OK… this is an odd little poem ^^ Read at the risk of becoming insane, as I so clearly am…

I'd also like to clear a something up with my song fic, "Imaginary," about the lyrics. I downloaded the song off Kazaa, and the lyrics were in that order. *shrugs* It's weird. They're like two completely different songs. I think there are two versions? I have noooo idea.



Gazes solemnly out the window;

Her dark curtain concealing what lies behind

Except for the Eyes.

They are shadowed and indifferent

Like a shield that resists all prodding

To find her soul.

She stares at the crimson sunset

The colour of blood

She is entranced in her own world instead

And the beauty is meaningless to her

Dark eyes dull and emotionless


The warm wind beckons her

However, she doesn't leave

Her sanctuary of eternal silence

Imprisoned forever

Staring impassively.

The wooden chair creaks,

Yet she doesn't make any noise herself

Just sitting there.

She doesn't seem lonely

She's just there


Quiet and perceptive

Behind her wall of hair

She is


She's lost eternally

In the echo of a memory

Unmoving, and uncaring

Her mouth set neutrally

For I can see it now

Her hair has parted

Yet the darkness still lingers

And it's growing

It's encompassing


What's hidden within

And I feel myself drawn in to the aura

The aura of nothingness

The eyes turn to me,

And I feel myself drowning.

Drowning in her emptiness

Drowning in the


And as I writhe in agony

Her face remains stoic.