I just went through this story and fixed a lot things, changed a few things I didn't feel were in character/fit with the story.... Although some things are still, admittedly a little OOC, but for the sake of the story, I'm keeping them that way; also, I can see the characters acting the way they did if they were put in the situations I put them in.

Also, my computer wouldn't let me open chapters 4 and 7 so those... well, have to say messed up, anyway, enjoy the reposted (though barely altered) Unveiling


Rogue watched Jean walk across the lawn talking to Scott. Jealously boiled up inside her as she watched the two of them together. Her eyes narrowed because even from far away she could see that Jean was flirting with Scott, and he was soaking it up. "Don't you have a boyfriend, Jean?" She asked bitingly, thinking of Duncan, she turned away wondering what Scott saw in her. "If Scott was interested in me ah wouldn't be messing around with Duncan." Her own words stung, because she knew that she could never have Scott, they could never be together.

She got up and started to walk out of the room, but just then Kitty burst in. "Rogue! Have you, like, seen my Chemistry book?" She went over to her desk and started rummaging through it, papers flying everywhere.

"No, ah haven't. Sorry, Kitty." She left Kitty to find her book and walked out of the room.

She arrived down in the kitchen and grabbed a pop from the fridge. As she sat at the table she saw Jean and Scott approaching. She scoffed and rolled her eyes, deciding to ignore them.

"Hey, Rogue." Jean said as she entered the room. "I'll see you later, Scott, k?" She smiled and walked out of the room.

Rogue stared up at Scott, feeling as if he'd betrayed her somehow. He sat down across from her, running his hand through his hair. "Hi, Rogue. What's up?"

"Nothing." She said, looking at his face, and wishing she could reach across the table and touch it, but her hand stayed where it was.

Scott looked slightly uncomfortable. "Okay, um, there's a Danger Room session in about an hour, don't forget."

"Ah won't."

"See you then." Scott smiled at her as he walked out, leaving her alone.

A few moments later Logan walked in. He sat down across from Rogue, right where Scott had been before. "Something bothering you, kid?" Logan asked scratchily, looking at her curiously.

"No. Why would anything be botherin' me?"

Logan shrugged, "that's what I was asking you." Rogue looked at him, feeling his eyes upon her, trying to figure out what was wrong. She stood and walked away.

"Watch it, Rogue!" Scott yelled, Rogue tripped, and suddenly felt herself lifted out of the way of the spiked ball. "Nice save, Jean!"

"No problem!" Jean yelled back, setting Rogue back down where she was supposed to be. Rogue continued what she was doing, reaching the goal in the allotted time, but after everyone else, who hadn't made any mistakes.

"Good job, everyone!" Scott called out as they filed out of the Danger Room. But he gently grabbed Rogue's elbow and pulled her back slightly. "Hold up."

She turned, surprised, "yea?"

"You need to focus more, you didn't really seem to be concentrating."

"Sorry, ah guess ah had somethin' on my mind."

"Well, that could get you hurt, just make sure you pay attention. It's good Jean caught you in time."

"Ah guess it is. But, of course, she couldn' a' let me fall."

"Of course not, she would never do that, Rogue."

"No, it might blemish her record." Rogue said this quietly, but Scott still heard her.

"What're you talking about, Rogue?"

"Nothing, Scott, nothing. I'll see you later." She turned and jogged away, leaving a slightly confused Scott behind.