Title: Moonlight deception

Disclaimer: Here we go. the standard disclaimer stating that I do not own any of these characters. I think it would be cool if I owned Inuyasha, but I don't. There we go. I think that's all. Oh wait I should say that I don't own all of the characters in my story here huh? There you go the disclaimer.

Note: When a character is thinking to themselves I will post it as such: *How dare he* And forgive me if I miss spell the character's names wrong.

"Inuyasha your ramen is ready!" Kagome calls out for Inuyasha as she sits under the vast moonlit sky. She sits near the warm fire cooking herself and Inuyasha something to eat. "Inuyasha!" Kagome stands up and looks around to see where he possibly could have gotten off to. *Honestly I turn my back on him for one minute.* Inuyasha suddenly burst out of the bushes from which he seems to have been lying in wait. "Inuyasha! How dare you!" Kagome crosses her arms and stands perfectly still with her face full of anger. "What exactly were you doing sitting in that bush? I hope you weren't spying on me Inuyasha." Inuyasha stands straight up to face Kagome. "Me spying of course not." Kagome seeing right through his act starts tapping her foot. "What?" is Inuyasha's brilliant response.
"I suggest you just sit." Kagome got no further, because she jumped backwards to avoid being taken down with Inuyasha. "What ya do that for?!" Kagome blushes a bit. "Sorry Inuyasha. I keep forgetting to rid my vocabulary of the word sit. Oops." Inuyasha's face meets the ground again. Finally after a few moments of lying on the ground Inuyasha gets up and heads over to the blanket where Kagome has already made herself comfortable. "Why does everyone else get to stay in the comfortable beds in the village?" Kagome asks Inuyasha after he takes a seat next to her. "Quit your whining. This is better then nothing. They had to stay there because Sango's hurt. You know Miroku won't leave her side." Kagome looks down at the ground. "I suppose you're right." Kagome hands Inuyasha his ramen and watches him start to gobble it down. Kagome sighs and diverts her attention towards the stars. * Look at us. Were under the stars with the moon big and full, and can he be a gentlemen? Of course not! He has to gobble his food down like a pig. How romantic. I just wish he would act like the Inuyasha I want him to act like. *
Inuyasha notices Kagome's distress and looks over at her. "Hey what's your problem?" Kagome sighs again. "Oh nothing." Inuyasha shrugs. "Ok." Then he goes back to his ramen. Kagome stands and starts to walk towards the bushes where Inuyasha was hiding. "Hey where are you going?" "On a walk." "Whatever." After filling up on his and Kagome's ramen Inuyasha lies down on the blanket and starts to get comfortable. Kagome reaches the bushes and stops. "Inuyasha?" "What?" Inuyasha says dreamily as he starts to drift off into slumber. Kagome slowly backs away from the bushes and bends down to where Inuyasha is on the blanket. Inuyasha looks up and sees the frightened look on Kagome's face.
"What's gotten into you? Are you ok?" "Now's not the time to be sleeping Inuyasha. I feel fragments of the jewel not far beyond those bushes. I feel a lot of them. It almost feels as though were being watched." Inuyasha's up in a split second. "You're right. I can feel a demonic presence. Who's out there?" Kagome hides behind Inuyasha. "I don't think that's going to help Inuyasha."
Meanwhile perched in a tree hiding behind his baboon skin Naraku waits and watches. As Kagome turns he catches a glimpse in her eyes. * Kikyo? No it can't be she's dead. * Despite his thoughts Naraku can't seem to take his eyes off of her raven black hair, and her beautiful eyes. * Damn you Onigumo. Why must you plague me? * "I will just have to make certain myself. I shall snatch her up right from underneath that half breed nose." Naraku says deviously to himself. He gracefully jumps from the tree branch and lands on the ground without even making a noise. Kagome grabs her bow and arrows from behind Inuyasha. She stands and aims at the bushes. "What are you doing?" "Protecting myself." Inuyasha's ears start to twitch. "Well then I guess you don't need me your highness." Inuyasha drawls. "Since you can handle it yourself then I'll just come over here and take a dog nap." The minute Inuyasha turns his back he hears rustling in the bushes.
Then he hears Kagome scream. When Inuyasha turns around however it's too late He sees Kagome being taken away by none other than Naraku. "Kagome!" Inuyasha yells in despair. "Naraku! You will regret this!" Inuyasha realizing that he can't save her now grabs her bag and runs off towards the village. When he gets there he sees that the light is still burning in the little room that everyone is staying in. "Good." He bursts through the door to see everyone feeling better. "Inuyasha?" Miroku stands in a whirl of confusion. "What are you doing here? And where's Kagome?" He watches as Inuyasha flexes his hand in anger. He gets a painful look in his eyes. "Inuyasha are you alright?" Sango now addresses Inuyasha. "That bastard took her. I turned my back for one second and he carts her off." "Whom are you talking about?" Shippo now joins the conversation. "Naraku."
Miroku is now at Inuyasha's side. "We must go after them." "Are you sure you're all feeling up to it?" Inuyasha raises his head and looks at everyone. "Ready as ever." Sango lays a gentle hand on Inuyasha's shoulder. "We'll get her back." Inuyasha looks up at Sango with a half-dazed half-grateful look.