A/N and Disclaimer: This is only a sequel to Alliecallienip's story, "Out of Air". (http://www.fanfiction.net/index.fic?action=story-read&storyid=164002). You've GOT to read it before you read this, or...well, this won't make any sense. She owns that and Mirune...J.K. Rowling owns Minerva McGonagall.

Every Wednesday, she comes to see me. My sister. My twin. I watch her as
she steps through those thick doors, her hair pulled back into that stern bun, her square glasses set precariously on her nose. Her appearance is so emotionless. Sometimes, the glare on the lenses tries to hide her eyes. But I can always see past.

They all think I'm crazy.....and I must be. I know all the terrible things I do, all the insane, frightful personalities that inhabit me. Frightful. It's a word I would never have used to describe myself. I always loved everyone, and I couldn't bear for anyone to be cross. I never, ever wanted to frighten or hurt anyone. Yet I can see the fear in Minerva's gray eyes when she visits me. No, not me. Rue, or Mei, or Birch, or She-Devil. At least, that's what they call the wild, screeching, clawing personality that nests inside of me. I just call her Bitch.

Why can't anyone see I'm not really crazy?! I'm still here! Lord, Minnie, help me....she doesn't see. I want to cry out. I want to scream at her, plead with her to get me out of here. She doesn't see! Why can't she ever see?

It's because she won't look me in the eye. I don't blame her....I'd be afraid of me, too. She doesn't want to see my eyes now.....she thinks that she won't find any trace of her sister left. But I AM here! The only part of me visible to the outside world is my eyes; after all, they are the windows to the soul. My soul. My REAL soul, not what everyone sees.

That doesn't stop me from seeing her eyes. I wish I could cry....I wish more than ANYTHING that I could cry for her. She has so much courage to keep coming to see me....and yet her visits kill me. For I don't see any love left for me in those eyes. Only sadness. Minnie, I'm sorry....I'm so sorry.....