A New Life

Chapter 6

When Serena, and Darien got home, Luna, Diana, and Rini greeted them.

"What took you so long?" Luna asked.

"Yeah, I need help with my math," Rini said.

"We ran into a little trouble," Serena replied.

"What kind of trouble?" Diana asked.

"The Negaverse?" Luna asked.

"We should talk about this later," Serena said to them, as she felt Goku stirring. She went into Goku's room to tuck him in.

"What happened Darien?" Luna asked.

"I'll tell you as soon as my head stops spinning," Darien replied, and fell on the couch.

Serena slowly put on Goku's PJ'S, and then put him in his bed. As she watched him sleep she thought about the monster he had turned into.

'He can't be a monster, he's so innocent. How can a boy with such a pure mind become such an evil creature?' she thought, then she heard the door knock.

"Mom, it's Rei, and the other girls!" Rini called to her mom.

"Alright, I'll be there in a sec!" Serena called back, and went downstairs.

"So, how is Goku doing?" Lita asked after Serena sat down.

"He's sleeping right now, I don't think he'll wake up until morning," Serena said.

"Serena, we need to talk to you about something," Rei said.


"It's about Goku, you need to send him back where you found him," Mina said. Serena looked at them for a while.


"Send him back Serena! He can't stay here!" Rei exclaimed.

"What! Why?" Serena asked.

"He's dangerous! Didn't you see all the damage he caused, all the people he killed! You have to take him back!" Rei said.

"It's not like he did all that on purpose!"

"And how do you know?" Rei shot back. Serena looked down, and thought for a while, then finally answered.

"I just do."

"That's not good enough! For all we know he wanted to destroy the city!"

"No! Goku isn't like that!"

"Serena, let's face it. He's dangerous."

"You find a five-year old dangerous!" Serena yelled, and stood up.

"Well that five year old is different! He has powers that could easily destroy all of Japan Serena! You have to send him back before more people get hurt!"

"But there's no guarantee that there's someone who even knows him in space! He's better off here."

"Oh so that he can destroy more things?"

"I didn't say that!"

"Then what are you saying!" At this point, Ami and the others were holding Serena and Rei back.

"Come on you guys stop it!" Mina pleaded.

"I'm saying that he's not safe back in space."

"And we're not safe with him here either!"

"Is this a private argument or can anyone join in?" a voice asked. Everyone turned to the door, and saw Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna in the doorway. The scouts looked at them for a while. They hadn't seen the Outer Scouts for a couple of years. They never did become full time members of their group; they just came around and helped them out a little.

"What are you guys doing here?" Mina asked.

"We saw the giant ape on the news and decided to see if you guys knew anything about it," Michiru replied.

"Oh, well I guess Serena knows more about it than any of us," Rei said, and looked at the blonde. Serena returned her cold stare.

"Well, what exactly was it?" Haruka asked.

"That monster, would be Goku.my son," she said softly. The Outers looked at her strangely.

"You have a son?" Haruka said in a shocked tone.

"Well, Darien and I found him one night about five years ago, and we've raised him as our own ever since," Serena explained.

"I doubt he looked like that when you found him," Haruka figured.

"No, he looked like a normal boy, except he had a monkey like tail, but other than that he was a normal boy."

"You call, an extremely energetic kid, normal!" Rei exclaimed. "That kid is far from normal Serena."

"You guys might wanna sit down for this one," Mina whispered to them. After a while after another argument had blown over with Serena and Rei, Serena filled the Outers in on Goku up until he transformed and they stopped him.

"So by simply looking at the full moon he turned into that monster?" Michiru said. Serena nodded.

"That sounds oddly familiar," Setsuna said softly.

"Huh, what do you mean?" Ami asked.

"I've heard of a race of people that can transform into giant apes via moonlight, but I can't remember the name," she said.

"Do you know anything else about them?" Rei asked. Setsuna shook her head.

"So what do we do? Rei wants to send him off the planet Serena wants to keep him. Suggestions?" Mina said. Everyone thought for a while.

"Why don't we just keep him from looking at the full moon," Lita suggested.

"That might be easier said than done. Like I said this race only needs moonlight, not necessarily the actual moon," Setsuna said.

"Oh yeah."

"Mama! Goku's up," Rini called from downstairs.

"Be right back you guys," Serena said and went upstairs. When she went in his room she saw the little boy crying. "Goku what's wrong?"

"Mommy, I had this really bad dream. There was this giant monkey hurting people, and I was that monster!" Goku said as he cried in his mother's arms. Serena smoothed out his hair, and kissed his forehead, and said to him.

"Shhh, Goku it's okay, it was only a dream," Serena said softly as she held him.

"Mommy is it true? I'm I a monster?" Goku asked.

"Of course not Goku, you're the farthest thing from a monster," Serena replied. She looked at Goku, and saw that he was still scared, and crying.

"I'll tell you what, how about you sleep with daddy and me tonight, we'll chase that monster away," she said with a smile. Goku hugged his mother.

"Thank you mommy," he said. "Mommy, can you play that song in your necklace?" Goku asked.

"Sure honey," Serena said, and pulled out her locket, and played the soft tune. In a matter of minutes, Goku was quietly snoring as Serena walked him over to her and Darien's room. She set him down next to Darien, who went up earlier since his head was still hurting. With that done, she went downstairs and joined the others.

"Sure took you long enough," Rei said.

"Goku had a bad dream, and was scared okay."

"Come on you guys, you haven't argued like this in years. Why now?" Lita asked, as she felt yet another fight was going to break out.

"Save your air Lita, I don't think neither of them is going to listen to you," Mina whispered. Lita sighed as the two girls started to yell at each other again.

"His powers are dangerous Serena! Why can't you see that!"

"Why can't you see it was an accident! I doubt he even knew he could do that!"

"Oh please, then why look at the moon in the first place?"

"Because he was curious! That was the first time he ever really saw the full moon! Besides, he couldn't even remember he did all those horrible things! Why can't you see he's just a boy," she said softly. Rei sighed, and sat down, Serena did as well.

"Even so Serena, he can't control his powers. And it might be dangerous," Rei said softly. Serena then came up with an idea.

"Then why don't we teach him to control it," she suggested.

"Serena, we don't know a thing about his powers. How can we teach what we don't know?" Ami asked.

"We'll just teach him what we know, things that'll put his mind to serious work. And if he does transform again, hopefully next time, if there is, his mind will be strong enough to fight that other side of him," Serena said. The other scouts thought. Then finally, Lita spoke up.

"As crazy as that sounds, it just might work you guys. It just might," she said.

"Now that I think about, it does sound doable," Ami said.

"Then it's settled?" Serena asked hopefully.

"I guess it is then," Rei shrugged. "We'll give it a try."

"Thanks you guys, a lot."

"Well I gotta get home, see ya guys," Mina said. The others soon followed her example.

"I hope you know what you're doing Serena," Rei said to her as she was about to walk out.

"Don't worry, I do, see you," she said, and waved at her friends. When they were all gone, Serena went upstairs, and when she opened the door, she giggled. Goku was on Darien's chest, and went up and down as he breathed. Some drool from Goku fell on his father's chest, as he lightly snored. Serena pulled out her small camera in the drawer, and took a picture.

"Mommy, is Goku going to be sent away?" Rini asked from behind her. Serena turned around. "No honey, he's staying right here," she answered.

"Good, because I have more thing to tell him about school, good night," Rini said, and went to her room. Serena changed into her PJ'S and went to bed. She thought, and then put her locket around Goku so that he could hear the song better. She saw a small smile on his face. She smiled, and went to sleep.

AN: Well that's that. Goku is going to be learning some new tricks to go with his natural abilities. Well at least as natural as you get for a Saiyan child. What kind of thing will he learn? Will he learn how to master his energy? Will he ever learn about his Saiyan heritage? Will he meet other survivors of Vegeta's destruction? You'll just have read the next chapter of A New Life. See ya!