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Kitty was lying down on her bed reading the July issue of Cosmopolitan when she came to an article about reasons why some women don't meet Mr. Right. She immediately turned to Rogue, whom she considered to be her Partner in Crime.

"Hey Rogue, do you, like, wanna know why we're completely single?"

"Cause the only guys interested in us are either blue, insane swamp rats or a bad pun?"

"No silly, it's cause we don't go anywhere, we're, like, always either in school or at home. But we can change that by actually surpassing the roadblocks that stop us from meeting Mr. Right!" Rogue gave her a sad look.

"Do you have to live religiously by that stupid magazine?"

"It's not stupid, it's very informative." Kitty indignantly nodded her head.

"Fine, let's surpass these 'roadblocks'. What do we gotta do first?" Kitty giggled happily and went to sit by Rogue.

"Well first we have to realize that men won't fall at our feet if we don't try to find them. So we have to get out of our comfort zones, meaning it's time to get out of this house."

"And where are we supposed to go?" Rogue asked.

"Well, Duncan is, like, going to have a party and we're invited."

"Ya mean Jean's friends are invited, he wouldn't do it personally. Anyway doesn't matter cause ah ain't goin' to some stupid jock party."

"Ah come on Rogue, pretty please." Kitty went on her knees leaving her magazine on the bed. "we need to make a change, and if you don't like it, we'll, like, leave really really fast! I promise, please!" Rogue groaned and fell back on the bed.

"Fine," she ignored Kitty's squeal. "But as soon as ah hear someone say something stupid, ahm leavin' with or without you."

"So what you gonna wear?" Kitty had already begun to mess up the room by throwing all of her clothes over her shoulders, trying to find the most mature and scandalous outfit she owned.

"What ahm wearin' now." Kitty turned around and gave her a serious look.

"Oh no you don't." She walked towards Rogue menacingly and Rogue began to slide off the bed.


"Ah swear ah hate you, valley girl." Rogue tried to stretch out the tight purple dress that now covered, or tried to cover her body. It barely passed her mid thighs and her sheer black stocking hid little. She had on tall boots and her opera gloves to cover the space were her short sleeves stopped. Her hair had been gathered up into a bun with only her banged streaks coming out since they were too short to keep slicked back. Kitty giggled.

She comfortably wore a short navy blue skirt with a light blue tank top and strapped sandals. Her hair left loose and wavy. Rogue envied how calm Kitty looked despite her skimpy clothes.

"Just relax Rogue, we're gonna have fun." They walked through the open door and Kitty began dancing with whatever guy was near her, he checked her out and enthusiastically began moving along with her, leaving the girl he was dancing with before to fend for herself. Rogue rolled her eyes and tried to find someplace remotely quiet to relax. She managed to find a semblance of peace in the recreation room, next to the bathroom. Her peace was broken when Scott walked in and threw himself next to her. He looked rather annoyed.

"I have no idea why I agree to come to these stupid parties." Scott mumbled to her. He was vaguely surprised to see her there but he was too into his own problems to wonder why.

"Well, you're the one who wants little Miss Jean to fall at your feet. So ah guess its okay ta say it's your own fault you're here." Scott glared at her.

"Well it would make it a lot easier, if she would just get with me, why would she want Duncan anyway?"

"Cause he's tall, a natural blond and captain of the football team, while you're tall, and skinny and stiffer than a guy at hooters."

"Thanks for the analogy."

"You're welcome." Rogue leaned her head back and closed her eyes, feeling slightly more comfortable since he was there. Scott just stared out the huge bay window in his own thoughts wondering why Jean wouldn't want him. "Ya know, why don't you just tell her flat out how ya feel, it makes life easier than having to see you wallow in pity, it's disgusting."

Rogue got up and left Scott in the room alone, he glared at her back and wondered why she was so cynical all the time.

"And she wonders why she doesn't have a man," he muttered.


Kitty chatted with a lot of different guys and found that they either didn't look her in the eye or they were to busy trying to get her to drink some unnamed beverage. She declined and began to find Rogue; the party was lame when people were either trying to get you to sleep with them sober or drunk. She only managed to find Scott who promised to wait for her and Rogue.

She managed to find Rogue in a competition with one of the jocks to see who can take the most shots without fainting. The jock was already drunk to high heaven, while Rogue was just as drunk but was better able to handle her liquor if not as much. Kitty laughed and grabbed her arm.

"Ah ain't finished sugah, ah still got a few more ta go." Rogue's accent was thicker than usual but her natural drawl covered her slurs. She managed to drag her to Scott's car where Rogue wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a sound kiss on his cheek. "Ya should drop Jean into Duncan's lap and get with me sugah; ahm sure ah can give ya some good ol' southern comfort."

Scott began to blush and drive away. He was glad to be home because the constant innuendoes and comments Rogue had been saying to him were making him redder than the color he saw through his glasses. Kitty on the other hand, found it quite amusing and cheered Rogue on.

Luckily for Scott Rogue forgot about what happened that night when she woke up the next morning, but Kitty just took advantage of it by repeating word for word on what she said to embarrass their fearless leader.


"Ah can't believe ah said that! Oh my goodness!" Rogue was blushing a shade darker than Scott had ended up the night before. She couldn't believe she had such a vulgar mind when she was drunk. Kitty giggled.

"So are we still going to try the other ways?" Despite Rogue's embarrassment at the beginning of the party, the jock she had challenged to a match had been fun to talk to, so she figured trying to next part wouldn't be so bad.

"K, ahm in, what's next?"

"Well, it, like, says that we have to drop the ultra high standards we have. So why don't we, like, make a list of what we want in a guy and cross out what's unimportant." They sat in their own beds with a sheet of paper each and a pen, in ten minutes they were finished. "K, you read first." Rogue read from her list.

"Here it is. Number 1: tall, 2: good lookin', 3: smart, 4: funny, 5: kind, 6: not care that ah can't touch him or he'll die." She looked up from her list, "That's all ah had; now you're turn."

"K, number 1: tall, 2: cute, 3: nice, 4: gorgeous, 5: strong, 6: sexy, 7: smart." And the list went on and on with different synonyms to the words cute. Rogue rolled her eyes.

"Ah don't think it's me with the high standards Kitty. So what should we do?" Kitty thought about a way that they could drop their standards.

"How about we go the mall tomorrow and we go out with the first guys that ask us out, than we have no chance of screwing this over!" Rogue gave her a skeptical look. "ah come on Rogue, every time we go to the mall, we always get asked out by the cuties tomorrow won't be any different." Rogue sighed in defeat.

Kitty couldn't have been more wrong.


"So hey sugar dumpling wanna go out with me tonight yo?" Rogue and Kitty stopped were they were walking and gulped, afraid to find out who the voice was talking to. "Come on Kitty cat, what's up?" Kitty groaned as Rogue let out a sigh of relief. Toad hopped in front of them and blocked Kitty's way.

"I don't think so-." A glare from Rogue stopped her mid insult. "Yeah, sure, like what time?" Todd looked up at the heavens and saw the angels begin to descend singing hallelujah at the top of their lungs.

"Great, meet me at McDonalds in twenty minutes, I gotta buy some breath mints, hint hint!" Toad hopped away and Kitty just stood there looking as green as the slime Toad spit out. Rogue was so busy laughing that she didn't realize she was being tapped on the shoulder. She turned around and looked into the eyes of the youngest mutant.

"Um hey Rogue," She heard giggling in the background and saw three of Jamie's friends laughing in the corner. Jamie's face was red and his voice shy. Oh please no, God no! She was afraid of what would come out next. "Would you, like, you know, go out with me?"

Kitty was knocked out of her reverie and she tried hard to hold back the laughter filling her lungs.

"Um, yeah sure kid." Jamie's face beamed at Rogues high pitched reply. He ran back to his friends and they each gave him a one dollar bill. He came up to Rogue, Kitty laughing helplessly.

"So where you wanna eat?" He asked.

"How about McDonalds?" She asked.

"Cool, I have just enough for a happy meal." He began to walk towards the other side of the mall counting his dollar bills with Kitty and Rogue walking behind him.

"Guess you're, like, going Dutch, huh?" Rogue glared at Kitty. Toad arrived a little while later and entertained them with endless stories of the brotherhood domain. They all had a fun time neither Rogue nor Kitty paying attention to the time. They finally parted ways when it was twenty minutes before Jamie's curfew.

"Thanks Toad, ah believe ah had a great time." Rogue grabbed Jamie's hand and they walked out of the restaurant to wait for Kitty outside. They saw her awkwardly kiss Toad on the cheek goodbye and leave, declining an offer to another date.

"We're, like, not trying that again." Kitty said as they walked home.

"Are we gonna continue this nonsense?" Rogue asked. Kitty thought about.

"Sure, I don't, like, remember the next ones but we might as well finish it." They walked home preparing themselves for the worst.

"Go Pokemon Go!" Jamie pretended to twist his hat backwards and throw the toy Pikachu he had gotten from McDonalds.


"The next one is that we should try is to get out of our social 'rut' which means that we can't just stay here and only know the X boys. It says to try Blind dates." Kitty said.

"And who do we know that can set us up?" Rogue asked. Kitty thought about it.

"How about Tabitha? She knows some cute guys." Rogue agreed, and they gave Tabitha a phone call who told them to be ready the next night to party in the town. She sounded more excited than they did. They agreed to meet her at the brotherhood house were they would meet their blind dates.


"Hey, hey, hey!" Tabitha said as she opened the front door. "Come on in, your dates will be down in a sec."

"Down?" They both questioned simultaneously. They turned to see two figures walk down the stairs, their faces clearly visible, they both inwardly groaned.

"So-which-one-is-mine?" Pietro asked. He sounded excited as usual and downed some pixie dust into his mouth. He looked leeringly at Rogue.

"Kitty," Tabitha said simply. Pietro looked at Kitty weird. He shrugged his shoulders and went to stand beside Kitty handing her a white rose that she found disgustingly sweet. Lance awkwardly went to Rogue and lifted his hand up for a high five, which she stared at and immediately walked past him to wait outside. He shrugged as well and followed her. They climbed into Lance's jeep and began a quiet ride to a restaurant Tabitha had reserved for them. She found it quite convenient that she found Mystiques credit card under her bed.

They entered the restaurant, Pietro talking nonstop, a mile a minute. Lance and Rogue kept to themselves as Kitty giggled at every other thing Pietro said. Pietro's head began to grow the more he saw Kitty's interest in the rapid nonsense he was saying.

"Ya wanna leave?" Rogue said quietly to Lance, who nodded. They quietly stepped away from the table, not that they were noticed, and went outside trying to figure out what to do.

"So, how has life in the institute been goin'?" Lance asked Rogue, she shrugged and commented honestly.

"Not bad actually. I don't talk to the others much, just Kitty and Kurt and sometimes Scott." They walked silently and stopped in front of a barber shop, or anyway Rogue stopped and Lance followed. "Why haven't ya cut your hair like ya told me ya wanted to do?"

Lance shrugged. "Don't know." They continued to walk.

"Ya know you should go for it. Ah never really liked your hair."

"No one else has either." They stayed quiet and didn't say much, never really having ever spoken before but accustomed to the quietness of just being near each other like they had been at the brotherhood house.

Meanwhile back in the restaurant, Pietro was continuing in his praise of Kitty's beauty. "And-I've-never-seen-eyes-the-shade-of-blues-yours-are. It's-like-a-periwinkle-flower-growing-in-the-midst-of-purple-heather." Kitty soaked it all in until her head reached the level of bigness that Pietro had already surpassed. They were finished with their meal by the time they saw Lance and Rogue waving at them from outside.

"Well bye," Rogue walked away from Lance without a backward glance. He did it as well walking towards his jeep, neither one insulted by the others behavior. Pietro and Kitty on the other hand were giving each other a thorough good bye and had to be parted from each other and dragged away by their friendly counterparts.

"Wow, that was, like, the coolest date."

"You're only sayin' that cause the last one was with Toad." Rogue just wanted to go home and lie in her comfortable bed. She definitely could wait until their next mission of finding Mr. Right.


"All right the fourth one has to do with having your man, like, compete with your friend's guy, so that has nothing to do with us. The last one says 'you're trying too hard'. Meaning we finished our quest so let's chill, and see if they really do fall on our laps." Kitty said the next afternoon.

"Well, that's contradictin'." Rogue responded. They spent the rest of the afternoon leisurely sitting around and not doing anything in particular. They painted each others nails, Kitty wearing gloves, fixed a bowl of popcorn and ate while they watched 'Snow white' on the Disney channel, sighing at all the right times.

"So how long, do you, like, think we have to wait till we find the right guy?"

"Ah don't know, maybe they're right under our noses. Though ah wouldn't complain if ah was single and livin' with seven lil' men." Kitty laughed. A knock on their door pulled them out of their thoughts. "Come in."

Scott and Kurt walked in plopping themselves on Rogue's and Kitty's bed.

"Vhat are you vatching?"

"Right now, like, Snow White." The guys shrugged and snuggled under the covers, while Rogue and Kitty stared at them. They sighed and sat back continuing watching the movie, their thoughts still lingering on where their man could be.

Someday my Prince will come.

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