After the battle the scouts and Darien were transformed back into their normal selves. They getting ready to go the arcade and get something to eat. They started to leave when Serena stopped and turned around towards the small patch trees near them. She almost swore that there was someone watching her.

Darien walked up to her and asked, "What's wrong Serena? Aren't you hungry?"

Serena turned and looked at him, "Everything's alright, I just thought there was someone watching in the trees."

Darien looked himself and saw nothing, "If there was, who ever it was is gone now." He leaned down and kissed her cheek, "It was probably one of the generals babe. Don't worry about it, let's go get something to eat."

He pulled Serena away from the trees and they started to follow the others to the arcade. As they left Serena looked one last time and thought she saw a pale face with a crescent moon on the forehead. As they got the arcade no one mentioned what Serena thought she saw and just started to have fun. Andrew took their orders and of course at the mention of food Serena forgot all about happened herself. They ate and talked for hours until it was time for Andrew to close the arcade. The scouts decided that they'd all sleepover at Rae's house; except for Serena, she decided that she'd stay over with Darien's apartment with him. Her parents wouldn't mind since they and Sammy went on a trip to the United States for a few weeks.

Once they got to his apartment he and Darien started getting ready for bed. Of course nothing has happened yet, Serena didn't feel ready for that next step in their relationship. She was the first to get in bed and she moved over for Darien. As he got into bed he pulled her close to his body and just held her as they both fell to sleep.

That night Serena dreamt of grand hallways and eloquent rooms. She dreamt of her mother Selenity, but her mother wasn't alone. She was with a man that was about 6'2'' and had long silvery hair. She also saw the crescent moon on his forehead. As she dreamed she thought back to what she saw back in the trees earlier. The man leaned in and kissed her mother lovely on the throat right where a mark was.

She continued to dream of mother and the strange man the rest of the night. The next morning when she opened her eyes she noticed that she was the only one in bed. She heard the shower turn on and decided to get up and make them something to eat before the other scouts showed up. Just has Darien was out of the shower the other scouts knocked on the door. Serena let them all in and started to serve them breakfast.

Across town Sesshomaru was just getting up himself. He had a restless night; thoughts of the sister he thought he lost haunting his dreams. He showered very briefly and decided that he needed to find that girl and find out why she looked like his dear sister. He got dressed and went to the park near where the girl and her friends and been fighting. He breathed in her lingering scent and sure enough it was the same to his sister. The other scent that lingered smelled vaguely familiar to him but he couldn't place where from. He followed that scent to the arcade and than to an apartment building. He looked up and could almost make her out in one of the many high windows. He thought about going up there and demand answers but thought that it would be better to wait and confront her when she was by herself. With that Sesshomaru walked away from the building never notice that a figure was looking down and watching him.

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