A New Life

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Chapter 1

"FRIEZA!!!!!!!!" was the cry heard throughout the vacuum known as space. Thousands of light years away from Earth, a man with a monkey like tail flew as fast as he could towards a circular space ship. He had black hair that went off in every direction, green armor, blood coming from his forehead, and cheek, and a red bandana. His eyes were full of anger and hate. He fought through wave after wave of men as he shot towards the circular space ship. His name, Bardock, a Saiyan general, a monster killed his entire team, named Frieza. Bardock stopped right in front of the ship.

"Frieza! I know you're in there! Come out you bastard, and fight face to face for once!" Bardock yelled. Meanwhile in the ship, Frieza looked out the window with his two right hand men, Zarbon, and Dodoria. His tail moved from side to side as he watched.

"What on earth is he babbling about?" Zarbon asked.

"It seems that the monkey has somehow received a false hope that he can defeat me," Frieza chuckled. "Those monkeys never know when there're outmatched. It's time to get rid of them once and for all." Frieza got in his hover chair and went to the top of the ship.

"Frieza! What's the matter, afraid of a little monkey like me? Come out and fight me!!" Bardock yelled again. He smirked when he saw the top of the ship open, and Frieza emerged. Frieza raised only his index finger, and a small orange ball formed.

"It's time for you pay for what you've done!" Bardock growled, and started to gather energy in his left hand. "This is for all the people we killed in your name, here have it!!!" Bardock then threw the blue ki, knowing it would be enough to finish the monster once and for all. Frieza just started laughing, and all of a sudden the small ball transformed into a gigantic ball, the size of a small moon. The blue blast hit the ball, and it only made it bigger. Frieza just started laughing and threw the ball.

"What!" Bardock exclaimed. He gasped when he saw the ball come closer. He was soon engulfed in it; he felt his life energy slowly drift away. His bandana flew off out of the ball, and he armor burned off.

"My son lives on," he said slowly. "KAKAROT!!!!!!" was his final yell before his life energy was completely gone. The ball slowly made its way towards Vegeta, home of the Saiyans. A small space pod blasted off the planet, inside was the son of Bardock, Kakarot. The ball hit the planet, and with a large explosion, the home of the Saiyans was destroyed. A large, powerful, and loud shockwave rocked the area. The shockwave hit the small pod and it shook rapidly. The explosion caused a small rip in space to form. It was small about the size of a baby sun. The space pod flew inside, and Kakarot was safe from Frieza, for now.

****Earth, SM dimension****

"Serena you ready yet?" Darien asked.

"Almost!" Serena called back. She was now 21, and she and Darien had been married for three years going into their fourth. They were going out for dinner, while little Rini who was five, stayed with Ami. She put on some lipstick quickly, and fixed her hair. She grabbed her purse, and rushed downstairs.

"Enjoy your dinner," Ami said. Rini ran up, and gave her mom, and dad a hug. Serena kissed her daughter's forehead.

"We'll be back soon sweetie," she said.

"We should be back by 9, 9:30 at the most," Darien told Ami, who nodded.

"Be good honey!" Serena said to Rini as she went out the door.


"Approaching the planet Earth," the computer. The baby inside just rolled over, and snored. His small hand fell on his father's bandana. It flew out of the ball, and floated near the pod. Kakarot's small foot accidentally pressed the open hatch button, and the bandana floated inside. The hatch closed automatically, and the baby had something to remember his father by, weather he knew it or not.


Serena took a sip of her wine. She smiled at her husband who smiled back.

"Oh, Serena I want to give you something," he said.

"Oh, what's that?" she asked. Darien got up, and pulled out a small box. When he opened it, it reviled a sliver bracelet.

"Happy Anniversary," he said. Serena gasped.

"Darien, it's beautiful," Serena said softy, and let Darien put it on for her. "But our Anniversary isn't until next week," she informed him. Darien groaned, and sweat dropped.

"And I spent half my salary on this too!" he groaned.

"Don't worry I still like it, it's just a little early," Serena giggled.


The pod was now approaching Earth's atmosphere.

"Now taking pilot out of hyper sleep," the computer said, and a green gas shot at the baby. As soon as he took a breath, he inhaled the gas, and slowly woke up. When he looked around, he started to cry.


Serena and Darien walked through the park under the stars. Darien smiled at how happy he made his wife, who was smiling as she looked around the park. She always thought the park looked much better at night.

"Oh Darien this is so romantic," she sighed, and looked up at the stars. She saw a shooting star, and gasped. "Looking a shooting star!" she pointed out.

"Yeah, I haven't seen one of those in the longest time," Darien said, and looked at it as it sped across the sky. But this shooting star wasn't an ordinary shooting star. It shot towards them, like it was a space ship! Serena realized this too, and they nodded at each other. A loud crash rocked the area as the ship landed. The ground shook, and the couple held on to each other to keep each other from falling.

"What was that?" Serena asked.

"I don't know, but let's check it out," Darien said, Serena nodded, and they ran to where the ship landed. They found a large crater, and at the bottom was a small space pod. The door opened, and they prepared to transform if it was some kind of monster. When nothing came out they wondered if there was anything in the pod at all. Serena decided to look inside.

"I'm going to see if there's anything inside," Serena told him. Darien followed her. She looked inside, and gasped.

"What is it?" Darien asked. Serena turned around, and in her arms was a baby that looked like it was only a month old.

"A baby," Serena said.

"Who would put a baby in a space pod?" Darien asked.

"You think he has powers like Superman?" Serena joked.

"Maybe he might," Darien said. The baby started crying loudly.

"What is it little guy?" Serena asked him. The baby opened his little eyes, and saw Serena's soft blue eyes. He quieted down, and fell asleep.

"That was easy," Darien said, and looked at the baby.

"Darien, let's take him home with us," Serena said

"What? But we can't just take a baby from space, someone from his planet might come looking for him," Darien said.

"But if we don't take him with us, he'll die, no one will come to the park after 10, and he won't have anything to eat. He's too young to be alone," Serena argued.

"I still don' know Serena."

"Besides, it'll be good for Rini to have a little brother, it might teach her responsibly at an early age," Serena added. Darien sighed, and gave in. Once his wife had her mind on something, she wouldn't give up on it.

"Alright, we'll take him home with us. But check the space pod to see if there's anything we might need." Serena looked inside, and saw only a red bandana.

"There's nothing here, but a bandana," she told him. All of a sudden she felt something on her arm. She looked at the baby and gasped. Wrapped around her arm was a small monkey like tail, it was attached to the baby.

"What is it Serena?" Darien asked. Serena got out of the crater, and show him the tail. "What is it, some kind of birth defect?"

"I don't know, but this might complicate things a bit, if people see it they'll think he's a freak, and then scientist might experiment on him, and might accidentally kill him!" Serena exclaimed. Darien just looked at her. That may of sounded weird, but still it could happen.

"Alright, so we'll just have to teach him to keep it hidden," Darien said.

"Oh, and one more thing, what do we call him?" Serena asked. Darien, and Serena thought long and hard about it. They both came up with names, but both of them turned each other's down. The baby suddenly started to say something.

"G-G-G!" he babbled.

"What?" Serena asked.

"Gobu!" it exclaimed happily, through tons of baby talk.

"Gobu?" Darien repeated.

"I think the bu is supposed to be a ku," Serena figured.

"So, Goku, like it!" Darien said.

"So do I, come on let's go home," Serena said, and they walked home with Goku quietly sleeping.

AN: Not bad right? I hope you enjoyed this chapter. And before you flame for making Goku talk so soon here's my theory, I think Saiyans learn much faster than ordinary humans. Like for example, when Goku saw Master Roshi use the Kame Ha Me Ha wave, Goku managed to use it correctly just by seeing Master Roshi do it just once. So when baby Goku heard Serena and Darien talk, he managed to learn how to talk a little okay? Anyway, what will it be like raising a Saiyan baby? Serena and Darien might have their hands full. You'll just have to see how everything goes by reading the next chapter of a New Life. See ya!