Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one portrayed here

Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one portrayed here.

AN: This is a companion piece to my songfic, "Tonight". This picks up where that story left off. I don't pretend to know French and I refuse to mangle the language, so Remy won't be speaking a heavy amount of it here, other than his usual endearments. We also already know how he and Rogue sound so I see no reason to overdo the accents. R rating is for sexual situations in later chapters. I'll take any liberties I want with Bayville, Remy and Rogue's abilities, and whoever else I want because I can, heh heh heh.


The warm night air blew past Rogue's cheeks, still managing to be cool enough to fan the flush on her face as she sped down the highway. Dancing with Remy was always an erotic experience, and the heightened emotions both had experienced tonight brought things to the level of an intimate encounter. Rogue always showered after she had been around Remy; Wolverine's nose was infamous for picking up the least scents, especially if that scent had the habit of hanging out with Magneto. Tonight she would need to take a cold one though after the rollercoaster she had just been on. Love, lust, longing, exhilaration, fear; the emotions mixed like a drug and ran through her veins. She didn't think she'd be able to sleep tonight. There were too many thoughts going through her head, too many emotions in her heart. Closing her eyes for a brief second, she picked up her speed. Logan's bike was a thing of beauty and god could it go. Racing down the road on a warm summer night after having spent a heady evening in the arms of the man you love, a powerful piece of machinery between your legs. Could life get any better than this?

Yes it could. Tomorrow could be over, everyone safe and sound with Remy's plans successfully brought to fruition. Magneto could be put away and Remy could be lying in her arms, without having to worry about waking up before anyone discovers she's missing. Soon enough sugar, soon enough. We've been this patient. But it's so hard now that it's almost time. Every beat her heart has made over the last few months seems to have been leading up to this time. Did she ever imagine when she stepped onto that battlefield that she'd be starting a dance that could carry her this far? The stars glow in the night sky as she brings back a memory of..

6 months ago


Scarlet on black, black velvet.

Such rich, deep colors. Amazing that nature could take these and set them in someone's eyes. But there they were, and what a background they were set in, too. Tall and lean, kind of scruffy looking auburn hair framing an angular face, lips that could make a saint sin. She felt her breath catch in her throat, and her heart was moving in a rhythm that she had never felt before, kind of panicky but excited at the same time. Move, why can't I move? My glove is off, right? I should be trying to take him out. All I have to do is just lift my hand and touch his face. His face.. Dear God, is my mouth hanging open? She couldn't move. She couldn't think. She could barely breathe. All she could do is stare stupidly into those beautiful eyes, praying desperately that she wasn't drooling. She knew the Devil could put on a pleasing face, but it just wasn't right that something that delicious could be working for the enemy. Where did Buckethead find this one? Do they have any more where he came from? My hand. He's taking my hand. Are you taking me somewhere? I'll go wherever you want, beautiful. I.. no, wait. He's putting something in my hand. What is this? A card. King of hearts. Yes, I can believe that. Are you leaning forward just a little? You couldn't possibly.. Maybe I can take you out with a kiss instead, unless someone up there likes me and the King of Hearts is immune to my touch. But wait, you're backing away, leaving me still in the pretty light of this...


The card.

The card is glowing.


With a sudden jolt in her system she woke up from her daze and threw the rosy card as hard as she could, where it exploded a few yards away. What the hell was she thinking?! While she was standing there drooling he almost blew her hand off! Shaking her head angrily to break herself from the rest of her stupor, she looked around but the tall stranger was gone. She was left standing stupidly next to some crates on a battlefield with a burnt card lying on the ground and a new kind of electricity sparking in her heart. Who was that and what the hell did he do to me??