Ha!  I told you so!

By K-chan

AN: Here it is!  The long awaited sequel to Ha! That's what you think!

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"Ahhh…It's nice to be away from the crowds."

Mariah looked over at her blue haired friend and smiled, stretching out on her towel beside the other girl.  "You're telling me!  The lake's busy today, but compared to Aspen, it's nothing!"  She replied relaxing in the warm sun that beat down on her.  "I wonder when the rest are going to show up?"

Liika shrugged, adjusting her sunglasses on her face before folding her arms behind her head.  "I dunno, Enrique said he'd be over shortly –had to pick up Riley first."

"Haha, I can't believe the state of Colorado actually gave Enrique his licence or that his parents bought him a car for winning the Nationals!  It's insane!"

The summer between Nationals and their senior year had been too short for Liika's liking, but then it had also been hella long.  She had spent most of it working at Keystone River Lodge in Aspen (North Western Colorado) as a desk clerk/concierge assistant.  Mariah had also been working at the lodge as a river guide so at least they had someone they knew.  Liika wasn't a big fan of working, but it felt nice to have her own money.  Being financially independent was something that she wasn't really used to.  Grandpa had always given her the money, her and Tyson, and when she turned 21 she was told she had a hefty trust fund coming…though Grandpa wouldn't tell her how much.  Not that it mattered, she still needed to work.

It was only two days until the new school year started again and they went into training for the World Championships that were being held in December, in Japan.  So, because they had so few days left of freedom, the gang decided that they were going to hang around at Bakuten Lake, the small lake and camp ground only a fifteen minute drive south of Bakuten.

It was a beautiful day, and the sun was shining brightly over head.  Mariah and Liika were the only ones there at that point and had taken the liberty to stake out a section of the beach and spread out their towels to sunbath.  Both were dressed in their swimsuits –Mariah's a cute little red bikini and Liika's a royal blue tankini- allowing the sun to beat down on them mercilessly.  Liika wasn't wearing any sunscreen and she knew that she would have a crazy burn by the end of the day, but it didn't matter.  She was had forgotten to bringing and was too lazy to buy more.

"Well isn't this a cute little sight!  How's my second favourite girl doing eh?  I missed you Iki!"  A loud male voice suddenly broke in their reverie as a blond boy streaked at Liika, glomping her tightly.  "Gone all summer and only one call!" He wailed, squeezing the life out of the choking and surprised Liika.

"Ack!"  Liika squeaked trying to pry Enrique's locked arms off her neck.  "Eny… I missed you too… but I..can't…breathe!"

"Oops!"  He laughed, pulling back and plopping on his bottom in the warm sand beside her towel.  "Got a bit carried away I guess, but you can't really blame me.  You were gone all summer and you only called me once!"  He mock glared at her, his blue eyes looking indignant.  His ruffled hair just made him seem even more put out.  "I bet you called Hiwatari everyday!"

Liika laughed and pushed at him, attempting to brush the sand off her towel and straighten it out.  "Look what you did to my towel!"  She scolded, glaring over her sunglasses and snorting.  "Kai's my boyfriend, it's different and besides, it wasn't every day!"

"No it was twice a day.  You called him in the morning and he called you at night.  Truly sickening if you ask me."  Mariah put in from behind the blond.

"Ahhh!  I'm your best friend!  I was around long before Ka-i was!"  Enrique continued to whine, crossing his arms over his chest and pouting.  "Forgotten by the way side…ahh poor little blond boy ignored by his childhood sweetheart."  He sighed dramatically.

"Oh please."  Mariah scoffed.  "Get out of here, you're fat head is blocking my sunlight!"

Liika rolled her eyes and settled herself back down on her towel.  "You could have called me you know, you had my number!  And besides, you were too busy driving your hot girlfriend around in your equally hot new wheels.  Speaking of which, where is Riley, shouldn't you be helping her or something?"  She said cracking one eye open.

"Yeah, shouldn't you be helping me En-ri-que?!"

The blond boy winced when he heard the displeased female voice that entered the conversation.  Jumping to his feet, he was at the pale haired girl's side in seconds, relieving her of most of her burden.  "Sorry sweety!  You know how it is…just had to see Iki…and scold her for ignoring me all summer!"

Riley huffed but a slight smile tilted her glossy lips.  She just couldn't stay mad at him!  He was just too cute for words.  "Ah, it's ok."  She said, leaning up and placing a kiss on his cheek.  "You're forgiven."

Enrique just grinned stupidly and looked very pleased with himself.  Liika once again rolled her eyes.  So sad.

"Sickening, the lot of you."  Tala commented dryly as he, Michael, Johnny and Amy strolled up, all loaded down with beach gear.  "Can't I go anywhere with out seeing sickeningly happy couples making out?  Haven't you people ever heard of 'getting a room'?"

Enrique and Riley ignored the sarcastic red head and proceeded to set up their stuff on the other side of Liika.  Liika slid her glasses down her nose and smirked at him, while Mariah sat up and shifted her sunglasses onto the top of her head.  "Sound's like someone's jealous!"  She teased, winking at him.

"Heh."  Tala stopped at the head of her towel and leaned down so that his face was closer to hers.  "Maybe I am."

Mariah blushed prettily and swatted him away.  Behind Tala someone cleared their throat loudly and the red head straightened and turned to find a rather unimpressed Rei standing there, Robert and Lee behind him watching with raised eyebrows.  Tala shrugged and sent a smirk in Rei's direction.  "Chill out Kon, I don't steal other men's women."  He stated before heading over to where Michael had set up his stuff.

Rei frowned but nevertheless let the issue go.  Striding over in quick strides he plopped down on the sand behind Mariah and wrapped his arms around her, placing a kiss on the top of her head and murmuring something in her ear.

Liika meanwhile had jumped up off her towel to run to Robert and throw her arms around him.  "What's up?!  You were never home when I called you!"  She grinned up at him.

Robert smiled and patted her on the top of the head.  "I too worked."  He said.  "It's nice to see you too."

"OH!  So he gets a hug and poor Enrique doesn't!  What the hell is up with that??"  Enrique complained loudly, no longer content to stay quiet under his girlfriend's ministrations.

Liika let go of Robert and whirled around, settling her hands on her hips and looking at him flatly.  "You glomped me damn it!  That count's as a hug!" She exclaimed pointing at him.

Enrique shook his head.  "Nuh uh!  You didn't hug back so it doesn't count!"

"Oh for the love of…!"

"Just hug him Ika, I think it's easier for us all if you do."  Lee murmured quietly, grinning while he passed her.

She rolled her eyes and marched over to the Wakeman-Sattiay blanket and leaned over, slipping her arms around the blond's shoulders and hugging him tightly.  "There are you happy now?"  She muttered, a tiny smile tugging at her mouth.

"Yup!"  He chirped, tugging at her so that she fell over, into his lap.  "Much happier!"  He grinned, throwing one arm around Riley's shoulders while the other balanced Liika in his lap.  "I got the two prettiest girl's in America by my side, what more could I ask for?"

"You do have it made, however, I'm afraid I'm going to have to relieve you of one of those girl's.  You'll just have to be happy with one woman Sattiay, the blue one's mine."

Enrique tilted his head backwards and looked up into Kai's smirking auburn eyes.  He blinked.  When had the tall, blue haired boy got there?  He had come out of nowhere!  "I dunno…I had her first."  He said petulantly, leaning his head against her shoulder.

"I'm not an object you know!"  Liika stated huffily, extracting herself from Enrique's grip and bringing herself to her feet.  She brushed of some sand that stubbornly stuck to her legs and swimsuit before glaring up at Kai.  "I'm a person!"  She said, poking him in the chest.

One of Kai's slate eyebrow's shot up and his hand instantly captured the wrist of the hand that poked him, tugging her against him.  Leaning down he smirked at her, his eyes dancing merrily.  "But you're my person."  He stated back, brushing a kiss over her lips.

"Bah!"  She grunted, tugging away.  "I'm my own person you male chauvinistic…hey what are you doing??"  Her complaints turned into squeals as Kai hoisted her into his arms and headed towards the lake.

"You're very hot headed today, you need to cool off."  He replied smugly.

"Put me down!  I don't want to go swimming yet!"  She screeched, struggling in vain against his hold.

"Too bad."  Was his only comment before he waded into the water till it was knee deep and dropped her in.  Dusting his hands lightly, smirking, Kai turned back around and waded out of the water and back onto the beach.

Liika meanwhile sputtered, spitting out the mouthful of water that had invaded her mouth when he dropped her into the lake.  Her hair was now drenched and stuck to the sides of her face and the cool liquid ran down her face in rivulets.  Oh she was going to get him back.  Insufferable prick.  Just who the hell did he think he was??  She said she didn't want to go swimming yet! 

Liika jumped to her feet, pushing her dripping bangs out of her face and glared at Kai's retreating back, seething when he turned around and blew a kiss in her direction before joining Tala and his friends.  Oh yes.  He was going to pay.  She smirked as she caught sight of a child playing with buckets near the lake edge.  Pay back was a bitch. 

He was fully dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and sandals.  Heh heh heh.

"Hey, can I borrow this for a second?" Liika asked, crouching next to the child and picking up the medium sized sand pail.  She mentally thanked the kid's parents for buying him a larger sand bucket.

"Sure!  Bring it back right away pwease, I need it."  The child said, flashing her a brilliant smile.

Liika returned the smile and stood, winking.  "Will do." She then turned and stepped into the lake and filling the bucket.  He'll rue the day he ever dumped her in the lake!

Tala let his turquoise eyes flicker around the beach and caught sight of Liika walking towards their group a yellow sand pail filled with water towards them.  He bit back a smirk.  Liika caught his eye and motioned for him to keep quite.  So she wanted to play that game did she?  Well he was hip.  He winked subtly as Kai was distracted by talking to Johnny and Michael.  She grinned evilly.

After Kai and Liika had started going out, Tala and Liika had been forced to work out their differences, as her being his best friend's girl demanded it.  Tala had never really had any problem with Liika, he just liked to torment her.  That and she was good friends with his ex-girlfriend, who up until Christmas he had hated, but was now his current desire.  He cursed the existence of Rei Kon.

Kai knew something was wrong the moment his best friend fell completely silent.  That coupled with the fact that he couldn't hear his girl friend's loud cursing anymore alerted him that something was about to happen.  Frowning he turned his head to check on Liika, just in time to have a bucket of water dumped over his head.

"I think you needed to cool down!" 

Kai twitched, his annoyance and rage growing in his blood, especially as his friends all started laughing along with his witch of a girlfriend.  Reaching up slowly, and calmly ran a hand down his face, flinging the water that now soaked his hair and his shirt.  It was on.

Tala could tell his captain was about to snap.  He could see it in his posture and in the way he was calmly moving his hand down his face.  Iki was in trouble.  "Fuck Iki, I'd start running if I were you."  He said, his eyebrows shooting up.

"Point taken."  Liika glanced at Kai before turning and dashing away, towards the lake.  She stopped at the edge of the lake, putting down the pail beside the child she had borrowed it from.  "Thanks a bunch!"

"You bwetter start wunning.  That big scary guy looks weeely mad."  The child replied, looking up at her with big gray eyes.

Liika peeked behind her to see Kai making his way calmly towards the lake, his hot auburn glare centered directly on her.  "Eep!  You're right he does!  See ya!"  With that she took off into the lake, diving into the water as soon it was deep enough to allow her to do so. 

She swam a few meters out before she was brave enough to turn around to see if her flight into the lake had actually deterred him any.

It hadn't.

He was calmly taking off his sandals and placing them next to the shirt he had just discarded.  Then, once again centering his deadly auburn gaze on her, he started into the water, diving in when he reached the appropriate depth. 

She was in for it now, she knew it.  Kai was way too calm for the situation, which just meant he was either not mad at all, or was really pissed.  She was betting on the latter.  Of course, she wasn't going to back down either.  He deserved everything he got!

"Anyway, moving on.  Is everyone here now?"  Tala asked, looking around casually.  He knew that Kai wasn't really going to hurt the other captain, but he was sure going to make it look like it!

"Uh, I think Bryan's missing."  Ian spoke up, rubbing sunscreen into his girlfriend's back.

"Hey you're right," Mariah said, looking around also, "Where is your brother Riley?"

The pale haired girl looked up from the book she was reading and blinked, a worried frown crossing her face.  "He's at home.  Actually I'm really starting to worry about him.  He's practically locked himself in his room all summer—minus the time he goes to work.  He hasn't worked in the last week and because of that I know for a fact he hasn't seen the light of day in at least that.  He works nights besides."  Riley explained, biting her bottom lip.

"Now that you mention it, Spencer has spent a lot of time at your house."  Amy piped up.  "And when I asked him why Bryan never came to our house he answered that Bryan wasn't feeling well, but wouldn't tell me what was wrong with him."

Eyebrows shot up and the group fell into a contemplative silence.  No one was really sure what to say.  Finally, it was Michael that broke the compounded silence.

"I bet it has something to do with Liika and Kai hooking up."  He said, shaking his head.

"There's no bet about it." Tala stated, looking bored.  "The guy has a serious complex when it comes to her.  Did you see the violence in his eyes when the two started making out after their match at Nationals?  It was fucking scary."

Johnny scoffed, nodding.  "Yeah man, I was surprised the big guy didn't try to shank Kai then and there, it would have been fitting seeing as it's Bryan."

"Well can you blame him really?"  Enrique said with slight sympathy.  "I mean don't get me wrong, me and Bryan don't get along very well, but I know I'd be super pissed if I was in love with a girl for six years, then some bastard guy comes along from some rich prep school, harasses the girl I like for a year, then suddenly they hook up.  Man, that would be traumatizing!"  He emphasized the last bit by hugging Riley closer to him.

"It's not Liika's fault she doesn't like him back.  You can't help you start to like."  Jade pointed out.  "Bryan needs to see that, and that she'll never like him the way he wants her to and move on.  Brooding all summer is not healthy."

"Well see… that's just the thing."  Enrique started, looking guilty.  "Don't say anything about me telling you this, but I think Iki could have fallen for him if Kai hadn't come along.  I think part of her likes him still and has always liked him but has been too stubborn to see it when he was pulling his possessive act…they got really close after Robert broke up with her."

"She said that??"

Enrique shook his head, sending blond locks waving in the air.  "Not in so many words…but she… well, if you know Iki like I do, she gives off signs when she likes someone.  And she was practically shouting those signs with Bryan.  Like…after the whole Robert break up fiasco, she began to talk less about Kai and Robert and more about Bryan.  I thought seriously she was going to ask him out… then suddenly…it was back to Kai.  Makes you wonder what happened between her and Hiwatari."

"I'll tell you what happened," Tala interrupted, reclining on his towel and pushing his sunglasses up his face.  "The incident with Kai's mother happened.  Something happened that night, and apparently all thoughts of Bryan were canceled out."

"Still," Jade argued, "Brooding about Liika choosing another guy isn't going to help him get over it."

Riley sighed, pushing some silver bangs out of her face.  "Try telling that to Bryan.  He's so stubborn, and so set on liking her that he can't see anything else.  He regards all other men as rivals and therefore should be hated.  He makes himself sick over it I think."

"Che, that's sad.  Making yourself sick over a chick is so uncool."  Johnny scoffed, moaning slightly when Amy elbowed him in the stomach.

Robert who had been silent up until then sighed heavily.  "Bryan is and always has been odd.  We all know this.  We also know he is loyal until the day he dies, and since he's been loyal to Liika for six years can you really blame him for being upset that she just tosses his feelings around like a rag doll?"

Jade scowled, sitting up straight.  "That's not fair!  Liika didn't toss around his feelings!  So she fell for Kai, it happens.  Maybe Bryan will still get his chance, maybe he wont.  You can't pin all the blame on Liika Robert."  She scolded sharply.

"Jadie's right.  Triangles are ugly, but they're reality.   Besides, I have a distinct feeling that the whole thing isn't over yet."  Emily spoke up looking thoughtful.  "We know Bryan's loyal, but we also know he doesn't give up."

"Heh yeah, something tells me that when school starts Bryan will be back to his old self again," Max chuckled.  "He's too stubborn to give up."

"Maxy has a valid point," Tala said, yawning.  "Why do I think that our school is going to become a battle ground on more than one front?"  He knew none of the rest would get his underlying meaning—except Kai who wasn't present.  While Kai and Bryan fought over the little blue witch, he planned his own battle, with a certain pink haired girl the prize.  He hadn't lied when he told Kon he didn't do taken women…which was why he was going to try to get her untaken.

The group laughed, shaking their heads.  "Our school is always a battle ground.  Worlds will just make it all the more complicated."  Lee said, suddenly glad he was not apart of any of the mess.

The rest agreed then drifted off into their own little groups.  They were closer now that the two captains worked things out, but there would always be some division between the groups.  It was the way things had always been, and the way things would stay.  However, inter-dating made staying apart completely extremely difficult.  Oh well, people change and people adapt, and besides, most of them would only be around till the end of the year.   Then it would be off to University, probably in different states.

Liika let out a huge groan and stretched her arms over her head, arching cat-like.  She rolling her shoulders she surveyed the day's wear on her body.  She was feeling pretty good.  There were no lingering effects of the Kai beat down she had received in the water earlier, nor the multiple times she had been tossed off the dock into the watcher by one of the guys.  It was really unfair being short.

Out of the corner of her eye Liika caught sight of Tala flirting shamelessly with Mariah, who seemed to be enjoying the attention, if her flushed cheeks were any indication.  She tilted her head, raising an eyebrow.  Her eyes ran down the twin spikes that adorned the red haired teen's head.  Tala has cool hair.  That was the only thought that would come to her brain.  Hm, maybe she had been out in the sun too long.

"Change your mind so soon?  Better not be getting any ideas there witch."

Liika jumped, blinking rapidly and spinning around to scowl at a smirking Kai.  "What the hell are you talking about lame brain?" She snapped, propping a hand up on one of her thin hips.

Kai's smirk grew, stretching back to flash his white teeth.  He stepped forward, looping one arm around her back through the arm she had propped up and pulled her against him.  "Couldn't help but notice the look you were just giving Valkov."  He teased, bending over her, brushing his lips over her forehead.

"He has cool hair—don't tell him that though."  Liika huffed, trying to ignore how his lips taunted her skin, running over her face, everywhere but where she wanted them to go.  "What, are you getting jealous of your best friend now?"

"Hardly.  You couldn't get Tala even if you wanted to."

Part of Liika wanted to be insulted at the comment, but that was only a very small part.  The majority knew he was right—even if she had wanted to, which she didn't so it was a pointless train of thought.

She'd rather gag her self to death with a spoon than go out with Tala.

Besides, he was so obviously focused on Mariah.  "Ha, you're right, but only because he's intent on getting back with Mari." She sniffed, finally having enough of his teasing and grasping his jaw between her hands and guiding her playful lips to her own.

"Does that mean you actually want Tala?"

"Oh for crying out loud!"  Liika exclaimed, pushing him away.  "Go jump in the lake."

Kai's laughter followed her as she stalked away to pick up her beach stuff.  The sun had sunk to where it was slowly descending behind the Rocky Mountains.  Being about 6 o'clock in the evening, Liika felt her stomach growl with want of food.  She hadn't eaten since about 2…

"Sooo Iki, what are your plans for the evening?" Enrique asked flopping himself over her shoulders as she stooped to pick up her towel.

She had to catch herself before both of them toppled to the ground.  Throwing a slightly annoyed look over her shoulder, Liika sighed, straightening them both up.  "Date with Tyson.  Promised I'd go bowling with him tonight."

Enrique laughed, letting go of her shoulders and moving off to the side so she could finish gathering her things.  "Fun," he said grinning, "Especially if you still bowl how I remember you bowling."

"I'm not that bad!"

"You sooo are!"

"Shut up!  I am not!"

Riley raised a pale eyebrow as she strode up behind her boyfriend who was currently arguing full out with his best friend.  "Not that bad at what?" She asked curiously.

Liika snorted, having finally collected all her stuff.  "Eny here seems to think I'm terrible at bowling, when I know for a fact that I'm not that bad!"

"Hate to be the bearer of bad news Ika," Mariah consoled, approaching the three, "But you are that bad.  The last time we bowled you couldn't break a score of 40 and you had six games."

"That lane was rigged!  I know it was!"

"Excuses, excuses, why don't you just admit the fact that completely suck at bowling?"  Tala grinned, leaning on Mariah's shoulder.  "Cause it's just one of the many things you don't do well."

"Mariah, come on we're leaving!"  Rei called from the edge of the parking lot.

Mariah turned and waved at her scowling boyfriend, who was watching the red head play boy with extreme distrust.  Mariah nearly rolled her eyes.  Boys were so jealous sometimes.  "Well, that's my que, gotta go.  See ya on Monday Ika, bye guys!"  She bid her friend's farewell and turned to stalk up the hill.

"Don't I get a special goodbye?" 

Mariah threw an amused smile at Tala who was looking at her with big puppy dog eyes.  "You're shameless flirting with me is already annoying Rei," she said, her eyebrow arching in a reproving fashion.  "You had your chance buddy, and if I remember correctly, you blew it big time."

Tala mock pouted, fluttering his eyelashes and earning a giggle from the pink haired girl.  "Flirting's harmless, Kon can't say nothing about it.  I'm not 'infringing' on his territory, and by the looks of it, you're not exactly pushing me away."  He reasoned, a slow, lazy smirk creeping across his face.

He had a point damn it, Mariah cursed in her head.  Flirting was harmless, and she wasn't pushing him away.  For what reason she didn't know.  She swore to herself that she was over him and that she would never let him grab a hold of her heart again, but somehow…somehow he was slipping past her defenses with little more than an arrogant smile.

She wondered if this was how Liika felt when dealing with Kai.


She sighed, glancing up the hill to see Rei disappearing into his car and out of viewing range.  "I gotta go Tala, have a good weekend," she said quickly, giving him a short hug.  "And don't let that go to your head!"  She called back racing up the hill.

Tala's smirk spread and he mentally congratulated himself.  Yup, he still had it.

Kai leaned over his girlfriend's open driver side door, staring into the shaggy and aged interior of the old station wagon.  His eyes dragged lazily over her body, which was stretched out, reaching for something on the passenger side.  "You should come over tonight."  He declared.

Liika sighed, sitting back up in the seat, getting ready to pull her legs inside the vehicle.  "Can't, promised Ty I'd go bowling and have dinner with him tonight," she replied, shoving the keys into the ignition.  "You know, after not seeing him all summer."

Kai scowled in annoyance.  "You didn't see me all summer either."

She shot him a dry look and started the car.  "I did so, you came to Aspen remember?  Now, you're completely adorable when you pout, but really.  I promised, I can't break my promise.  Grandpa would freak, and Ty would be so disappointed."

He made a small sound of irritation, something between a grunt and a growl that Liika found highly comical.  She giggled and leaned up, half standing to give him a kiss. 

"I'll call you tomorrow ok?" She said, getting back into the car.

Kai scowled, closing the door for her.  "Tonight, I don't care when you get home.  Call my cell, I'll probably be hanging with the guys, since you decided that your date with your cousin was more important than me."  He sniffed indignantly.  "Have fun."  The last part was sneered rather mockingly.

"You really are a spoiled brat, especially when you don't get your own way!"  Liika teased through the open window.  "I'll see you later, love you!"  And with that she backed out of the parking space and drove away, leaving an irritated Kai standing in the practically empty parking lot.

"Yo man, what's up?"  Tala asked, striding up.  "Heh, just find out about Iki's plans for the night?"

Kai scoffed, shrugging.  "Che.  Whatever, what are you doing tonight?"

"Gettin' plastered with Michael, Ian and Johnny, wanna join us?"  Tala replied, grinning.

The blue haired teen shrugged.  "Why not, got nothing better to do.  Where at?"

"My basement, pops is out of town, got liquor left over from BBQ."

"Sounds good, let's jet."

Liika parked the car and got out, making sure to remind her cousin to lock the door, more out of habit than actually thinking someone was going to break in.  "Ok Ty, now that you're all fueled up on McD's you ready to do some hardcore bowling?  I'm warnin' ya I won't go easy on you just cause you're younger."  She teased, leading the way to the small Bakuten five pin bowling alley.

Tyson laughed heartily, faking wiping a tear from his eyes.  "You beat me??  Haha!  You couldn't beat Kenny at bowling and he's like the worst kid ever at any sport!—minus beyblading of course." 

"Har."  She replied, tossing her hair.  "We'll just see about that!  How do you know I haven't improved?"

"Because I talked to Mariah."

Liika's face dead panned and she cursed living in a small town.  Geez, one weakness and everyone exploits it!  "Well whatever!"  She scoffed.  "I can still kick you ass any day of the week cuz!"

"Ha!  Say that after you lose to the master of bowling!"


A deep, fairly loud clearing of the throat alerted them to the fact that they were inside the building and that people were looking at them funny.  Both blue haired Tomodas laughed and waved nervously.  Most of the people knew them and merely smiled, shaking their heads.

"Tomodas!  Take off your shoes, you know better!  Bryan will be along to get you your bowling shoes and set you up in few moments."  The deep voice of Luke Williams, the owner of Bakuten Galaxy Bowl sounded over the noise of the crowded bowling alley.

Liika perked up at the mention of the name Bryan, hoping it was the same Bryan she had missed at the beach earlier.  She quickly dispensed of her shoes and hurried over to the counter, wallet in hand, looking around to catch a glimpse of her large, pale haired friend.

When she saw him walking out of the back room her face lit up and she grinned, leaning quite a distance over the counter.  "Bryan!"

He looked up, looking startled for a second before his impassive mask slipped back over his face.  His eyes studied her as he approached, stopping right behind the counter.  "You're back."  He stated, watching her intently, studying ever detail and every nuance that was the girl he, for all intense purposes, worshiped.

She hadn't changed over the two months she had been away, minus the slight tan she had to her normally pale skin, as well as the redness that streaked her cheeks and neck, a redness he attributed to sunburn from being out in the sun all day.  He had heard they were all going to the beach.  Which meant she had probably spent the day with him.

Just the thought of Kai Hiwatari made Bryan want to kill something, preferably the said boy.

While Bryan studied her, Liika also studied him.  He wasn't looking so hot.  His skin was paler than even normal, giving it an almost pasty look.  His eyes were sullen and had traces of purple bags under them.  "Are you alright," she asked, frowning worriedly, "You've lost weight.  Are you sick?"

Bryan shrugged.  "I'm fine."  He stated flatly, bending over and grabbing a pair of bowling shoes and sliding them across the counter to her.  "What size is the brat?"

"Hey!"  Tyson objected, only to shrink back into the shadows at Bryan's glare.  "Nine and a half…"

Bryan retrieved the right size and all but tossed them at Tyson, who caught them and skulked away, afraid of any more confrontations with the obviously still angry Wakeman.

Liika barely glanced at the shoes that rested at her elbow, knowing they were the right size.  Bryan always had a knack for knowing things about her.

"Are you sure?"  Liika wheedled suspiciously.  "You look…I don't know…not well."

"I'm tired."  He answered shortly.  "I'll be fine."

She bit her lip, staring at him, suspicion reflecting in her turquoise eyes.  He didn't look fine…but he did look tired.  She shrugged, trusting that he wasn't lying to her and that he was truly fine.  "Well…ok then.  But promise me you'll get some sleep before school on Monday k?"


Liika nodded, opening her wallet.  "Six games please!"  She chirped brightly, grinning up at Bryan.

Suddenly he didn't feel so bad anymore.  Stupid woman.  "Thirty Five.  Lane ten."

She handed him the money before giving him a wink and flouncing away toward the indicated lane.  "Have fun Ryanny! And remember!  Sleep!  Doctor's orders!"  She called back, waving.

Bryan sighed.  Damn her.

"Kai, you're drunk."

"Nooo, I'm notsh.  I'm just…"

"Plastered."  Liika cut him off, sighing and rolling her eyes, hearing the howling laughter in the background.  Apparently he wasn't alone in his drunken stupidity. 

She was sore all over from being thoroughly stomped on by her cousin in bowling, not to mention the sunburn that seared her skin wherever the vindictive star's light had touched.

"Well…maybesh a bitsh."

She rolled her eyes and tucked the phone under her ear to climb up to her bed.  She hissed as she accidentally bumped her burnt arm against the side of the ladder.

"Whatsa matter??"

"I'm sun burnt and extremely sore from bowling."  She sighed, lying on her bed.  She sorely wished she had some aloe vera gel.

"Aww…my poor babe ish hurtin… I could come over dere and make you feeel awwll betta…."  His lewd tone was accompanied by the hyena like laughter in the background.

Again she rolled her eyes, sighing heavily.  "Go to bed Kai."

"No.  I don't want to.  Tell me about bowling…I hear you suck pretty bad at it."

She snorted, she didn't even think he was capable of a full, unslurred sentence at that point, but he had managed it.  "Yeah, Tyson stomped me, but it was fun.  I ran into Bryan, which was nice."

There was a silence on the other end and Liika thought he might have passed out.  However, she was proved wrong when his voice quieted and he asked, very softly.  "And what did Waakman haf to shay?"

Though the words were slurred, Liika could pick up some under lying tone or emotion in his voice.  "Nothing.  He looked sick is all, I told him to sleep.  Why?"

Again there was a silence, longer than the last.

"I want you to shtay away from him."

Liika blinked in surprised.  Did he just tell her to avoid one of her friends…?  She scowled in sever exasperation.  Bloody drunk.  "Excuse me?"

"You heardsh me.  Stay away ferm him.  Hesh bad news."

"Whatever Kai, go to bed.  You're an obnoxious drunk."  She stated, her displeasure clearly reflected in her tone.  "I don't want to hear from you until your 100 percent sober, cause you're just pissing me off."

A low grumbling on the phone made Liika grumble back.

"I luff j00."  He slurred suddenly, apparently forgetting the threat he had just made.

That was it.  A mushy Kai was ok sometimes, but not he was drunk and being stupid.  Kai never said he loved her, it was just…something he didn't say.  It just wasn't Kai.  And for some reason, him saying it to her when he was drunk just further incited her temper.

"Goodnight Kai."

"But hunny I-"

She cut him off by hanging up the phone.  If he called back, so help him, she was going to recruit Mari and storm Tala's basement first thing in the morning and make them suffer.

Thankfully he didn't call back.