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Year: 6th

Chapter 5 - That Is NOT Possible

"...And so, he just kissed you?" Hermione asked. Harry had just finished giving an account of what had happened in the Slytherin corridor with Draco Malfoy.

"Er, yeah." He answered. They were in the Gryffindor common room, and he quickly shifted his head to gaze at the fire in the fireplace making sure she didn't see the flash of red that was occupying his cheeks.

"God, Harry." Ron cut in, "it must've been horrible having that slimy git's tongue down your throat. What are those snakes doing down there in those dungeons anyway? Thinking of new and creative ways of torturing us? I say we go down there and hex him right now, while we still have the benefit of surprise."

"Oh REALLY Ron? That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Even if you did go down there, he'd have you dancing and singing Britney Spears before you could raise your wand. If anything, you might be able to drool on him a bit." Hermione interjected

Harry groaned in irritation. "It doesn't matter. We already agreed to stay away from each other from now on. I just want to forget this ever happened."

"We can't just forget about what happened today Harry. There are other options that are more...feasible than the one Ron offered." Hermione said and began fidgeting with her robes.

Harry wondered briefly why Hermione had suddenly refused to look at him. Then, it clicked. "No, oh God, nooo way is that possible at all!" Harry said covering his face with shaking hands.

"What is? What's going on?" Ron asked

"Well, I was just pointing out that it is quite possible that Harry could be Malfoy's heartmate."

"No that is not possible because Harry here isn't gay, right Harry?"

Harry nodded, "Right."

"Sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. YOU can feel Malfoy's Attraction Ron and YOU'RE not gay, right? Or do you have something to tell me?" Hermione challenged. This, of course, promptly shut the red head up, though he decided to continue to stare menacingly at her person.

She sighed, "I'm not saying that Harry IS Malfoy's heartmate. I am just saying that it is a possible solution for Malfoy kissing him. Just as the gross-out prank idea thingie you brought up Ron is a possible solution." Ron seemed satisfied with this answer, and his menacing glare shifted to a curious gaze.

"Ok, I guess that's fair. But I do have one more question..." Ron started and shifted uncomfortably in his chair.


"What the Devil is a Britney Spears?" he blurted.


Early the next morning before any of his fellow housemates were even remotely awake, Draco began making his way from the dark dungeons to the owlery. He had two letters to deliver, and he wanted to get the task done and over with so he could spend the rest of his free-time contemplating the enigma that was Harry Potter. He was so into his own thoughts, in fact, that he barely noticed the giggling portraits of past Hogwarts professors and wizards of renowned waving at him trying to get his attention. Though he did visibly cringe when he noticed a very fat elderly woman jumping from picture to picture offering to give him all kinds of sexual favors. Who would have known simply walking to the owlery could be so traumatizing to ones state of mind.

After turning a few more corners, he finally arrived at the set of stairs that would lead him to his destination. He scaled these as easily as if he was taking a stroll through the park. Before his Inheritance, he would have been severely winded only halfway up. Draco idly wondered how his new spurt of energy and physical stamina would affect his sex life. He walked through the room where all the owls were being housed and carefully made his way to his own eagle owl, making sure not to step in any owl poop with his expensive dragonskin boots. The two letters he was delivering were to his parents. The first to his mom, and the second to his father in Azkaban. Always the perfectionist, he read them both over again, checking for any possible grammatical or spelling errors before sending them off to be delivered. The first read:

Dear mother,

you will be happy to know that in the short time being here at Hogwarts, I have found my Heartmate. The actual "who" this person is I will divulge at a latter date. Just know that the boy I have chosen (and yes it is a boy) is the sweetest and most beautiful person you will ever meet. You will be proud to call him your son-in-law, when once you get to know him. I hope everything is going well back at the manor, and will update you as soon as possible when once I make some progress in winning me heartmate's affection.

Your loving son,

Draco Malfoy

P.S. For some odd reason I have a powerful urge for sweets. Please be prompt in the delivery of 5 lbs. of fudge, 3 cakes, and 50 pieces of chocolate chip cookies. Thank you.

He dutifully tied this one tightly to the leg of his eagle owl and sent it flying out the window. Draco continued to watch his owl fly until it was just a black speck in the blue sky. When the owl was totally out of sight he turned to his next letter.

Dear father,

Hopefully this letter reached you. To be honest I'm not even sure if you're alive or dead. But out of courtesy to the fact that you are my father I am writing to inform you that I have found my heartmate. I am sure you will find it ironic to hear that it is Harry Potter. While you're in your cell I hope you will think on the position of where you stand in this war. For the past 5 years you have been obsessed with killing a boy who turns out to be your son's second half, and now you're wasting away in a cell far away from your mate. In truth, your prolonged absence is making me fear for mother's mental health. From seeing your past mistakes I have decided that following the teachings of Tom Riddle is not in the best interests to me or to anyone currently of existence. I hope you will carefully consider my words (honestly, I don't know how you could possibly want to live in a world without the presence of Harry Potter anyway) and make a decision based on this new information you have received.

Your ONLY living heir,

Draco Malfoy

He rolled up the parchment and carefully tip-toed over to where the Hogwarts owls were held. He picked out one of the shabbier looking gray ones and tied the letter addressed to his father on its leg. When the owl flew out the window he didn't stay to watch its progress through the sky.


Draco made his way down to breakfast in the Great Hall. By now everyone was already packed into their respective tables. He made sure his Attraction was reigned in as best he could before entering. When he walked in there was no huge effect. He made his way to the Slytherin table and yes, there was some drooling, and yes, there were some mild fainting fits, but nothing like yesterday. Yesterday his desirable presence caused absolute silence. Draco sighed, he missed that. As he moved farther into the great hall he felt a familiar heightening of the senses that meant only one thing. Harry Potter was close. He turned around and was ecstatic to see Harry watching him from the Gryffindor table. Draco beamed at him and winked in turn. Though this was not the place for an open flirtation with his heartmate so early in the relationship, he couldn't help but give him a little mock kiss before taking his seat at the end of Slytherin table. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Harry turn beet red. He giggled a bit before helping himself to a large portion of bacon and eggs, he hadn't realized how hungry he was until just now. He dumped a large quantity of sticky sweet maple syrup all over his plate.


"Harry, look at him." Ron said with a disgusted look on his face, "He's walking around the Great Hall as if he's the sex god of Hogwarts."

Hermione groaned his displeasure for being interrupted from reading her potions textbook. "Ron, would you shut up about Draco Malfoy already? There are things more important.

"Like what?" Harry asked. Now also watching the elegant form of Draco weave his way across the room.

"Like the potions project Snape will be assigning us today in class. The first of the semester. I suggest you study the list of possible potions that might be assigned and their purpose."

"Hermione, there are some things never done by any sane wizard student. Studying for an assignment before it's even been assigned is one of them." Ron said and Hermione rolled her eyes. But by the way she closed her book and focused her gaze on the graceful figure weaving around the tables, she obviously decided that Malfoy gazing was much more interesting.

Harry wasn't really paying attention anymore. The magnetic pull Draco was putting out was causing him to lose control of his thoughts. The memory of his body pinned to the wall kept creeping into his mind. Hermione suddenly perked up as if extremely surprised about something.

"Did you see that?" she asked.

"What?" Harry asked and focused his gaze on the blond haired slytherin.

"Malfoy just smiled at you Harry." She said her eyebrows wrinkled with curiosity.

Before Harry could make a comment, they saw Draco blow him a kiss. He felt his face turn red.

Ron looked over at Harry his face filled with obvious confusion. "The gits' flirting with you Harry."

"With me? It could have been anyone of us he was flirting with." Harry said forcefully.

"No, it was definitely directed at you."

"No, it could have been anyone of us."

Ron was about to refute this again but Hermione elbowed him in the side.

"Any one of us." Harry said again and they fell into a tense silence for the duration of the meal.

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On their way down to the potions dungeons Hermione and Ron mostly chatted amongst themselves while nervously sending Harry worried looks. Harry pretended as if he didn't notice. He was tired of people treating him like he was a deranged axe-murderer, and this time it was Malfoy's fault. Why was it that everything that seemed to be going wrong right now in Harry's life was all connected to him? Another reason why it was a good idea to just cut off all ties with him. No more arguing or fighting, just nothing. Another big step in achieving total emotional isolation. With this thought a sharp pain shot through his heart and he felt another part of him wither and die, but really there was nothing he could do. The feelings Draco roused in him were way to powerful whether positive or negative. Better to just purge his life of the nuisance forever.

They reached the potions classroom with several minutes to spare before the rest of the class was expected to come in. When they entered the room Harry could hear Snape's very annoyed voice talking to someone unidentified.

"Oh no, you CAN'T be serious. He CAN'T be! That is NOT possible." *sigh* "Fine I'll do it. But don't expect me to help you with anymore of your romance problems. This is ridiculous."

They entered farther into the room and found that it was Draco Malfoy whom he was addressing. Draco looked up and Harry noticed that his whole face seemed to brighten at the sight of them. God, what was he plotting now? He approached them with his usual arrogant swagger and Harry saw there was a slight sway to his hips. He remembered how those same hips trembled when he touched them. 'Okay. Draco's hips, not a good topic to be thinking about right now.' He thought to himself.

"Hello Granger, Weasley." Draco greeted oozing perfect politeness. "I'm happy to see you're both looking well today.

Ron muttered something that Harry wasn't able to hear because Hermione spoke up in a loud but extremely cold voice, "Hullo Malfoy. Thanks same to you." They then slid into their seats and pretended as if he wasn't even there. But Draco didn't seem to mind, he turned away and looked at Harry, his eyes flickering with something unfamiliar.

"Hi Harry."

Harry glared at him and took the seat in between Hermione and Ron. "Malfoy."

Draco grinned and took a seat directly behind him. Immediately the all too familiar feelings of gut wrenching desire filled Harry's body. He turned around and sent another glare at Draco who returned it with a look of total innocence. He turned back, took a couple of deep breaths and pushed everything to the back of his mind. The overpowering feelings retreated to a dull ache throughout his body. He still wanted to shag Malfoy, but at least the feelings were no longer overwhelming.

Now the rest of the class was coming in. The Slytherin's gave him dirty looks. Harry silently cursed the man who came up with the idea of double potions.

Snape stood up and walked to the front of the room. With the same surly look he always wore, he addressed the class. "As you all know today I will be assigning an interactive potions project for all of you to have completed at a later date. You are all free to choose your own partner...except you Potter, you're partnering up with Draco."

Harry was immediately filled with outrage at the unfairness, and Ron was making this weird sputtering noise.

"Professor!" Pansy Parkinson squeaked.

"Quiet Parkinson" Snape said wearily and sat down. "Go on, all of you, pair up and I'll give you the directions."

Harry picked up his things and angrily spun around. He moved to a seat next to Draco and sat, the whole time not looking at Draco once. He could feel Draco's gaze on him and he felt his neck begin to burn.

Snape stood up again. "Ok, now I am going to give you a list of potions that I suggest you pick your project from. But of course, if you feel these potions are beneath you, no Longbottom that does not mean you, you may come to me with a more...complicated potion of your choice. You have one week to come to me and tell me which potion you want to brew. And because different potions take different amounts of time to be fixed, I will assign the date in which your project will be due then." As he spoke, he placed a piece of paper next to every couple of students. "The rest of our time together today will be used to discuss this project with your partner, and no Finnegan this is not an excuse to take out your wand. 20 points from Gryffindor." With that Snape turned and sat back at his desk.

Harry heard Seamus whisper to Dean, "What's wrong with him? He seems even more grumpy then usual."

"I don't know, maybe he needs to get laid. Filch must be cutting him off-"

"20 more points from Gryffindor. I hear everything Mr. Thomas." Snapes voice called from across the room. They both visibly cringed in fear.

Draco reached across Harry to grab the potions list Snape had laid down next to him, and Harry stiffened in his seat as he felt the other boy's hair brush against his face. When Draco sat back down there was a smirk on his face, as if he knew exactly how he affected him.

"Well, looks like Snape's given us a wide variety too chose from. Oh, how about this one, veritaserum, the truth telling potion. Snapes' giving extra credit on this one because it's so advanced." Draco pointed.

Harry made a rude noise out of his nose. "Too hard."

Draco rolled his eyes and sighed. "Ooookaaay...How about an appearance altering potion then. Nothing complicated, just makes your hair lighter."

Harry shook his head. "Too easy." He said. Though he momentarily wondered how Draco's hair could get any lighter. If it was any lighter it would be clear.

"Polyjuice potion?" Draco tried again.

"Too tired of it."

"A wit enhancing potion?"

"Too boring."

"Here's one that makes you glow in the dark."

"Too radio-active."

Draco cocked an eyebrow inquiringly at Harry but continued, "A love potion?"

"Too dangerous."

"A nose enlarging potion?"

"Too pointless."

"A potion that gives you the face of a dog?"

Harry snorted, "Pansy's already got that covered."

"Here's one that makes your robes billow out behind you while your walking as if they're caught in a breeze or something."

"No. People will think we're trying to suck up to Snape."

And for the rest of the period the conversation more or less stayed on these lines. With Draco suggesting a potion and Harry shooting it down for one reason or another, until...

"HA! I found the perfect one. An invisibility potion and it's the perfect level. You couldn't possibly find anything wrong with it. It looks really complicated but it's not and-"

"Too useless."

"What?!" Draco exclaimed. "What are you talking about? Who wouldn't want to walk around invisible for 20 minutes?"

"I do not want it, nor do I need it so, in lemans terms, it-is-of-no-use-to- me. Useless."

"FINE! Fine Harry. That was the last potion on the list. Are you in a bad mood or are you always this insufferable and disagreeable?" Draco's eyes were flashing lightning.

Harry shrugged. "We could give the dog-face one a try." He reluctantly gave in.

Draco dragged his hands through his blond hair in agitation. "No, you were right on that one. Who wants to walk around looking like Pansy for an hour?"

Against his will Harry cracked a smile that made Draco's heart do a painful flip-flop and blood pound in his ears. What were they arguing about again? Draco smiled back and lightly ran his fingertips down the side of Harry's face, resting on his neck. Harry's eyes flared up but he quickly closed them and Draco could tell he was trying to fight the deep attraction running between them. Aware of the rest of the class behind them, Draco took his hand off of Harry's neck and rearranged his body so that unwanted peepers would not be able to see as he ran his hand inconspicuously up Harry's inner thigh. Draco heard Harry's abrupt intake of breath and his body filled with a feeling of hot pleasure. Unconsciously he moved his hand to Harry's cock which twitched back appreciatively. He heard Harry let out a moan and he lost it. Draco leaned forward and pressed their lips together. Their lips meshed perfectly and he added pressure to the kiss before lightly nibbling on Harry's bottom lip. Harry gasped in surprise which allowed Draco's tongue to enter the moist cavern. He lightly patted and caressed the top of Harry's tongue with his own, inviting it to join in the fun, and in the process savoring the tremors that ran up and down his spine. Though there was something in the back of his mind, a nagging feeling. Was he forgetting something? Very reluctantly he began to pull his tongue from their shared revelry, but was unexpectedly filled with great surprise and even greater pleasure when he felt Harry's tongue follow his back into his mouth. Draco groaned his appreciation before again engaging in their mutual exploration of each others mouths. He happily ignored the nagging feeling and they continued to taste each other enthusiastically until both had to stop for much needed oxygen.
As they regained their breaths, Draco noticed as a look of deepening horror began to fill his Harry's eyes. 'Yes, it is a horrifying experience to not be touching.' He thought and leaned into his heartmate for another kiss, but Harry pushed away from him.

"Oh Merlin." Harry whispered before turning away from him completely and covered his face with his hands.

Draco looked back at him confusion and unfulfilled lust clouding his mind, but as he began to calm down a sense of dread filled his being. Now he remembered why he had that nagging feeling earlier. He had forgotten about a very important part of the potions classroom... the rest of the class. Draco looked around and saw all the students' gazes on the both of them. Surprise and lust was etched on all of their faces. 'I must have been releasing some of my magnetism without even realizing it', Draco thought when he saw that some of the students had actually stood on chairs to get a better view, and the guys had VERY obvious hard-ons.

Snape cleared his throat, "Class is over, you may all go...do whatever it is you do after this class." He said as authoritatively as he could, though his voice was a little hoarse. The class continued their gaping and, basically, totally ignored him.

"GO!" Snape yelled and watched as the whole class except Draco and Harry scampered out of the room. Snape was fuming when looked down at the two of them.

Draco tried to speak up, "Profe-"

"Don't. I am thoroughly disgusted with the two of you. I would give you BOTH detentions if I didn't think you would just shag each other senseless whenever my back was turned."

Harry made an indignant sound in the back of his throat.

"You will not EVER make such a spectacle of yourselves again in my class. Do you understand?"

Again Draco tried to speak up, "But Profess-"

"I-don't-care-Draco! Whatever you two are too each other does not give you the excuse, the-the gall, thee AUDACITY to do what you did today. Now, I have a meeting with the rest of the staff of this school to go to. When I go I want you both to get your things together and leave." Abruptly he turned on his heel and left. Draco noticed his robes billowed out behind him when he walked, as if caught in a breeze.

He could hear Harry calmly putting his books and things into his cauldron. "You know Malfoy, I'm not as stupid as you seem to think I am. I know you somehow got Snape to put us together for this assignment." Harry looked up at him and Draco looked down guiltily.

"God, you probably planned this whole thing! I thought we agreed to stay away from each other. Why are you doing this to me?-"

"First off, I did not plan for that too happen. Whatever you're going to be put through when you go back to Gryffindor tower, I will have to suffer through 2 times worse because a lot of the people in my house actually wants YOU dead-"


"Second of all, I did not agree to stay away from you. All because I was in the general vicinity when you said those words doesn't automatically mean I agreed. YOU said the words, I just stood there-"


"And third of all, thir-third of all..." Draco began but seemed to have lost his steam and was now shifting nervously from foot to foot

"Third of all?" Harry pushed, not wanting the blond to shut up before telling him why he was torturing him.

"Third of all, there's a very logical reason as to why I've been acting...like I have-"


"Would you let me finish one sentence without interrupting?"


"Harry, you're my Heartmate."

The air was filled with a tense silence as Harry seemed to take forever to process this piece of information.


"What?" he asked.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Draco answered.

"About what?" Harry asked.

"I...I...about WHAT I just said!" Draco exclaimed incredulously.

"Because we both know it's not true." Harry answered.

"And WHY not?" Draco asked.

"Well because I don't...I don't like guys like-like that." Harry stuttered and blushed.

Draco snorted. "Pull the other leg why don't you?"

"I'm serious!" Harry exclaimed indignantly.

"You know, I didn't make you stick your tongue down my throat 10 minutes ago."

Harry paused. "Your veela attraction made me do it. I couldn't stop myself from wanting...you."

"And how does that NOT make you like guys?"

"Well, Hermione said that straight guys can feel the Attraction also."

Draco snorted. "Harry, contrary to popular belief Hermione Granger does not always KNOW what she's talking about."

"Malfoy, I can't BE your heartmate." Harry said again, trying to make Draco understand, and getting very annoyed at the other's insistence on claiming something that was not possible.

"Well you are. There's nothing we can do about it and if you continue to deny it I will not be responsible for my actions on your person." Draco said getting a little angry himself.

Harry stared at him for awhile, anger rising in his gut, before turning back around and gathering his things. On his way out he sent a furious glare Draco's way.

"Fuck you Malfoy." He said and then made his way for the exit.

"Exactly Harry. Now you're getting it." Draco answered amusedly before gathering his things and exiting as well.


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