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Kitty received a letter from Mrs. Kipplestein stating that Aaron was enrolled in an anger management facility. She decided to send a post card back but wanted to shut the door to that chapter of her life, as well as the experience.

Regardless of the fact that Aaron was safely away from her, Kurt refused to leave her alone. He walked her to and from every class and even managed to wait for her outside in the hallway when she went to an impromptu bathroom break.

It was grating her nerves. She had yelled at him when he had done that to her in the house a little while after that. She had just come out of the bathroom after a shower and found him sitting on the floor in front of her door playing solitaire, 'guarding' her.

"Will you, like, just leave me alone!" Kurt's face fell.

"I vas just vorried about you."

"I just went into the bathroom!"

"So?" He sounded so forlorn that Kitty gave him a smile and a hug. Kurt smiled while she wasn't facing him.

"Wanna come with me to Amanda's party on Saturday?" She asked and leaned back, her arms still around his neck. "You can, like, be my date."

Kurt smiled and gave her a wink. "As long as you were something like that little dress from the last dance we went to."

Kitty smiled and went to her room, trying to pick out an outfit to wear that weekend. Her mind was quickly distracted when Rogue came in and depressed her with her own lack of clothes.

"Ah have nothin' to wear!" That phrase gave them the initiative to go shopping the next day after school. They had two days till Saturday and intended to use their free time for beautification purposes.


Thursday at the mall proved to be exhilarating as they bought their outfits and a whole bunch of girly things. Friday evening they put their feminine knowledge to use and spent the evening ignoring the boys and pampering them selves. They both wore mud masks, cucumbers and avocado concoctions on their faces and hair.

Kitty gave herself a French manicure after painting Rogue's nails a reddish-brown hue. They both sat under hair dryers borrowed from Ororo and Jean and waited while their hair dried.

They plucked their eyebrows and after their hair was completely dry they wrapped it in a dubee and wore bandannas. They still ignored the boys persistent knocking and threatened Kurt with manslaughter if he teleported them in.

Saturday morning was spent in old sweats and make-up less faces. The boys just stared at them weirdly having rarely seen them looking so bummy even around the house. The boys were done twenty minutes before they had to leave.

Scott and Kurt waited downstairs and almost died of heart attacks when their girls walked down the stairs.

Rogue was wearing a short sleeved red see through dress with a red slip underneath and a thigh high slit, a pair of black opera length gloves covered her arms and her legs were covered in thin black stockings. Her hair was piled up on the top of her head with her streaked bangs tucked behind her ear.

To Kurt, Kitty was by far more beautiful. She oozed elegant sensuality. Her dress was a cream silk, with a low cut halter top that clasped at the neck and only a thin band of silk held the side of her dress together leaving the back completely bare, when she twirled around the dress that ended just below her knees swirled around her, caressing her bare legs. His heart jumped when he saw the small of her back. His throat was dry when he spoke.

"You look beautiful Kitty." Scott snickered and Rogue rolled her eyes still waiting for Scott's compliment. Kitty on the other hand started laughing.

"What do you mean beautiful, Fuzzy? No jokes today." When she saw the dimness in Kurt's eyes she began to blush and suddenly felt self conscience.

Finally they left the house after Rogue commented on them being late. Rogue was followed by Scott but Kurt was stopped by Logan and Kitty waited for him.

"If I smell you on her," snikt! The familiar sound of unsheathed claws filled the air. "You'll have a personal danger room session with me."

Kurt gulped, while Kitty giggled thinking Logan was joking. Kurt figured that Logan had notice his staring at the particular parts of Kitty's exposed flesh and felt glad to have the threat cautioning him before indulging in the small fantasies that were now beginning to fill his head.

He wondered how long his fear would last.


Kurt's stamina was quickly deflating. He knew that it was a bad idea to dance with Kitty in the first place, Kitty had the tendency to bump and grind to the music, but as soon as she pulled him in for the slow song he should have pushed her away. At least during the first few songs they weren't near each other long enough for his heart to react but now he felt every curve of her body through the thin fabric.

When she looked up and smiled at him with her pouty lips he couldn't help what he did next. He leaned in and kissed her, and when he pulled back and saw her eyes still closed he did it again, this time longer and deeper.

Kitty didn't know what to think, but thinking while she was kissing Kurt was something utterly impossible, so she ignored that. She had been thinking about him since they helped Scott and Rogue get together, but she thought it was just a crush, something that would go away with time. All she had felt for him while she was with Aaron had been friendship, or so she thought.

Now the beating of her heart was becoming a buzz in her ear as she tasted her closest friend. They didn't part until an 'ahem' from Scott and the cheers of the crowd bought them back to earth. Kitty's blush started from the tip of her toes and went passed her hairline. All she wanted to do was phase through the floor, Kurt battled the need to teleport them to safety and instead asked her if she wanted to take a walk.

They almost ran out of the house when they heard the shouts from the crowd. They walked slowly, Kitty holding her heels in her hands, and didn't say a word, just thinking their own thoughts. Kurt was the first one to speak.

"Kitty, I think I should tell you that I'm not sorry." Kitty looked at him confused; she was still a little high about the kiss. At her look Kurt was about to elaborate when they heard a snigger in the bushes. "Ah man." He groaned.

Toad hopped out and started to roll on the ground in laughter. "I can't wait to tell Lance, yo." Kurt walked over him, intending to beat the memory out of his head, but Toad quickly made him self scarce.

"We better, like, get back to the party before Scott and Rogue leave." Kurt was glad she had forgotten about the previous subject, he didn't want to tell her anything yet. Toad reminded him about a new problem.

"Yeah, ve better go back." They didn't say a word again, walking slowly back to the party. They danced again but disappointed everyone by not repeated the smoldering, mind scrambling kiss.

Rogue was calm and collected until she and Kitty entered the bedroom, there her scream vibrated off the walls.

"Ah still can't believe it and ah saw it with my own two eyes!" Kitty blushed and almost sunk into the floor.

"Can't we, like, forget about that for a minute? I saw all those little looks you guys were, like, giving us in the car and I don't need that. I'm confused enough."

"How can ya be confused? Everyone else who saw isn't." Kitty blushed and stared at her hands.

"He's my friend Rogue, how can we, like, jump from that to-to this?" Rogue sighed.

"Hey it worked for me." Rogue said smiling, a pillow hit her in the face and she laughed. "Don't worry Kitty, just a few weeks ago we were searchin' for Mr. Right, on your request mind you and they were right under our noses. Maybe you need to just hurry up, stop actin' slow and just get with Kurt already. We all knew it was gonna happen anyway."

Kitty gave a gasp of mock indignation. "I so didn't like Kurt!"

"You so did!" Rogue mocked. They laughed a little and got ready for bed, not washing the make up off. "We're gonna look awful tomorrow." Kitty mumbled an agreement.

"Rogue?" She asked.

"Yeah?" Rogue answered sleepily.

"I like Kurt." The sadness in her voice almost woke her, keyword, almost.

"Ah know sugah, ah know."


The next day was Sunday and they were still sleeping when Kurt teleported Scott into the girl's room. They were planning on scaring them when they saw the smeared make up on their pillows and their faces smudgy and looking awful.

"That is the voman you're planning to marry?" Kurt asked Scott, pointing at Rogue's sleeping form.

"I know!" Scott woke Rogue up gently and grimaced when he saw the smudged red lipstick.

"What are you doing here?" She mumbled. When she remembered her face she ran to the private bathroom she and Kitty shared, washed her face and brushed her teeth. A few seconds later she heard a loud yell and Kitty phased in next to her.

They exited to find no one there and sighed in relief, after each taking baths, they walked downstairs together and realized that it was almost lunchtime. The smell of burgers in the air hit their noses in the wrong way and they both just ate cornflakes in the living room, Kurt and Scott bouncing on the couch and sitting next to them.

Kitty and Kurt didn't speak to each other but stole glances while no one was looking. The phone rang and Ororo called out for Kitty who walked as if going to her funeral, just as she suspected, it was Lance.

"How could you do this to me Kitty? I mean out of all people Kurt! And in the middle of the whole floor so that EVERYONE could see you. No excuses! In fact it's over, OVER!" Kitty didn't even get a word in edgewise when Lance hung up the phone. She sighed and called back, Toad picked up the phone.

"Y'ello!" Kitty grimaced.

"Put Lance on you little green booger." Toad passed Lance the phone.

"You crawling back pretty Kitty?" His voice was so self assured she felt a little sorry for bursting his bubble.

"No Lancey Poo, just thought I should, like, tell you I'm with Kurt now." When she mentioned Kurt's name she whispered. "And that Tabby has the hots for you."

"Tabby likes me? And since when did you get with Kurt!" His shout was heard through the telephone.

"It hasn't happened yet stupid, so, like, shut up. Anyway I gotta go, so ask her out." They said bye and hung up the phone, Kitty had always been suspicious on Lance's feelings for her, and if he could get over it and ask about Tabitha so quickly, her suspicions were founded. She gladly skipped into the living room.

Logan walked in eating a burger. "Congratulations half-pint, I hear you gotta a boyfriend." Logan said with his mouth full. Kitty blushed and glared and he started to laugh. He loved to bother the kids.

"Since when!" Kurt's shout hurt Logan's sensitive ears.

"Since a minute ago, that's what she told Alvers anyway." He walked away as Kurt fumed and got off the couch. He looked at Kitty; the thought that it might be him didn't cross his mind.

"Vhy didn't you tell me! I thought ve had something! That's vhat happens vhen I like girls like you!" His phrasing was confusing but Kitty picked up on the meaning quickly.

"Girls like me? Well at least I don't, like, go around kissing anything with lips!"

"I do not kiss everybody, I only kissed you." A crowd had begun to gather, and Scott and Rogue were too amused to intervene.

"Fine, Mr. Virgin Lips. Tell the world why don't ya!"

"At least I am a virgin!"

"What? How dare you! I am so a virgin!"

"Sure Katz, through the ear!" That earned a slap that shocked everyone into silence. Kitty phased through the floor and found herself in the danger room. She sat on the floor angrily. She wasn't hurt since he knew that she was saving herself, but he had angered her enough to resort to the rarely shown physical violence that took control of her being.

A few seconds later Kurt teleported down stairs and sat down next to her. No one knew who started to laugh first but as they remembered their conversation and the giggles commenced and ended with them lying on their backs on the floor. Neither could stay mad long enough.

"That didn't hurt, you puny marshmallow."

"It so did you blue care bear." They remained silent for a little while.

"I'm not sorry Kitty." His voice had taken a serious tone to it.

"For what? Saying I'm not a virgin?" She joked.

"No, for kissing you, in fact if I get a chance I'll do it again and again." She remained silent.

"Good, because I didn't want to, like, resort to pulling an 'Aaron' to keep you with me." She looked up to him and he kissed her lightly on the lips.

Kurt chuckled afterwards and pulled her closer to him. "You're going to be the death of me Katz."

"That's been my goal all along Fuzzy."