"Life is just a mirror and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you."

-- Wally 'Famous' Amos


Catherine walked into CSI separate from Grissom their first day back for many reasons. Bekki and Lindsey still had another three days holiday such that it conflicted with Catherine, Grissom, Sara and Nick's return to work. It had taken Catherine forty-five minutes to get Lindsey ready to go with Bekki to her sister's. The two girls had seen a movie that afternoon and retuned with an hour to spare before they were supposed to be at Nancy's. It had taken them longer than expected. Now, she was late.

She HATED being late.

Everyone was gathered in the break room when Catherine entered, taking a seat at the end of the table closest to Grissom. He raised and eyebrow and Catherine exploded.

"Forty-five minutes! I told them we had to leave in half an hour when they got home and it took as an extra forty-five minutes to get to Nancy's!" Sara, who was sitting on Catherine's left, grabbed her hand as Catherine waved it around.

"Catherine Willows! Were you planning on keeping this from us?!" Grissom sat amused, watching Sara's reaction to Catherine's ring.

To be completely hones, Catherine had allowed the news to slip her mind in favour of her annoyance at her tardiness. Sara's comment had reminded her of the announcement.

"Gil and I have some news…"

And I'm done! Did you want a sequel? I have some ideas…

Still working on Blossoming I promise. I wanted to get this one done first. Hopefully I'll get some work done on it on my Thanksgiving weekend.

Kavi Leighanna