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Act Fifteen: End Roll

"Stories do not end… they continue on and on. The simply reach the end of a chapter and we must wait a while to read the next one."

                        "Surely you can do better?" Erisen called to Dark Jak as his golden power sent the pale skinned hero sprawling on the floor once more, "Your woman put more of a fight then you… and she is a weakling."

            Jak howled in raged, taking the insult at the disappeared Keira to heart. He managed to pull himself to his aching knees and face the god once more. But just as he stood, another energy blast sent him careening into the ground.

            As Dark Jak sputtered from the pain in his chest, Erisen strode over to him. The god straddled him, his sword positioned above the man-turned-beast's chest. He was ready to kill, Dark Jak could see it glowing in the god's eyes. In a way, they were the same. Blood lust came over them whenever they were in the heat of battle and almost nothing could take them away from it.

            "I had hoped better from you." Erisen said with a 'tsk-tsk' in his voice, "You had such a reputation behind you. Hero of Haven, defeater of the Metal Head leader, son of Mar… but alas you disappointment. I suppose I should end you now, son of Mar… lest your mate sees you in this unbecoming position. What would she think knowing her own mate could not outlast a god longer then she?"

            Dark Jak released a howl so full of rage, Erisen almost pulled away in surprise. But then a slow, evil smile made its why across his lips. Knowing now the chink in Dark Jak's almost impenetrable armor, Erisen raised insult after insult to Keira. Calling her names that would have even Sig's ears burning.

            All the while, Jak stood still. Rage had made his muscles taunt and he fought for control over himself. Even in his instinct-driven stage, Dark Jak knew if he flew off the hinges now Erisen would just pick him off. For Keira's sake—Keira his mate—he need to be calmer. Stronger.

            But the insults were getting worse and worse now and Dark Jak felt his lip muscle start to twitch. Finally, he could take no more. He released another haughty growl and lunged forward, forcing Erisen to remove his body.

            The god jumped away, his smile still painted on his lips, "Ah, I see you still have fight in you. That's good." Erisen said this without any look of worry in his calm eyes, "You are persistent. I'll give you that. Come on, then!"
            Dark Jak and Erisen lunged. Their powers, the good the dark and the evil the gold, met in the form of fists. Gold mingled with black and good combined with evil. In that moment Erisen and Jak were one in the same. Two mean fighting for the women… Jak for Keira and Erisen for Eris. Their eyes burned with the power, the love, and the hate. Neither was willing to give up, neither was willing to surrender, and neither would win. Their battle was one that no victor would come out off.

            Erisen pushed Dark Jak away, whipping a trail of blood from his lips with the back of his hand. He eyed Jak with distaste, but still no real fear. As for Dark Jak, he fought within himself to keep from losing his consciousness. Black dots swarmed his vision and he almost lost himself within himself… but then he heard Erisen's laughter and his gained control over the pain and the blood and the blackness.

            Dark Jak turned and offered another growl to the god. He received a shrug in return and Dark Jak prepared to attack once more…

            But a light burst in the corner of his eyes and its brightness forced him to his knees. Covering his eyes, hissing, sensing the evil, Dark Jak could do nothing but wait for what was to come. As the unholy light filled the area, Erisen's laughter pierced his mind. The god was shouting something in a strange language he had never heard before. It was deep and hoarse yet soft and calming all at once. The evil god seemed to welcoming something… but Jak cold not see.

            All at one, the unholy pale light dimmed and Dark Jak's eyes were able to adjust to the new light. The beast-man raised his head and stared at the newcomer to the area. He felt his breath clog in his throat as he stared at her. Her.

            She was beautiful, but ugly. Somehow, she managed to evoke every emotion known to man. She was what made women call out their lover's name in the act of lovemaking. She was what made babes whelp for their mothers during the night. She was the most pleasurable, forbidden dessert ever to be feasted upon. She was the fear that beat against men's breast. She was the cause of love… of lust. She was the death that hovered at a laboring mother's side, waiting… waiting to take her life. She everything, everything.

            Her hair was gold and black. Here honey, there onyx. It was wild about her head, torn from the wind, and yet seemed neat. Her eyes were every color describable, always changing never the same. Red once, gold twice, green once, blue three times. She wore the heavy dark rode of pure evil priestess that flared to the floor. Her skin was porcelain, but dark as her hair. She looked fragile, but as deadly as a viper. Her lips were so red it looked as though they bleed and her nails were black and long and poisonous.

            Dark Jak could say nothing as he choked on words. If had been able to speak he would have prayed for a savoir to rescue him from this demon… this angel… he wasn't sure what she was. She was everything he had dreamed of… everything he had feared. She was the monster under his bed, ready to devour, waiting to devour. He wanted to weep at her feet, he wanted to run away. He wanted to pray, he wanted to scream. In her presence his emotions were jumbled. Everything he could feel he felt… sadness, hatred, love, lust, anger, insanity.

            She was Chaos…

            "Erisen…" The Chaos goddess Eris whispered, her voice like that of the softest breath but also the screech of a falcon. It was mixed with every horrible and wonderful sound imaginable, "finally, I have wakened."

            The Chaos goddess moved to kiss her mate and even Erisen flinched as the red lips meet his cheek. Her kiss was like a thousand needles loaded with the sweetest drug. It stung when touched, but as the poison rushed through his veins he felt peace.

            Dark Jak found himself praying to whatever god may have been listening to a mortal's voice. He prayed for someone… anyone to take him away from this woman. In her presence his heart seemed to stop, time seemed to stop. Around her everything was confusion… men didn't breath, hearts didn't beat, and no one could think.

            Now the Chaos goddess took notice of him and even hardened beast-Jak shuddered in raw terror. She walked… no… no, she glided… over to him, her ever shifting eyes never leaving his. She seemed to hold him in place… he couldn't run as his mind urged him. He could only watch.

            "And who this?" She whispered in her everything voice. She drew a long, jagged fingertip down his cheek, drawing blood with the slightest touch. Dark Jak didn't even notice the pain, he was transfixed by Eris and the black of his blood on her fingertip. Her smile was like a scowl and a smirk combined, "There is darkness in him. I can feel it… the evil of him… why is he not one of mine?"

            "He has already been called by the god Lokin." Eris's face went neutral at the name, but there was distaste in her shifting eyes, "And he is also the mate of the High Priestess…"

            "Pity." The goddess mumbled, "He would have made a good follower. No, matter though… I shall enjoy his suffering." She drew her bloodied fingertip to her lips and painted it with the liquid she had taken from Dark Jak's lips. She then proceeded to like away the blood, like a cat would milk.

            Dark Jak was not appealed by this… in fact, he saw it as the most erotic thing he had ever seen. It horrified him, disgusted him. It was sick… the way she feasted on blood but it was as if she cast a spell upon anyone in the room. You wanted the thing that made you shudder, the thing you hated. Dark Jak wanted to feast on his own blood as he watched Eris drink it. His throat cried out for the copper liquid to be put into his mouth and the sane part of his mind curled into a ball and stared at himself in horror.

            What I am doing? What am I thinking?

            Eris smiled, as if she knew what he wanted, and placed her black painted finger to his sealed lips, "Go on, Jak," was her whisper, "you know you want to. I can see it in your eyes… you have yearned for this. You have repressed the beast for so long, but know he demands for the blood."
            For a moment, Jak struggled against the sway of the goddess. He turned his head, tried to look away from her intoxicating eyes, but he was drawn back to him. Cursing his weakness in his head, Dark Jak parted his lips and accepted. He lapped at the blood placed in his mouth like a starving puppy, all the way Eris's demon-laughter floating in his head.

            Oh God, what am I doing? Stop, stop! No! I don't want this… it's disgusting… wrong… evil. Oh God, oh God! I can't stop! Keira, forgive me for being weak. I can't stop myself. Please someone stop me… I don't want this… I don't want her. Keira, Keira! Please… forgive me… she's so powerful… I can't stop myself… I have no control… over my body…

            "Good, Jak." Eris whisper came, "This is what you are supposed to feel. You are supposed to want this blood. The little chit of yours has made you weak… but I will make you strong… everyone in this world has forgotten the terror my name is, but I shall remind them."

            Jak wanted to spit out the blood, but looking into Eris's changeling eyes he could not. If she had told him to go find Daxter and all his friends and kill them, he would've. She had told him to go offer himself as food for the Metal Heads, he would've. He would have done anything for her… all she had to do was ask it. Nothing would stop, not even his own brain.


            Eris was leaned down close now, towards his hear. He could feel her hot and cold breath fan his ear as she whispered, "I shall enjoy breaking your will… it is so strong, Jak. You are like this impenetrable force, Jak. Unbreakable, indestructible, but I know your fatal chink. You will break… and you will beg for mercy when I have the little chit of yours. Her suffering shall only heighten your own. You shall beg me for your own death so you do not have to watch her suffer like I will make her suffer. You shall beg and plead for her to be killed quickly by the end of it. Her screams will be the only thing you hear as you burn form the inside out."

            Dark Jak's eyes widened and his fingers curled into fists. His mind was filled with Keira… of her suffering, crying out for him… and he being unable to protect her, of only being able to watch as she bled.

            "When I am done with her, when she bleeding and broken, she will have wished for rape—a much softer torture then the one I shall give her. And she will look to you for help, but you will be helpless. You will only be able to watch her as she dies. Then, you shall snap and you will be mine." Eris's soft laughter floated into his ears, sending shivers up his back as he tried to twist his way free from her spell.

            "That is enough, Eris!" Came a new, strong voice that had Dark Jak snapping his eyes wide and looking towards the new coming. His lips parted to whisper her name, but Dark Jak was a mute so he made small incoherent noises.

            "Ah, so the little chit decides to show up. Your dark mate and I were just speaking about you." Eris said as her eyes scanned Keira's companion, "And Gaeny, you also arise? I am truly blessed, I will be able to decimate the last of the High Priestess line and both you and Lokin's boy can watch."

            As Eris stood and strode over to the Goddess, Keira rushed to Dark Jak's side, crying his name repeatedly. Dark Jak stared into her eyes in shock, wondering if she could possibly be real… or if she was an illusion created by his foggy brain.

            "Oh, Jak! Jak!" Keira cried, throwing herself over his chest, "Are you alright!? You're bleeding, Jak! Oh, please be okay!"

            Meanwhile, Erisen finally turned and faced the woman he had once loved, "Gaeny." He whispered her name so softly that she almost didn't hear it. She turned her head and looked at him lovingly.

            "Oh my darling, Daniel. Look what Eris has made you. You are so bathed in the evil that it burns my eyes to look at you. My beloved, why have you betrayed me? Why have you sided with Chaos who destroyed your city?" Gaeny cried out, her eyes once again young and innocent.

            "Speak not to me of these things, Gaeny." Erisen cried, "For I am deaf to your pleas now. You no longer have sway over me. I am sworn to my dark mistress now… and only her, never you."

            "I do not wish to harm you, beloved, but I promised Keira I would give her the time necessary to defeat Eris so I shall!" Gaeny formed an energy ball of the purest light in her hands. She cupped it like on would a child and aimed it at him. Slowly, she forced Erisen to move away from Eris, Keira, and Dark Jak.

            Keira was pleading with Jak to awaken. She was aware the Eris was now moving towards them and she knew she needed Jak to defeat the goddess. Only together could they wield the Virgae-Mors sword.

            "Please, Jak," Keira cried as Eris descended upon them, "wake up! Please! I can't do this without you. I need you to help me wield the sword. Please Jak…"

            Just as Jak's eyes fluttered open, Eris grabbed Keira roughly by the hair. As Keira howled, Eris pulled her away. The Chaos goddess dragged Keira to her, yanking her head back far enough so that the slim column of her throat was bare.

            "Are you afraid to die, High Priestess?" The goddess questioned with a chuckle, "Tell me? Do you fear what I will do to you?"

            Keira glared right up into her eyes, though the darkness in them scorched her skin, "No." She answered clearly, calmly.

            "Good. I have always respected the High Priestesses for their bravery. I am pleased to see you won't taint that for them. Prepare yourself to meet your ancestors, Keira Kinover."

            From the corner of her eye, she saw Dark Jak rise to bloody knees and struggle against the goddess's hold, "My name is Keira Hagai." She gasped out as Eris raised jagged talons to plunge into her neck. But then Dark Jak threw his weight against the goddess. The Chaos ruler has seen Jak's move and was able to dodge the hit, but she was forced to release Keira.

            Panting, Keira dropped to knees and reached for the glaive the Goddess had retrieved for her. She unhooked it and turned to the goddess. Dark Jak stood in front of her, protecting her, and Keira reached out to place a hand on his shoulder and let him now that she was okay and ready to fight.

            "This is where you die, Eris." Keira snarled, her teeth bared, "For all the evil you have… all the souls you have twisted… al the enemies you have killed… there can be only death as punishment."

            "I think not, High Priestess." Eris answered and her eyes shifted to a bloody, gruesome crimson, "You see, you have yet to see my full power. Did you really think that this was my limit? That I have so little power? My dear, I rule over all Chaos. My power can be matched by no one!"

            Keira and Jak both backed away as Eris rose from her feet, her long black dress floating around her feet like tentacles from a monster. Her hair whipped around her head as a savage wind suddenly rose from nowhere. Her talons become long and longer until they were longer then her entire arm. Her skin became as white as porcelain with a blue tint to it. She was disgusting… she was beautiful.

            Chaos rising…

            Erisen further off turned his head and watched his mistress rise. He turned back to the Goddess and laughed wildly, "Your High Priestess shall die now, Gaeny. And with all hope for this world! We shall rule all!" He turned and made way towards Eris to aid her in her conquest of Keira and Dark Jak.

            "No! Daniel, you will not step further!" Around herself and Erisen rose a gold shield of divine magick so powerful that not even Erisen could break it, "I will not allow you to serve your mistress, Daniel. Even if I must destroy you." Gaeny looked at her one-time lover with sad, sad eyes.

            "We—we cannot win." Keira cried in horror as she dodged the attack of Eris, "She—she is Chaos! She is dark—darkness! How can we hope to defeat her….? Oh Jak, I've gotten you into another fix… forgive me."

            Dark Jak, panting with his knees and palms pressed to the ground from dodging Eris, turned his head and looked at his mate. There were tears swimming in her eyes and running down her pale cheeks. Dirt and gray sand was smeared across her face and there was so much blood… on her. He knew most of it was harpy blood, but he knew she totted fierce wounds that would leave their scar on her if she lived. But whether or not she would live through this day had yet to be decided.

            "Ke—Keira." Dark Jak managed to stutter as he gently whipped away a tear from her cheeks. As she began to tremble softly, defeat washed over him like a tidal wave. Chaos was to strong for them to beat… there was no way Eris could be defeated. She would win and the world would be… dead…

            Above them Eris powered up. Gold and black and green and blue power sparked around her as she looked down up her foes with eyes that refused to choice a color. She would enjoy killing them… and at the same time she wouldn't. What no mortal or god could understand was that Eris borne an accursed fate. She was Chaos incarnated. She was insane, sane, dead, alive. She could not be a specific emotion at once. She was everything… she hated her enemies like Jak hated Metal Heads and yet she loved them like Jak loved Keira. She wanted to destroy them… and yet she wanted to cherish them. But in the end she always decided on the same choice.

            Destruction… she loved the Chaos… she loved knowing that there were people that understand (if only for a moment) what she felt.

            Dark Jak reached for Keira as she weakly drew closer to him. Their arms interlocked and their legs twined. Keira trembled against, feeling the end approach with Eris's steps. She pushed herself against Jak—her mate, her love, her life—and squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the sounds of death. Her arms encircled Jak's back and she held onto him for dear life.

            As Keira's body wrecked with sobs, Dark Jak's talons twined her in her hair. His back was to Eris but like death he could sense her approach. He drew Keira as close to him as he could, trying to absorb her into his skin to protect her from this. He cursed himself for being such a poor guardian, such a poor mate, and buried her head against his chest so she couldn't see Eris. He would not allow her last sight be Eris's evil grimace/smirk. His mind cried out for help, for anything, but he knew he would not receive an answer.

            Keira forced her head free and looked at him with over flowing eyes, "Oh Jak!" She cried over the howl the wind.

            Suddenly beyond reason, Dark Jak clasped her to him and pressed their lips hungrily together. And even though he was in his dark form, she did not reject him. She pressed her mouth against his, just as equally hungry for his taste. He wanted to die with her taste on his lips, with her soft body yielding against his. If he was to die today, he would die knowing he loved her and she loved him just as equally strong.

            "Prepare for the end! Consider yourself lucky that you will not have to see your world be thrown into Chaos!" Eris cried and the warmth and frigid cold of her divine magick floated just above their skin.

            Keira cried out against his mouth, but Dark Jak would not break the kiss as their death descended down upon them. Keira's tears fell from her closed eyes and dribbled down his cheek. Jak felt like crying just then, but couldn't in his beast form. He felt the power began to singe his skin and he knew that Eris was going to make this as painful as she could before they died…

            Suddenly he invoked a god he had not known existed for help. It was as if something had controlled his mind then and forced the words to be shouted out in his mind.

            Lokin help us!

            And just as the most painful power slammed down upon them a golden pure light filtered into the room. Dark Jak gasped and broke away from Keira who's eyes widened, glittering in the almost blinding light that filled the realm.

            Finally, the light died down and Jak saw what had come to their aid. Floating just three feet above their heads, radiating the pure gold light, was the Virgae-Mors sword. Its whole body was glowing with the gold light and on the silver metal of the hilt the reflection of an invisible man smiled before disappearing…

            Eris was on the floor, bleeding from the head and the stomach but not dead, no not dead, "How… how can this be happening? You—you have no power! Not over me! Why does the sword react now? How…?"

            Without thinking Dark Jak stood and reached for his sword. The gold light surrounded his hands and traveled up his arms. It burned him so badly that Jak almost let go of the sword, but somehow he knew if he did all would be lost. The light would die and Eris would win…

            But there was no way he could move with such a pure weapon burning his tainted fingers. How was he to strike Eris down with his fingers burned to crisp? Dark Jak growled in frustration as more pain washed over him.

            But suddenly two hands clasped over the twisted hilt of the sword and Dark Jak jerked his head back and looking into Keira's eyes. She leaned in close and pressed her lips to his cheek where she had left a tear stain.

            "Let's do this together, Jak. Give me your strength and I shall give you my purity." Keira whispered into his ear and Dark Jak nodded. Slowly, the High Priestess and her mate made their way over to the Chaos goddess.

            "NO!" The goddess screamed, raising her talon hands to ward them off, "I am the Chaos ruler! You are mere children! How can you beat me!? How can you beat me!? Me, the mistress of all Chaos!?" It was in that moment that Eris truly felt fear. Fear for her life as Jak and Keira stood above, clutching the most holy weapon in their palms.

            "Jak!" Keira shouted above the roar of wind and Eris, "Jak! End her now! Slam the Virgae-Mors sword into her breast! Do it, Jak!"

            Dark Jak obeyed and with an animal roar he and Keira raised the sword above their heads. Jak guided the sword down, down, down… and Eris's screamed, screamed, screamed. Her eyes that weren't eyes at all widened as the sword, the most holy sword of the Goddess's love Virgae-Mors, found its mark in her chest.

            Eris withered, withered as the holy sword scowled her skin. Her power, her evil Chaos power, drained from her and the sword got more and more powerful. It burned the goddess and its user. Burned them with the purest power.

            Dark Jak's whole arm was on fire and he burned for Keira. The sword was destroying him, killing him along with Eris. He saw the smoke rise from his burning flesh but didn't remove his hands. At last, Eris's body went limp and her power burst from her body, rushing past Dark Jak and Keira.

            At the same time, more pure power rose from the sword and it was all Dark Jak's body could take. As the pure power surrounded him and Keira, the beast lost its hold. Dark Jak's white hair was replaced by honey blonde with green streaks. His skin returned to its normal tan color and the talons receded back to normal length nails. He fell against Keira and they both fell to the ground. His body was still on fire, but he could now feel it cooling. His eyes grew heavy and he felt himself slip into sleep.

            As he fell into sleep, a powerful male voice floated into his head, "I help you out here, Jak. I ended our era for you, my Chosen. I won't forget this… and neither should you. You owe me and I won't forget this…you owe me, Jak…"

            Jak's head lolled against Keira's chest and she smiled down at him, relieved that they had won and that they were okay. She ran her hands through his blonde hair and panting slightly. Helping Jak use the sword had taken a lot out of her, but unlike Jak the power of sword hadn't burned her. It had cleansed her, made her as pure as one could be as a mortal. It had strengthened her.

            That was when she noticed that Eris's body was still glowing with its power. Dread welled up as she pulled Jak's limp body closer.

            Eris weakly rose her head from the ground and said softly to her, only her, "I may be gone… but the era of the gods is far from over. My—my last gift, High Priestess. An on—one way ticket to Chaos." Then her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she lay limp, as dead as an immortal could ever be.

            Keira screamed as above Eris's dead body the black portal began to grow. Lightening crackled in it, struck the ground, and everything began to twist. Small stone objects began to be sucked into the hole, disappearing as they sunk into the black of the hole.

            "A—a black hole." Keira whispered as she dragged Jak and herself away from the danger at hand, "Pu—pure Chaos at it—its worst."

            Behind her Erisen, the last of the Chaos family, laughed out loud at Gaeny, "You still lose, Gaeny. This black hole will expand and swallow everything. Chaos has won, good is defeated. My revenge on you is complete."

            "Daniel please! We can stop this! We can stop the black hole's growth. I beg you, know that I love you and have never betrayed you. You have killed your own flesh and blood over and over again… and would have killed me, but I still love you. I shall always love you. Help me, Daniel, please." Gaeny moved towards him to take the god into her arms, but Erisen jumped away.

            "NO! You never loved me! You betrayed me! You left me to die when things got hopeless. You left everyone to die when you knew it was hopeless!" Erisen/Daniel screamed at her, venom in his eyes.

            "I came back as soon as could. My mother and father forced me to return to them, but I could not leave you to fight alone. Surely you see that, Daniel? Look inside yourself and see that I love you…" Gaeny then forced Erisen/Daniel to his knees and pressed her lips against his hair, her white light shrouding them both.

            "No! No, I don't want to see! No!" But Erisen/Daniel's eyes widened and he saw what he had done. That he had been lied to, that Gaeny never betrayed them. That he had killed his daughter and his daughters' daughters… and then he was Daniel. He pressed his tear-filled eyes to Gaeny's stomach and sobbed, "What have I done!? What have I done!? I killed them all… my own children!"

            "Danny." Gaeny whispered, "Danny, help me correct your mistake. Help me save this world and your descendants, my love. Please, I cannot do it without you."

            "Tell me what I must do and I shall do it." Daniel whispered, "I will do anything to repent for what I have done. Show me, Gaeny."

            "We must throw our powers into the black Chaos hole. There, our powers will seal it shut and the world shall be saved. At the same time, all other gods will be stripped off any real power they held over this world. They will be nothing more then shadows… ghosts walking among humans. And all those killed by Eris's hand shall rise again. The cities shall be reborn here on the foundation of the Krrez Lands. All shall be right, my love." Gaeny explained.

            "Yes, I see. We shall herald in the new Era. The Era of Humans… this will be an age will no god has any say in mortal affairs. They shall be in a tiff and hate us, but the mortals shall love us. Come, beloved, let us save this world." Daniel stood, once again a knight and lover of the Goddess, and held out his arm to her. Gaeny accepted it and slowly they made their way over to the black deadly portal.

            Just as they reached the threshold, Keira cried out, "Wait! WAIT! Don't go yet! There is so much you need to tell me! What will happen in the future?"

            Gaeny turned and offered her a smile. Not the smile of a goddess, but the smile of a proud mother, "My child, the coming years will be tough on you. There is much I see happening… much that will happen to the next generation, you're generation, but you shall walk on. Be strong, my daughter, for this is your world now."

            Daniel looked over at her with sad, sad eyes. They had returned to their true color, having been freed from Eris's spell. Blue. Eyes that had been passed on to every High Priestess save Keira who had been given Sig's eyes, "I shan't ask for your forgiveness, Ke—my daughter. Just accept this one last gift I can give you."

            And then before Keira could protest anymore, Daniel and Gaeny walked into the portal. Each glowed with the power of their divine magick and it filled the black portal as they disappeared and dissolved. Slowly, the black hole became whiter and whiter until it was so pure and bright it almost blinded Keira.

            Suddenly, the portal burst and Keira screamed. As magick flew through the realm, she threw herself against Jak to protect his weak body from the burning shards of power. Tears ran down her cheeks as she cried for them. For the young Goddess and for the man who loved her. She prayed for them to find rest and to Daniel to know she had forgiven him… Chaos could warp anyone.

            Then a cool small object touched her and dissolved into her skin. She raised herself off of Jak and watched with wide eyes as glowing white shards, as pure and cool and soft as snow, fell from the sky. She felt herself relax and the shards entered her and soothed away all pain in her body.

            Around her the Krrez Lands were disappearing and she and Jak were returning to the battlefield where their friends had fought the harpies, who would be all dead along with Eris.

            Keira smiled down at sleeping Jak and saw that the white power shards of the Gaeny's power were healing his wounds. She brushed aside his hair and looked back up at the sky, which still were gray and threatened rain.

            But she smiled and thought of the pure, innocent Goddess Gaeny and her mortal knight lover Daniel, "Thank you…" She whispered, knowing they couldn't hear her now, but saying it all the same. They had given everyone everywhere a new hope… a new future. Like Gaeny had said this was their world now and they would live and dictate as they saw fit. No gods, no fighting immortals, just humans and the Earth.

            It began to rain…


                        The harpies just dropped dead, one by one. One minute they were raging, almost completely overpowering Keira's guardians and then they were dead on the floor. Their howls of death floated around the battle field and they were so fierce and loud and horrible that Gareth tried to shut them out.

            Sala was still curled against him, her breathing uneven and labored. He knew she didn't have much time left. Tess had to heal her… and fast. But with his busted legs and all the harpies flying around, still clinging to life, Gareth knew he wouldn't be able to grand the blonde's attention.

            "Sala," he whispered to her, pulling her closer to him as if to give her his own heart beat, his own breath, "don't die yet. Just hang on a little longer and everything will be okay. I can't lose you."

            Sala's lips moved to his whisper his name as her last breath left her. Gareth screamed her name as loud as his burning lungs would allow, as if to jar her away from death, when she went completely still against him. The howls of dying harpies met his own as anguish washed over him.

            Then all was still…

            Every harpy lay still and dead on the cold earth, not a glimmer of life in them. The roar of wind and rain died completely and no sound was made by Mother Nature. It was as if she had stopped to watch. There were no words spoken from Keira's other guardians and Gareth seemed to have lost his own. His eyes widened as a sense of peace washed over him. It was as if all worry had left him.

            Then he felt the soft, warm snow touch his nose and dribble down. No, wait it wasn't snow. It was to warm, to bright to be snow. He didn't know what it was but he felt his wounds heal as it glazed his skin.

            Suddenly, Sala began to stir against him, her lips parting so she could moan. Gareth blinked down at her and saw that her bloody wound was sealed now with only the dried blood around her clothes as a clue to what she had felt. Her eyes blinked open and she stared at him in confusion.

            "Did we win?" She asked, moving to pull herself out of his arms. Gareth, however, didn't allow Sala to move. His arms tightened around her waist and his superior weight kept her from standing and moving away.

            "Gareth, what—"

            "Listen to me, Sala. I need to tell you something, something important. And don't you dare say it has to do with Keira or Jak or whatever it is you said was the reason. This has nothing to do with Keira or Jak or Erisen or anything else. This is me and you… only me and you." He cupped her face, looked deep into her eyes, lovingly, "I love you, Sala of Rye. Nothing shall change that."

            Sala looked at him hard in the eyes, as if trying to decide if he was telling her the truth or not. She must have decided quickly for moments after her eyes narrowed her face broke out into a smile. Her hands rose to encircle his neck and she pulled him closer, their mouths inches away.

            "That's good to know because I love you, too Gareth of Luxhine." Sala answered, her eyes sparkling in the light of the snow drifting from the clouds above their heads.

            Gareth pulled Sala to her feet and brushed a snowflake away from her cheek. Slowly, he lowered his head and kissed her. It was the first time they kissed when both of them were ready for it, neither of them surprised, but it was just as pleasing as the other kisses. Tongues mated urgently and hands sought to learn every curve of the other's body. Sighs mingled as lips parted and the love was exchanged.

            And the snow danced around them.


                        Nyx and Crea blinked at the same time, looking identical, as snow touched their muddy skin. Crea smiled slowly and raised her head to the sky, her lips opening to catch the snow on her hot tongue. Nyx sheathed her sword and held out her hands to watch the snow dissolve on them.

            Everyone was relaxing now that the feeling of peace had washed over them. Sig had dropped his claymore to the ground and allowed himself to bellow with laughter and joy at having won the fight. Tess and Daxter were grinning at one another. Daxter opened his mouth to say a wise remark to Tess when the blonde jumped on top of him, placing hot kisses across his mouth and face.

            Daxter didn't seem to have any complaints…

            Crea and Nyx walked away from the three, towards the realm where the Black Doors had once stood. Crea's hair was littered with snow shards and Nyx's face was flushed from their touch. But there were grins on their faces as they looked one another. For the first time, their grins were truly happy.

            "It's over?" Crea asked her sister, her eyes lighting up as she cast her head towards the gray sky, "We won? Erisen—Daniel is no more?"

            Nyx nodded, "Keira has defeated Erisen and restored everything to the way it should be. We have won…" but suddenly she didn't feel like they had won at all, "we shall never see the Goddess, again, I fear Crea. I felt her presence leave us the moment everyone else was given peace."

            Crea nodded grimly, coming up to hug her sister's leg, "I felt it too, Nyx. Are we useless now? What have to live for? The Goddess is gone and Erisen is defeated. We have nothing to avenge."

            "I do not know…" Nyx answered on a sigh, "I should have liked to see her one… last… time, though… Goddess…"

            "Nyx… Crea…" Came the whispered from behind them. Gasping, Crea and Nyx turned around and faced the ghostly pale image of the Goddess. Her face was smiling and her eyes soft. She was just as how they remembered.

            Without thinking, Crea gave a sob and latched herself onto the Goddess's feet. Her eyes swam with tears and pearl drops ran down her cheeks as she pressed hasty kisses to the immortal's legs. Nyx stood perfectly still, her eyes wide and her lips parted, never looking away from the Goddess.

            "I… used the last of my power to see you… one last time. I love you so much… both of you." The Goddess said softly, "And I hope you will use this second chance at live I gave you wisely. Nyx, learn to be more open… and Crea, try to be yourself more. In the coming years, many things will change. Cities with be reborn and people will just start showing up… and another threat will make itself known. Help the people of the Holy City and Haven City… help them cope with what is to come."

            "As you wish it, Goddess." Nyx said with a nod of her head.

            The Goddess chuckled and looked at her former guardian softly, "Nyx, do it for yourself. Defend the Holy City because you want to, not because I want you to. I want you to be yourself."

            "Thanks for everything, Goddess. I'm going to try to grow up for you." Crea said, her face still stained with her tears but her lips smiling.

            "Crea, so much will happen to you. You will have so much to do with the next war. Be strong, my little one." No the Goddess gave a small cry, "Goodbye, my friends. My two best friends. You've helped me more then you ever know." And the Goddess was gone.

            Crea kneeled on the floor and looked at the spot where the Goddess had disappeared sadly, but there was still a smile on her lips. Nyx didn't say anything as she turned, sensing something coming near.

            She saw the portal leading to the Krrez Land dissolve and watched as two figures emerged from there. They leaned on another from exhaustion, but the larger of the two seemed more out of it. They slowly made their way over to Nyx and Crea, their faces distorted by the snow which was now turning into rain.

            However, Crea recognized them as soon as they moved only ten feet. She gave a whoop and jumped to her feet, rushing towards them. Her shoes kicked up snow as she screamed, "Keira! Jak! You're not dead."

            Jak was limp against Keira's shoulders, his eyes closed and his breathing even and deep, but he was jarred awake when Crea jumped happily into his arms. Grinning groggily at Keira, he twirled Crea in the air as her arms swung above her head. Her shrieks of laughter made Keira grin.

            What a picture they make… Jak hugging a small child to him and Keira laughing at them both by his side. Nyx thought as everyone else—Sala, Gareth, Sig, Daxter, and Tess—moved past her to greet the couple.

            "Keira! You did it! You did it!" Tess cried happily as she brought Keira's into a tight hug, almost choking the life from her, "I can't believe you did it! You defeated a god! A god, Keira! You're a hero now, just like Jak."

            Daxter moved Crea out of Jak's arms and then pushed himself into them, crying out, "Oh Jak! I was so worried. I thought you'd died." At Jak's quirked eyebrow, Daxter quickly moved away and said sheepishly, "Of course I knew you'd win. Hehe, you're Jak after all, buddy! Jak the hero! Jak the god slayer!"

            "I'm so tired." Jak mumbled as he rubbed his soar arms.

            Sig happily clapped his hands on Jak's shoulder and the younger man groaned under the added weight, "You done good, cherry, you done good." Was all he said as he shook his head in disbelief.

            "Lady Keira…" Sala said softly, her body still weak from her wounds, "thank you… thank you. Without you my city would still be in fear of Erisen. Thanks to you, we can now finally have a night of true rest."

            "Our city—your city—shall honor you… and you, Jak, for what you have done for us all. You have helped restart the world." Gareth smiled at them both and twined his hands with Sala, who leaned her head against his shoulder.

            "Thank you, Sala, Gareth. You both have helped Jak and I so much and—and where is Marisa?" Keira questioned, noticing for the first time that the winged youth was not in the group.

            The air of happiness suddenly shifted. Gone was the joy and relief of victory, replaced by an overwhelming grief for the loss of a friend. Crea bit her lip and cast her eyes to the sky, as if hoping to spot the girl with the angel wings. She was not surprised when she did not.

            Finally, Sig stepped towards Keira and looked at her softly, lovingly, with the eyes of a father, "Marisa died for you, Keira. For your cause… she died opening the gates for you. And she left you with a message… it was: 'good luck, you guys'. She was brave… very brave."

            Keira lowered her head sadly and fought back her tears. Her mind swelled with images of Marisa. First meeting her, Jak shooting her, Marisa laughing, fighting, crying, worrying, and being so strong… so brave.

            "We—we won't forget her." Jak voiced Keira's thoughts and she nodded numbly in agreement.

            "It must have been hard." Tess observed, "Being the last of her kind, always different, always having something to set her apart. Maybe it was for the best? Now she can be with her family."

            "Wherever she is, she's in a better place. The Goddess will look after her, of that I am sure." Nyx said and Crea nodded her fair head in agreement.

            Keira sighed and said softly, still mourning the passing of a friend, "Let's go home. Back to Haven City. I—I want to see how Torn and Ashlin are—are doing." Jak shook his head in understanding, reached out for her head, and then together they lead the way from the barren wasteland back to the Holy City.

            As they walked away, a lone white angel feather fell to the floor…


                        "So, let me get this straight? After the harpies here starting dying the Metal Heads ran scared?" Jak asked as he, Torn, Ashlin, and Keira sat around a large table in one of the room in the palace.

            Ashlin and Torn sat opposite Keira and Jak, a large map of Haven City spread out before them. Tiny red marks had been made on the map as they went over the parts of Haven City that had been heavily damaged in the Metal Head incident. In the two weeks since their return, Jak and Keira had worked hard to restore their city back to its original form.

            Torn leaned down and uncapped his red marker, made a tiny red dot in the Water Slums, before finally answered Jak, "Yeah. I mean, there's still a whole bunch of them out there, but after all the harpies died they kinda backed off from the city. Must've known we'd beat them."

            Jak stifled a yawn, "Yeah, must've… can we go now? What?" He asked Keira as she nudged him in the ribs.

            Torn finally looked up from his work and eyed Jak calmly, "We have a lot to go over, Jak, It was your plan to combine the Wastelanders and the Krimzon Guard. If you're going to be the leader of this new branch you need to be here to go over the preliminary set-up procedures."

            "I just thought it was an obvious move." Jak answered with a shrug, leaning back in his chair, "After all, the Wastelanders and the Krimzon Guard share a common goal. The Metal Heads. Why not join them?"

            "Because the Wastelanders hate the Krimzon Guard." Was the gruff reply of the Krimzon Guard leader.

            "Who doesn't?"


            "Hehe, sorry Keira."

            Ashlin shook her head at the both of them, "You go away from a few months and come back dating… this was really all it took to get you two together? We should've exiled them, Torn."

            "A very tempting offer." Torn muttered, offering Ashlin a sidelong glance, "We could still do that. I'm sure we'd find something to incriminate them with."

            "If I went away then who'd save your sorry ass from the Metal Heads?" Jak snapped good-naturedly.

            "So you're saying I can't take care of myself?"

            "Well, you haven't real shown me any reason to believe you can."

            "If I kick your ass here to the Water Slums would that convince you, blondie?" Torn snapped, but there was no real anger in his voice.

            "Let's go, tough-guy. I've been waiting for an excuse to kick your ass." Jak stood, a grinning angry look on his face, "I'll show you the real meaning of pain. You haven't seen anything until I get to you."

            "Oh, I'm shivering." Torn muttered sarcastically, eyes narrowing, "Come on, blondie, let's take this outside."

            "Men." Ashlin muttered in disgust.

            "Men." Keira agreed.

            "You think maybe it be easier to just claim celibacy and run?" Ashlin wondered idly, pressing to fingers to her temple, "I'm sure I could live without sex… especially if it'll get me away from Torn and Jak's constant fight. It's gonna be hell now that they'll be working together for sometime."

            "You wanna run away? We could move to the Holy City. I'm sure we'd be welcomed there. I have connections, you know."

            "Don't tempt me."

            Jak and Torn looked at one another as Ashlin and Keira had their 'we hate men' talk and then grimaced, "Maybe we should stop fighting…" Jak trailed off, lowering his eyes, "I mean, they are talking about no sex."

            Torn shuddered, "It's unthinkable. Okay, Jak, we'll 'talk' more about this once they're not here to complain. Go on and get what you need done." Torn retook his place next to Ashlin. Jak reached out and pulled Keira from her seat.

            "Let's go before that redhead gives you any crazy ideas." Jak suggested, offering Keira a boyish grin, "See ya, Torn. We'll talk more the Wastelander branch of the Krimzon Guard later. We got a party to get to."

            "Bye, Ashlin. Congratulations!" Keira cried as she allowed Jak to drag her from the room.

            "I wonder how she knew." Ashlin pondered, two fingers creasing the diamond band wrapped around her slim finger. Torn gave her a knowing smirk that was filled with amusement at having been caught.

            "Keira's a lot smarter then her man Jak, Ashlin. He may be oblivious to the fact that there's an engagement ring on your finger but it wouldn't slip by her notice." As Ashlin sighed happily, still rubbing her ring he added, "You didn't want to go to that foolish party did you? If you did we could still catch up."

            Ashlin turned her head and smiled softly at him, "No, not really. I'm not ready to let everyone know out little secret. And if Keira figured out this secret of ours it won't be long before she finds out the other one." Her smile shifted to something different. A smile that was wise and loving, of female knowledge. Her strong, capable hands reached out and cupped her flat stomach.

            Torn smiled back at the light in her eyes. He couldn't remember a time when he had seen her this happy, this powerful, and he felt himself reach a new level of joy. He shifted his chair so the open end was facing Ashlin and he added his hand to hers, so they were both touching her stomach.

            "I don't know how good a father I'll make." He admitted to her wearily, "I never gave any thought to it before… but I'll love our child, Ashlin. I'll do everything in my power to keep it safe. I swear."

            "I know you will, Torn. I think you'll make a great father… you may have to watch your mouth, but a good father all around." Ashlin was still smiling at him, pleased to have his hand over the life they had created.

            "Are you sure you don't want to go to the party? I mean, I was told new mothers always liked to brag about their first born." Torn pressed, truthfully trying to change the subject.

            Ashlin laughed, her husky voice filling the room and arousing the other resident there, "No, Torn, I want to stay at the palace." Grinning wickedly, she pulled him closer to her, "Besides, I can think of something better to do."

            Torn pulled her into his lap and pressed a kiss to the tanned column of her throat, "I get the feeling your only after my body." He muttered against her sensitive skin.

            The redheaded female shivered and ran her hands through his hair, "Could be. It is a very fine body, but it could be because I love you."

            "Mmmm," Torn agreed and pulled away from her neck to look into her eyes, "I love you, too, Ashlin. I know I haven't said it in so many words—"

            "This is good enough." Ashlin whispered and kissed him full on the mouth, drowning them both in passion.


                        Jak and Keira walked aimlessly down the road to the Port where Daxter's party was being held. True, they did have a party to get to but they were in no hurry to reach it.

            Keira had her finger locked securely in Jak's arms, protecting them from the chill of early spring. Her face was pale and flushed, but her deep red lips were curved. She rested her head on his forearm and sighed.

            "Keira…?" Jak questioned.

            "I wish Sala and Gareth and everyone had agreed to come back here for the party." Keira answered his unspoken question, "With everything that will be going on, I don't think we'll be seeing them for a while."

            "But we will see them again, Keira." Jak answered easily, shifting his waist so she could be closer, "And that's all that really matters."

            She chuckled, "I suppose you're right." She turned her head and looked up into his eyes, "Jak…"

            He bent his head to brush, kiss, deepen. Her warm breath fanned his cheeks as they came closer and closer together. Murmurs were exchanged as their already parted things made the last leg of their journey to one another.

            "JAK!!" Groaning, they broke away to see a certain redhead rushing to them. Jak rolled his eyes as Daxter stammered, "Co—come on, Jak! We're al—all waiting for you to ge—get here!" It wasn't from the cold that he was shivering. No, it was something else entirely.

            "Daxter, you and Tess have been seeing each other for almost a year now, right?" At the redhead's nod, she went on, "Then why are you so nervous to marry her all of a sudden? Wasn't it your idea to get married in the first place?"

            "Oh I know, I know. And I really want to marry Tess… it's just that everyone gets nervous when they get married. A fact of life, you know? You'll act like this too when you and Jak get married. Trust me." Daxter said, "Now come on! We have to get to the party! Tess's is getting antsy!"

            "I will not." Keira mumbled as she and Jak followed Daxter to the Naughty Ottsel. The manikin of an ottsel Daxter still decorated his roof, but Daxter had made a solemn vow to all his friends to have it replaced by his new form.

            The warmth flowing from the Naughty Ottsel was welcomed as Keira, Jak, and Daxter stepped in. Daxter immediately waved to his wife-to-be, who was behind to bar serving drinks, and scurried to her.

            Keira sighed as she saw Samos and Sig eyeing each other from opposite corners of the room. Samos was still confused by how Sig was Keira's birthfather, but it didn't take a complete understanding for him to feel awkward around Sig. The same could be said with Sig. Though they had both agreed to act civil around one another for Keira's sake—which she suspected Jak had something to do with—she knew that they'd never be even close to friends.

            The same could be said with Jak and Gareth. They had said their respective goodbyes, shook hands, but it obvious they weren't sad to see the other gone. They wouldn't hate each anymore, but they would never become friends. They couldn't. Not after all that had happened.

            But that is neither here nor there, Keira told herself, just enjoy the party. Enjoy Jak. She grinned over at the said man and took his hand. As the music started up, she dragged him onto the dance floor.

            As they danced Daxter tried to convince his newly made fiancée to leave her respected spot from behind the bar and dance with him. Fumbling, Tess hastily whipped at the bar with her cloth and shook her head in protest.

            "But what about the drinks?" She asked, her eyes wide at the thought of people going through the drinks and messing up her organized mess, "Someone—I have to pour them for everyone, Daxter… maybe later…"

            Daxter grabbed Tess's hand pulled out from behind the bar, "They can pour their own drinks for once, Angel Cheeks. Come on and dance with me! It's the first time I'm using these human feet."

            Tess sighed and grinned slowly, allowed Daxter to lead her to the dance floor, "Okay, my hero, let's see if you can keep up with me." As a fast beat picked up, they swung on to the dance floor laughing and enjoying themselves.

            As the party winded down, Tess and Keira went behind the bar to look at the choices Tess had for wedding dressed. The big book was plopped on the bar table and squeals of delight filled the air. Sig and Samos actually seemed to be talking to one another, but it looked mostly as a cause of Samos's confusion of how Sig was Keira's father.

            Jak and Daxter stood at the floor, leaning against the wall with a 'cool' air about them, sipping their brandy. Though they both were getting that slightly 'buzzed' feeling in their heads, they were far from drunk.

            Daxter turned his head to Jak and eyed the man suspiciously, "So when are you gonna marry, Keira? I always figured once you got her, you'd make sure your keeping her, but it's taken a long while for you to get to it. A girl like that's gonna expect a ring on her finger, buddy. Are you gonna ask?" He questioned, motioning to the two girls with his glass.

            "I will, Dax." Jak answered, "I just want the time to be right. But you can be damn sure I'm not letting her out of my sight. She's mine, Dax, and nothing's going to change that. Ring or no."

            Daxter chuckled, "Same old Jak. Finding your soul mate hasn't changed you one bit." He shrugged and moved himself from the wall, "I'm really glad, Jak. I like who you are. Don't change, okay?"

            "I'll try not to, Dax." The blonde replied as the redhead staggered over to his fiancée.

            Grinning, her eyes slightly glazed from the brandy she had consumed, Keira walked over to him, "Ready to go, love?" She questioned and pressed a kiss to his cheeks, molding her body against him.

            Jak nodded and hooked his arm around her waist, turning his head to capture her lips. She giggled against them, "Let's go home." He said and guided her from the room, waving to Tess and Daxter who looked ready to jump each other as soon as everyone left. Samos and Sig gave each other horrified glances, made up excuse for leaving, and followed Jak and Keira out.

            Tess and Daxter didn't seem that upset about it…


                        Later that night, when Keira was asleep but still panting from their lovemaking, Jak lay awake and wondered. He hadn't told anyone but he was haunted by the last words he had heard in Dark Jak form.

            "You owe me, Jak…"

            What did those words mean? Who had spoken them? How much would they affect his future? All these worries combined to one powerful voice that shooed away his sleep. So now all he could do was stare at the ceiling and the Stadium that glowed outside the window, Keira's window.

            He looked down at the young woman in questioned and smiled. The moonlight played across her features and her body was glistening from the sweat still coating her skin from her extortion. The pale white sheet of her bed covered her naked body, but still gave him ample view of her supple curved. Her ocean hair was plastered to her forehead and there was a smile on her lips.

            Jak leaned down and caressed her forehead with his lips, whipping away the hair there. He felt her sigh and shift against him. The moonlight allowed him to see her eyes open tiredly and stare up at him with heavily.

            "What's wrong, Jak?" She curled more fully against him, burrowing against his warmth, "You should be asleep… don't you have to see Torn tomorrow?" She stifled a yawn by pressing her mouth against his abdomen, her hands otherwise preoccupied with curling around his waist.

            Jak untangled Keira's limbs and turned her so she was forced to look into his eyes. Running a gentle finger down her smooth, pale cheek he said softly, deeply, loving, "I think we should get married, Keira."

            For a moment Keira stilled against him, but even Jak could not see her reaction in the dark. The he felt her melt against him as her answer broke through the darkness, "I think so, too, Jak. I was just waiting for you to say it. What the hell took you so long? I though you never would."

            Jak's chest rumbled with his laughter, "You should have said something… I—I wanted to make it romantic, but I don't do romantic well. But this is enough, isn't it Keira? This is good. What we have."

            He saw her teeth flash white in the darkness as she grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck, "It's perfect, Jak. You're prefect. I love you, understand? And whenever you do something for our love, that's all I need."

            He pressed his lips to hers, holding them both there for an instant, an eternity. Caught between heaven and hell. He rolled over and pinned her beneath him, energized by his love for, and pressed her into the mattress. He set out to plunder her, her lips going first, followed by her ears then neck then shoulders. At the same time Keira went on her marauding escapade. He felt her teeth glaze his shoulder and then be soothed by the flick of her tongue. Her finger dug small crescents into his back and her name was a prayer, a beg, on his lips.

            Finally, surprisingly, Keira broke away from him. She turned her head to evade his lips. At his small sound of protest, she turned back to him and looked at him hard. Her fingers rose to twine in his hair and her lips pouted.

            "Promise me something, Jak." She whispered softly to him, moonlight's pale fingers twining itself into her hair and shining on her beautiful face, "Please, Jak. Could you just… just promise me something?" Her eyes, those green eyes, glowed like burning emeralds against her skin.

            He would have promised her anything. The city, the world, the universe, and he would've done everything he could to give it to her. He would have whispered a thousands words over and over into her ear just to get her to smile at him. He was putty in her hands… all she had to do was ask.

            He cupped her face, looked gently into her eyes, and massaged her cheeks as gently as his callous thumbs would allow, "Anything, Keira. Anything. Just say it and I'll do everything to get it for you."

            Keira shook her head, she would never demand something from Jak save his love, "Just stay with me—always. Always love me, Jak. Always be mine. I—I don't think I could go on if I didn't have you, Jak. Never leave my side. Together we can do anything. Of this I am sure."

            "I won't, Keira. I won't." Jak repeated over and over again, desperately joining their lip, "I will never leave you. I love you, Keira. I love you."

            "Jak… Jak, I love you to." Keira whispered as they both sunk deep into the bed, lost in each other. Only their sighs broke through the night. But the whole time a little voice whispered those words over and over again, telling Jak he would still had much to do. Much Jak and Keira would have to do, have to have.

            "You owe me, Jak."



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