This is inspired by the lovely MarcFan's song, "Samara's Song." So go read it! NOW!!

Hehe ^^ Anyway. I give half the credit to her :P Just… because. BECAUSE.

Dedicated to MarcFan, if you haven't guessed already ^^


Whispers of hatred

And I feel myself drowning

In the repulsion

Of their looks cast upon me

I wear my indifference

As a mask

To hide

My fleeting compassion

My hope for freedom

Is a curse

And I wish

I could feel

The wind

But I

Am confined

To this never-ending darkness…

The darkness

Is consuming me

Gradually and I

Am gone forever

In this eternal night…


In this dark nightmare

Controlled by my fear

And terror

Obscurity is all there is…


With no memory

As to who I am

But a disgusting creature

Of malevolence…

Tears do not come

I am not worthy

Or so they say

In repulsion to me

Alone… And unable

To cry…

Fighting from the mask

Pushed back in

By the hatred

On their fearful faces

Gripping onto

Ashes of hope

As I writhe

In my misery

Nothing… is what is holding me…

"I'm sorry,

It won't stop."

And it won't

But they never understand

My wish for love

My desire

The need

To feel


And instead

I am bleeding

I cannot die

I am already dead

My body will diminish

But my spirit will be here instead

Woeful immortality…

Torn and shred

By their cruel hands

Don't be so sure

That I am gone

And as I torture them cruelly

I sit back and laugh

When on the inside

Lies a sea of unshed tears

Swimming in the rain

Of everlasting misery…

My lust for blood

Overpowering The need

To feel


And I      

Am drowning In my


Of unshed