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6th year

Chapter 1

Narcissa Malfoy sat in front of her mirror brushing her long blond hair. She grinned at herself, commending her reflection again on accomplishing the impossible by looking flawlessly beautiful at the age of 37. The beauty looked around the large spacious room and sighed. The large four poster bed made of the purest mahogany. The many mirrors that inhabited the room were gilded with gold and jewels. The lush soft carpeting that was charmed to change a different color everyday tickled her bare feet. Yes, she had done extremely well for herself considering her half-veela heritage. There was a loud clacking noise as she slammed the golden brush on her vanity, the bitterness from her past seeping into her veins.

To grow up as a half veela in the veela community is no different than growing as a full veela. The veela embraces anyone into their culture with any amount of veela blood. This was a necessity considering that a veela's heart mate could be anyone from any race. But to grow up a half veela, as her mother's daughter was the worst experience of Narcissa's life.

Her mother fell in love with a wizard. This wizard, however, was not one who was free to love her back. For he was too immersed in his study of the Dark Arts to understand the depth of her feelings for him. You see, his name was Tom Riddle. Narcissa's mother lavished all the love she had on him, but he in return only used her body for his pleasure. When he was tired of her he left her with his child. This, simply said, caused her mother to go insane. Being forced to look at her half-veela daughter everyday didn't help matters. She would constantly berate Narcissa for being a "half breed" as she put it. Telling her that she would never do anything with her life because she would never be good enough. The years went by, and she started force feeding Narcissa any and all information on the actions of Lord Voldermort, he was just beginning to organize his war on the wizarding world. Her mother always felt a connection with him. Soon after her daughters 18th birthday, she died.

Narcissa knew that her mothers insanity and broken heart finally proved too much for her to bear. She picked up her golden brush again and started brushing her hair with long, slightly harsh, strokes With her Draco's Inheritance coming up in a couple of days, she would have to make sure that what happened to her mother would never happen to him. When he found his heart mate she would make sure that Draco is accepted with open arms! Not that she really had to worry. Her eyes filled with proud tears as she thought of how beautiful her son has gotten over the years. Oh yes, anyone would be honored to be his heartmate. And she would accept whoever it was and mold them into the Malfoy image! Even if its Molly Weasley or.or.Harry Potter! Narcissa stopped brushing her hair and looked at her slightly red face in the mirror with shock. Then she started chuckling with merriment.

"Oh Gods what a sense of humor I have." She said to herself and gave an unladylike snort. "Harry Potter INDEED!". She shook her head still giggling and began applying her make-up for dinner.

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Draco was busy throwing his clothing and anything else he could get his hands on into his Hogwarts trunks. His clothes really were too good of quality to just throw in any sort of way, but really Dobby the house elf was the only one he trusted to handle this stuff. Kudos to Harry Potface for making his life even more miserable. He grimaced when he found his thoughts were once again drifting towards the Living Boy Wonder. Suddenly he doubled over in pain. His stomach was cramping up again and his skin was getting so hot, to an unbearable degree. He fell over onto his bed clutching his stomach. As his Inheritance grew nearer and nearer this seemed to be happening more and more frequently.

He laid on his stomach waiting for the horrible cramps to subside, as they always have after a few minutes. 'I wonder what's going to happen after I get my Inheritance' he thought. 'No one will be able too resist me. I'll finally have that Granger, Weasley, and POTTER under my thumbs.' Draco laughed at his thoughts. This school year was going to be sweet. He amused himself by thinking of everyone's faces when he finally changed. Not that much would happen considering his already perfect physique and face.

He wriggled luxuriously against the cool sheets. His skin was still unbearably hot and sensitive but his cramps had finally stopped, leaving a slight sheen on his body. Draco moved his hips over the mattress, digging his cock into its softness. Pleasure rippled down his spine making him gasp. Yes, this year he would finally defeat the Golden Boy.

He flipped over, reached down and wrapped his hand around his length. He slowly moved it in a slow up and down rhythm. Soon his body was thrashing around the bed, pleasure convulsions wracking his body. His moved his other hand down and was gently massaging and caressing his inner thighs. Draco pictured the look on Harry's face when he finally realized Draco was the obvious superior.

His eyes would fill with pain and self-contempt. Mmmmmmm, large emerald green eyes. You could drown in them really, if you looked long enough. His face would pinch up with fury and uselessness. His beautiful golden brown face. And messy raven black hair that he would love to touch, his fingers running through it's soft locks. Draco's fingers traveled to the head of his weeping cock, skimming the surface. He came hot and hard all over his silken sheets.

He was really too tired and lethargic to care about the mess. He rolled over thinking that if being this sensitive is one of the perks of getting his Inheritance he couldn't wait. After all, he was a Malfoy and deserved the absolute best. His body was cooling down considerably now and he fell asleep.

Large emerald eyes haunting his dreams.


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