which seemed to sparkle underneath the lights. Luigi smirked as he walked over to his girlfriend. Daisy saw him coming and returned the smile.

"Hey, Luigi!" Daisy greeted, having to shout over Cranky's loud music.

"Hey, Daisy!" Luigi replied. "How's the party been coming along?"

"Great! That old man has surprisingly good music!" The princess replied back.

Luigi chuckled. In the meantime, a toad wearing shades and a gold necklace around his neck walked up beside Cranky and grabbed a microphone. Cranky reluctantly quieted his music down.

"Yo, yo, yo! Whazzup, dudes?" Funk E. Toad said into the microphone. "This party has been totally awesome the whole time, but it's about to get better!" He looked out over the crowd below the balcony. "It's time for the couples dancing competition! Time to strut your stuff while dancing with a partner! Now, will the competitors please step into the middle of the room?"

Daisy quickly turned to Luigi. "Come on, Luigi!" She whispered. "Let's dance!"

Luigi smirked. "Sure. This competition sounds like fun."

As Luigi and Daisy walked towards the middle of the room, where the rest of the crowd had backed away from so there would be room, they saw the rest of the competitors: Toad and Toadette, DK and Candy, Yoshi and Birdo, and even Goombario and Goombaria. The goombas may have been siblings, but the couples competition was open to any couple.

The competition started, and the five pairs were keeping up with Cranky's music easily. However, as the competition went on, the couples started tiring. DK and Candy were the first to stop. DK just couldn't keep up and, with his big feet, kept stepping on Candy's feet. Yoshi and Birdo fell next. Birdo certainly didn't have as quick feet on the dance floor as Yoshi did, and she eventually lost the beat of the song.

Not too long after that, Luigi and Daisy ended up stopping as well. They were doing excellent, but the others were so small that they had more energy. The contest ended once Goombario and Goombaria stopped as well. No one knew why. Maybe it was because they weren't as experienced in dancing as Toad and Toadette were. Everyone clapped for the mushroom pair as they were handed the award.


Eventually, the party ended at around ten o'clock. Everyone had piled out of the castle to start their treks back to their respective homes. Warp Pipes were scattered around Toad Town, granting access to most of the places where everyone lived. The only place without a Warp Pipe was DK Isles, but luckily, Funky Kong had brought a big enough plane for the rest of the Kongs.

E. Gadd, feeling tired, had left ahead of Luigi to head back to the mansion to get some sleep. Luigi had decided to hang around and find people to talk to. As he was talking to Toad and Kooper, he saw Daisy walk by. Luigi turned to the toad and koopa and bid them farewell. He turned around and started running slowly to catch up with Daisy. He quickly caught up with her, and Daisy had noticed. She turned to the green-clad man and smiled. Luigi returned the smile, but neither of them stopped walking.

"So, where're you off to?" Luigi asked.

"The Warp Pipe that leads back home." Daisy said. "By the time I arrive, it'll be pretty late."

"Yeah. I should be heading back soon myself." Luigi added. He quickly changed the subject. "How'd you like the party?"

"It was great!" Daisy replied. "And even though we didn't win, the dance competition was fun."

"Yeah. I gotta admit, Toad and Toadette are better dancers than I thought."

Suddenly, the lovers heard quick footsteps coming from behind. Luigi looked to his right and saw DK running past them with Cranky on his shoulders. The elder ape was waving hi arms and shouting a his son for him to slow down. Following shortly after was Chunky carrying Cranky's DJ table and huge speakers.

Daisy shook her head as she watched the three Kongs go by. "Those Kongs are good people but they sure are weird sometimes." Luigi replied with a nod.

The pair walked through the streets of Toad Town, towards the Warp Pipe that led to Daisy's kingdom. During the walk, they had enjoyed each others company with a long conversation. Eventually, much to their disappointment, they arrived at a green Warp Pipe sticking out of the ground with a sign hanging nearby.

"Well, thank you for walking me here, Luigi." Daisy said with a smile. "You're very kind."

Luigi blushed. "No problem, Daisy. I'd do anything for you."

It was Daisy's turn to blush. However, she didn't drop her smile. "Thank you, Luigi."

Daisy planted a quick kiss of Luigi's cheek. "Goodbye, Luigi." Daisy said as she turned around, slowly walked up to the pipe and jumped in, vanishing from sight.

Luigi sighed as he stared at the pipe where Daisy had gone into. He was about to turn around and leave himself when he heard something that caught his attention: the sound of something being fired from a bow. Something suddenly zoomed past Luigi and buried itself in the Warp Pipe. Luigi quickly saw that it was an arrow.

Curiously, Luigi walked over to the arrow and pulled it from the pipe. He quickly noticed a small note attached to the arrow. Unrolling the piece of paper, Luigi read what was written on it. However, once he did, his mouth went dry and his eyes bulged.

We will soon have her. Don't try to stop us.

(The Next Day…)

The next morning came. Luigi came home late the night before, and had wanted to show the note to E. Gadd. Unfortunately, the professor was asleep, and Luigi knew better than to wake the old man up (having learned that the hard way long ago). Currently, the plumber and professor were looking over the note, worried expressions on their faces.

"This doesn't make any sense!" Gadd said as he read the note. "Why would they want Daisy?"

"I don't know." Luigi replied. "But I intend to do something about it before they take her!"

"How would you do that, Luigi?" Gadd asked. "Not only do we have no clue who's after her but we don't know where they're hiding!"

Luigi was silent. He hadn't thought about that. Then again, this was Daisy they were talking about. Luigi said himself that he would do anything for her.

"I don't know, but I don't care either!" Luigi replied. "I'm willing to do anything for Daisy, and that includes finding out where her future kidnappers are hiding out!"

Gadd smirked as he looked up at Luigi. "My boy, that was exactly what I wanted to hear." He said. "Follow me to my workshop, Luigi."

Luigi curiously followed the old scientist through the mansion and down to the basement where Gadd had set up his workshop where he built all his gadgets. Gadd opened the door to his workshop and went in, followed by Luigi. As soon as the green plumber entered the door, he froze in his tracks and his mouth fell open at the new gadget inside the room. In the middle of the large workshop sat a huge machine that looked similar to the portrait machine from his adventure with the haunted mansion.

"Doc, how much spare time have you had recently?" Luigi asked.

Gadd chuckled. "It didn't take mw THAT long to build it, Luigi." He laughed. "Behold, my latest invention! The Restorer!"

"The Restorer? What's it do?" Luigi asked.

"Luigi, you'll need help on this adventure. This machine turns ghost portraits not only back into their former state, but brings them back to life as well!" Gadd explained.

"Really? That's amazing!" Luigi said in astonishment.

"Yes. It IS, isn't?" Gadd said proudly. "Anyway, if we bring the right ghost back from your haunted mansion incident, he or she might help you in your quest! Unfortunately, the machine currently only has enough power to do one portrait, so we have to choose carefully."

Luigi scratched his chin, wondering what ghost would be a good choice. He'd have to pick a ghost that would cooperate. That eliminated Bogmire and the Boos. He quickly came to a decision.

"Let's do Biff Atlas." Luigi suggested. "His strength might come in handy."

Gadd nodded. "Quite. Okay. Let's give it a try."

The short scientist walked over to the control panel on the end of the machine. He pressed a few buttons and flipped a switch, causing a crane to go out into the other room where all the portraits were being hung.

Luigi watched Gadd press some more buttons as he heard the crane grab something in the gallery. Luigi watched the crane come in with a painting, but when he saw what painting it was, his eyes widened. He quickly turned to Gadd. "Um...Professor? That's not Biff."

Hearing Luigi, Gadd quickly looked at the crane as it moved the painting towards a slot to drop it in. Like Luigi, Gadd's eyes sprang open.

"Oh, no! That's the wrong picture!" Gadd cried as he went back to the control panel and furiously started pressing buttons. Unfortunately, he was too late, as the crane had already dropped the painting into the slot.

Luigi could do nothing but watch as the painting of Melody Pianissima sank into the machine…