Now usually I start each of my stories off with one chapter devoted to an author's note explaining a little bit about the story and going into more detail in the summary but because has stopped that, you only get a teaser of the beginning.

Summary: Women are turning up suspiciously dead with no indication of how they died. The catch? They've all been raped beforehand. Are they linked? Its up to our trusty CSI's to figure it out!

Pairing: A healthy dose of Catherine/Grissom eventually. Probably more so as we get further in. I haven't figured out if I'll put other romances in it (like for Sara, Nick or Warrick)

Distribution: ask and ye shall receive especially if the rating's too high I'll e-mail the story without those bits.

Rating: starts out PG (mostly because of talk of rape and other dark stuff not good for little kiddies) but subject to change… soon.

Disclaimer: They're not mine. I swear. Some of the characters I may add in later and they are mine but all of the characters and areas you recognise I DON'T OWN THEM I SWEAR ON MY TEDDY BEAR!


Grissom and Catherine stepped out of the black SUV and looked up at he hotel. Catherine sighed, turning to the back and withdrawing the CSI kits.

"Twenty-four year old Ellen Bizet dead in her room. No one knows how, there's no traces of anything – blood more specifically. Its like she died naturally," an officer explained as he escorted the two CSI's up to the nineteenth floor.

"Do we know why she was here?" Catherine questioned in the elevator.

"Not yet. We're working on that." They walked down the luxurious hall to suite 1906 and moved the crime tape out of the way. Catherine set her kit down beside the victim, eyes wandering over the dead form. She snapped on latex gloves and began her inspection of the body.