Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Joe Dawson or Duncan MacLeod, nor do I own the words to the Watchers' Speech(TM) used in this REALLY SHORT piece.

Warning: SHORT.

Humorous fic inspired by friends who think hentai when you were too busy grinning like a loon. Thanks Bochan!

This bit conceived two days before today, making it.. er.. 14 december 2003.


The Watchers' Speech

"Watch, but never interfere."

Joe cleared his throat, and recited the entire passage, much as if he were in Bible Class. It should however be noted, that Adam Pierson, he was not. Still..

"The following pages are classified. Any divulgence of any information on the following pages will be severely punished. These pages contain the information on all the Immortals we have recorded over the centuries. Many have come our way and many more may be yet to come. It is our job to observe and record their lives. We will do so as long as they are around. Always remember -- Watch, but never interfere."

"You do realise, Joe.. " Duncan eyed the man behind the counter as he recited the 'Watcher Speech'.

"..that normal people would call that voyeurism?"