I'M BAAACK!! MWAHAHAHA!! I'm so happy to be writing again! I have had serious writers-block, major burn-out the last few weeks, and it has majorly sucked. I've had many a brainstorming session with AnnikaSk8s2005, who started me off on the idea for this chapter, so thanks to her!! Unfortunately all I've been able to write has been Jean's shampoo and conditioner being * mysteriously * turning into Krazy Glue, hehehe.
Okay, we're gonna' pretend that Scott and Taryn have been together for a few weeks, okay? Also, has anyone noticed that after one or two episodes of Scott and Taryn hooking up they stopped drawing Jean and Taryn together? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Well, this is my theory for why that happened.
Also, since I'm stupid and have to foresight I've been writing this person in 3rd person limited, so I have to have Rogue eaves-drop. However, I think I can make it fit at the end, although I was slightly sad when I finally planned this chapter out and came to that point. Now, without further ado, onto Chapter 7!!


Rogue was walking by the rec-room when she saw something that she definitely did not want to see. Taryn and Scott had been going out for a few weeks, and Rogue knew that but she didn't expect to see them making out on the couch. Especially not half-naked. Rogue shuddered and rushed down the hall, trying to get the images out of her head- when she ran smack into Jean.
"Watch where you're going!" Jean said angrily, then she cocked her head and looked at Rogue sharply. "What's going on?"
Rogue tried to push the images out of her head, and answered a unconvincing "N-nuthin', Jean. Wha?"
Rogue knew in an instant, however that Jean had seen the scattered images in her mind. She (Jean) looked livid, she made a noise that was, for lack of a better word, a battle cry, and tore off to the rec-room.
Rogue smiled slightly and followed, morbidly curious as to what would happen. Jean's shrill voice echoed down the hall. "Oh my gawd!! What the hell is going on here?!"
Rogue heard a 'thud' and Taryn saying 'Geezus, Jean!'. When Rogue got to the room she was amused to find that the 'thud' had been Scott falling off of Taryn (and the couch) and onto the floor. Scott was just sitting there stammering, while Taryn hastily got her top back on which, for some reason, was proving very difficult to do. "What are you two doing?!"
Rogue couldn't resist, and stepped into the room, "ah think that's obvious, Jean."
Jean turned to Rogue with fury in her eyes, "Rogue, get out!"
Rogue scowled, and walked back into the hallway, she made some 'fading' step sounds, and then began to listen intently. Jean had luckily been waiting hear her foot-steps, and commenced her tirade again. "This is not something to be done here!! There are kids that could walk in on you!! You cannot do-" Jean seemed to be having an inner struggle but managed "- what you were doing here!"
"Okay. We'll move up into his room." Taryn said, sounding completely serious.
"No! You can't go there!" Jean seemed to decide that she wasn't going to have any luck with Taryn. "Scott! You should be more responsible than this!"
"Uh- well- I'm sorry?"
"Just get Taryn out of here!"
Rogue turned and ran as she heard Jean exiting the room, knowing exactly where Jean was heading: straight to the Professor. Rogue flopped onto her bed, half wondering if laughter was an appropriate reaction to what she had just witnessed/heard.
Rogue heard someone coming into her room, and looked up, surprised to see Scott standing there, against her will her heart skipped. "What're you doin' here?"
"Hi- uh, you're not gonna' tell anyone are you?"
Rogue sighed, she should've known that he would never actually want to talk to her about anything. He hadn't since. "Wha' would ah? What would ya' think that?"
"I know, I just wanted to-"
"Try and escape Jean?" Rogue asked, arching her eyebrow, and trying to annoy him with her tone of voice.
"No. why would I want to do that?" Rogue frowned, and Scott blushed. "Okay, maybe a little bit to avoid Jean. I just didn't expect her to react so- um, angrily?"
Rogue suppressed a grin, "well, if you two had taken off any more clothes, let's just say it wouldn't have been good." Scott's blush deepened; Rogue struggled not to laugh. "There are younger students ya' know. Ah mean, think a' Jamie, sweet, young, innocent Jamie." Scott's blush kept getting redder and redder, until it practically matched his sunglasses. Finally, Rogue couldn't hold back anymore, and started laughing. "Ah'm sorry! It's just- ya' looked so funny!"
Scott laughed to, and sat down at the desk. "Thanks, Rogue." He said, looking serious again. "And I'm- I'm sorry. I've really been avoiding you these last few months, and it- it wasn't right. I'm sorry."
Rogue was dumb-founded she had lost all hope that he would ever say that. She felt a lump form in her throat, and tears form in the corners of her eyes. "Thanks, Scott. Thanks, that means a lot."
"I guess I was scared. Rogue I- I don't feel the same way you do." Saying these simple words seemed to be incredibly hard for him.
"Ah know. Ah'm sorry, too. Ah just." Rogue sighed, "ah couldn' help myself. Ah wasn't feelin' well that night. Ah just lost control. Ah shouldn't have kissed ya'." Scott looked extremely uncomfortable, it seemed that one embarrassing situation was all he could handle in one day. He looked like he deeply regretted starting this conversation. "Ah went to far. And ah've paid for it."
"I know, Rogue." Scott stood to go, "so, are we okay, then?"
Rogue smiled, and nodded. "Yea, we're okay."


THE END!! .. Wow. That was really cheesy. I originally wrote "no, Scott, we're great." And then I puked- so that line had to go. And now. for the final review responses

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