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Heero woke up to the sound of the door shutting. He blinked, rolled over, and checked his clock. Well, he tried to, at least. He found that the clock wasn't where he'd put it.

/What the hell?!/

Then he remembered what Duo had done the night before and scowled.

/That baka chased me out of my own room. I'll get him for that./


/Perhaps I should take up practical joking?/

Heero blinked at thought.

/Damn you, Duo!/

He sat up and found Wufei's alarm clock, dismissing his thoughts as he focused on getting up and going to breakfast.

/What time does the cafeteria open? Oh, right, seven something… closes by nine. I have time./

He stood, stretched, and looked to the other bed in the room. Wufei was gone, probably at breakfast already. Trowa had made a pallet on the floor and was snoring quietly.

/Trowa snores?/

He sighed and stepped carefully over the sleeping teen, making his way to the door.

"Did you sleep well?" Trowa muttered just as Heero placed his hand on the knob.

"Forgive me for taking your bed, Trowa. Duo felt the need to carry me from my room and I didn't have my key to get back in. Wufei was still up, and he let me stay here."

"Fine. Sleep on the floor next time."


Heero made it out and went back to his room. He was about to knock when Aya stepped out.

"You didn't come back last night," the redhead said evenly.

"I was locked out."





"Hey, Hee-chan!"

Both teens winced and turned to Duo.

"What?" Heero asked, resigned.

"I was going down to breakfast. Are you coming?"


Duo shrugged. "Fine with me. Later!" He dashed off, probably to find someone else.

They both stared after the braided teen.

"If you're not going to kill him," Aya said finally, "I will."

"Be sure it's somewhere you can hide the body first," Heero advised, turning on his heel and walking into the room. /I must remember to warn Duo about him./

"Ninmu ryoukai."

Heero stopped in his tracks. "I do believe that's my line."

Aya shrugged. "I prefer 'shi ne' anyway."

Despite himself, Heero grinned.

"Are you going down to breakfast?" he asked, opening his closet and searching for his green tank top and jeans.

"Yes. I was just waiting for my friend Omi."

"The one that paid us a visit last night?"


"I'll take that as a yes." Heero found his clothes and stayed behind the closet door so he could dress without Aya seeing him. Finishing, he stuffed his sleeping clothes into a hamper before picking up his brush and walking back out from behind the door.

Aya was sitting down at his desk, writing something. Curiosity got the better of Heero, and he walked over to see what the other teen was writing.

"If you want to look you can," Aya said as Heero hovered indecisively at his shoulder.

"Hn." Heero leaned down and peered at the paper. "You like to draw?"

"Occasionally. It helps me keep from being bored."

"I see." He paused. "I can't draw."

Aya shook his head. Just then, there was a knock at the door, and Heero opened it, not sure whether the door was locked.

A blonde teen that looked remarkably like Quatre stood there. "Hi! You must be Heero. We met briefly last night, but I think you were a bit indisposed at the time." He grinned. "I'm Omi Tsukiyono. Nice to meet you. Is Aya in?"

"Hn." Heero walked back into the room, leaving Omi to shut the door behind him. Heero noted that Aya's sketchbook had vanished from the desk.

"Are you ready to go, Aya?" Omi asked the redhead.


"Be sure you have your ID!" Omi warned as they vanished out the door. Heero blinked after him.

/Okay… He looks like Quatre, and acts like Quatre sort of, he's just as hyper as Duo./ He shook his head bemusedly. "Those two would get along just fine," he said out loud, running the brush through his hair and heading for breakfast.



"But I-!"




Quatre listened to the frustrated sigh on the other side of the door. "It's your fault for going out last night and forcing Heero from his room. It's not my fault that you forgot your key."

"I'm freezing my ass off out here! They've got the air conditioning on full blast!"

Quatre rubbed his head in exasperation. "What lessons have we learned from this, Duo?"

"Um…" There was a pause. "Don't forget my key?"


Duo sighed. "Don't bother Heero."

Quatre threw open the door. "Wonderful! The boy has learned. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to breakfast." He flew down the stairs. Duo blinked after him.

"Masochist," he muttered as he closed the door.

It was fortunate that Ken had seen him sleeping on the floor in the middle of the night. The SLA had let Duo borrow a blanket and sleep on the (carpeted!) floor of Ken's room.

Duo found his usual black attire and changed quickly before settling onto his bed and pulling out a brush. He undid his braid and began brushing his hair, muttering irately to himself the entire time.

/Ken was nice, though. Better than Quatre. Hmph. I figured Quatre would be the nice one, but no! He has to lock me out!/

/I'm going to have to do something to him later. Not now./

/But Ken was nice. And he's pretty. And../

He blinked, catching a knot.

/Great. I knew I was gay, but this is ridiculous!/ He wrestled with the knot, got it out without any damage to the hair, and continued brushing.

/The guy is older than me, and judging by the pictures and what I heard last night, he is most definitely taken./ He smirked. /I bet I could find out by who… He looks rather sinister, whoever he is. Gotta love the red hair, though./

He finished with the last of the tangles and rebraided his hair with ease, tossing the brush haphazardly on his desk and jumping to his feet.

/Besides, who needs a boyfriend or a girlfriend?/

With that thought, he found his room key, ID, and headed off for food.

Trowa stayed in bed long after Heero had left. It was only until he was in danger of missing breakfast that he got up.

/I shouldn't have gone to the gundams last night…/

/On the bright side, I got some mail from the scientists./

/I'll mail it to the other later./

/After I stop hurting./

He stifled a groan as he rolled over.

/It's not my fault the football team was practicing last night! Hell, they shouldn't even be here, yet!/

He forced himself to stand up and straightened out his cramped muscles.

/I was fortunate that I wasn't discovered. It was unfortunate that they thought I was a practice dummy!/

He changed from his pajamas into his turtleneck and jeans. His hair brushed, he found his ID and room key and took a moment to compose himself.

/I shall have to ask Duo to do something about it./

He suddenly smirked.

/Or maybe…/

Still smirking, he left.

Wufei relaxed as he did his morning exercises.

/I am going to kill Maxwell. After I kiss him. Which will be never, so I guess the argument is irrelevant./

It was a few moment before he realized what he'd actually thought.

/I am not in love with Maxwell!/ he told himself sternly, punctuating the thought with a rather vicious kick.

He didn't allow any stray thoughts for the next few minutes as he continued. A few students had wandered into the gymnasium and were watching him in awe.

/Damn that Maxwell. I didn't even know I was gay!/

He finished up his exercises, bowed to the onlookers, and headed to breakfast.

/Besides, even if I were in love with anyone, it could never happen. So this entire conversation has been irrelevant. Lucky me./ He scowled when he saw the long line of juniors waiting for breakfast. /Forget this. I'm going back to the dorm and making something myself!/

He passed a blonde and a redhead on their way to breakfast. He paused and called back over his shoulder, "Don't bother, there's a long line, you'd be better off with some cereal in your room."

The blonde waved, meaning he had heard, and tugged the redhead in a different direction. Wufei continued on his way before bumping into a different redhead. He scowled up at him. The redhead smirked.

"It's nice to meet you, Chang Wufei," he said calmly. "What would a person of your status be doing here?"

Wufei's mind went blank at this one. /How did he…?/

//It's a simple manner of getting inside someone's head,// the redhead's voice answered easily.

"You're a telepath," Wufei accused.

"Quite right. It'll be handy, teaching you brats. My name is Schuldich. Take care, Wufei. There is something going on at this school." Schuldich brushed past Wufei without a second glance. Wufei turned and glared after him.

"How would you know something like that?" he demanded.

//Ask Heero's roommate.//

Wufei scowled and whirled around, stalking angrily past a few college sophomores. They shrunk away from his bad mood.

/First Duo, then breakfast, and now this! What'll happen next?!/

Ken stumbled out of the SLA room with a yawn. A few girls (helping out family and boyfriends) giggled when they saw him dressed in only boxers, and skimpy ones at that. He blinked blearily at them before looking down and realizing the state of his clothes.

"Enjoy the show!" he called to the girls, winking cheekily and walking to the bathroom. The girls blushed and giggled.

He dressed and went to the front desk, only then learning that he had a few hours off before the first wave of seniors arrived.

"There's a new flowershop in town," he remembered Omi saying yesterday. "Go check it out."

/I may just do that,/ he thought with a grin.

A few minutes later he was looking up at the sign on a building, fighting hard to keep back an amused grin.

"Welcome, Siberian."

He turned his attention away from the sign and turned his attention to Brad Crawford.

"Why did you name the shop 'Koneko II'?" he asked, highly amused.

"I couldn't think up a name. What brings you here?"

"I'm working at LSMSA this year."

"I see. You do know what's going on, don't you?"

"Yes, that's why Abyssinian and Bombay are enrolled as students."

"And what of Balinese?"

Ken smirked. "He's got housekeeping duty in the HSB. That's High School Building to you."

Crawford smiled slightly. "I see. Hold on a moment." He stuck his head back inside the door. "Farfarello, stop licking the roses!"

Ken blinked. And chose not to think about it.

"I know where Nagi is, since he's on my hall. Where's Schuldich?"

"He took a position teaching at the school."

Ken shuddered and was glad that he hadn't become a student.

"May I inquire as to how Abyssinian managed to enroll as a student?" Crawford asked.

Ken smirked. "Bombay had fun in the state computers. According to his birth certificate, Abyssinian is now his sister's twin brother."

"Very original." Crawford massaged his temple and sighed. "Milliardo has decided to take the day off. I must plan accordingly. I shall see you later. Tell Abyssinian that if he concurs, we will call a truce for the duration of the school year. Good day." Crawford walked back into the shop.

Ken blinked.

/That was strange./

He walked back to his car and decided that he would spend the remainder of his off hours trying very hard to forget about this incident.

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