Serena's a WHAT!!

Rated PG-13, R for later chapters

Sesshomaru, eldest son of the Inutaisho the late Taiyouki of the Western Lands, was taking a walk in the park one day. All of a sudden he hears shouts and fighting. He runs to where the fighting's coming from. He stops and sees five girls and a young man fighting a youma. He watched as the six of them defeated the monster.

Once it was dead all the girls turned to where Sesshomaru could see their faces. They were all very beautiful, but one caught his attention. She had blond hair in pigtails and had the brightest blue eyes he'd ever seen. He had only seen two people with eyes that bright. One was his mother, Selenity, Lady of the West and late Queen of the Moon Kingdom. The other was his precious sister, Serenity. He looked closer at her face and noticed that the girl looked a great deal like his sister. He sniffed the air to see if he could catch her scent. He smelled the familiar scent of his sister. She smelled of Jasmine and cherry blossoms. He couldn't believe that his sister was alive and well. He started to walk towards them.

They all turned from him and were about to leave. Serena looked at him and started to get a feeling that she knows him some how. Darien stopped walking and turned to Serena, "Sere, you coming?"

Serena turned to look at him, "I'll meet you guys at the arcade."

"All right but be careful," he said.

"Don't worry Darien, I'll be fine." She said, trying to get him to stop worrying. After he and the others had left, she turned back to Sesshomaru. He wasn't there anymore. She looked around to see if he was still close by but didn't see him. Serena turned to leave.

Sesshomaru walked out of his hiding place. "I have missed you, sister," he smiled. She stopped, she thought she heard something. She realized that it was probably just the wind. She started walking again and left.

Sesshomaru went back to his apartment that he own nearby. He was expecting company; Inuyasha and Kagome were coming over very soon. (Sess and Inu get along in this story) He took a quick shower and got dressed in a pair of jeans and white shirt. He started to make tea when there was a knock at the door. Sesshomaru opened the door and Inuyasha walked in. Sess looked out into the hallway. "Where's Kagome, Inuyasha?"

"She had to study for a test." He said test like it was the plaque.

Sesshomaru shot the door and checked the tea. He poured two cups and handed one to Inuyasha. He sat down and took a sip. He looked at Inuyasha and said, "Do you remember me telling you about our sister Inuyasha?"

"Feh, of course I remember. After we made peace she's all you talk about." Inuyasha looked at his brother and asked, "Why?"

Sesshomaru took another sip and said, "I believe that I have found her."

Inuyasha almost dropped his cup. "But.. but you said that she was dead. That she dead with your mother in her kingdom."

"I know, I was walking in the park when I saw five young women and a man fighting with something. The leader looked just like Serenity. The same hair, the same eyes, even the same scent. She saw me but she was the only one. She doesn't remember, but in time she will though. Hopefully." After that they drank their tea in silence.

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