Eternal I stared into the never-ending oblivion known as the sky. The sapphire heavens extended further beyond I could ever hope to see, partially cloaked by the lofty trees. The leaves swayed as the wind sighed gustily; grass entangling as the morning dew made it glisten like jewels.

The world seemed so perfect.

Was it an illusion?

No. I could feel the wind toying with my hair and caressing my face, the sun sending warmth throughout my entire body.

It was real. So that could only mean…

I was gone. Away from them.

Away from the hatred and the pain. Away from their accursed glares and accusations – from their infuriating questions…

I was gone. And for once, I felt a strange sort of calm wash over me.

I glanced behind me at the rocky path back to my home; weeds coiled around it in a forbidding way, leading back to the farm…

'No,' I thought to myself, 'not yet.'

Everything sparkled in a way that seemed unreal…

I wish I could be free. Not back in confinement, treated as a freak of nature and something to fear… and stalling wasn't very wise, but I couldn't help it. Fate might always end the same, but I couldn't help but stare at the sky in child-like wonder, if just for a few moments…

For I knew that someday they would have to destroy me. And mommy would be powerless to stop them. I'd finally be defeated. And I wouldn't be able to torture anyone anymore.

I sighed dejectedly. Mommy must be getting worried. With one last glance at the picturesque scene, I hurriedly dashed off down the road.

To my fate… whatever it was –

 I was ready.

Eternal In the rain of bloody tears Destroyed by all these sorrowful years

My body lies in a twisted wake

I died for my sanity's sake

But dancing through the falling leaves

Whisking through the towering trees

The sunrise always lies ahead

My spirit will be here in its stead


Hehe… notice how for the last three poems I've referred to sunrises? O.o;; I find them pretty… and very appropriate… *laughs evilly*

P.S.: I wrote both the poem and the story. If you can call it a story…