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Couple Crisis

Chapter One:

Kaoru stifled a yawn, it had been a long day and still her history teacher droned on and on non-stop about The French Revolution. Like everyone needed to know it in order to survive. Shaking her head she let her eyes roam around the classroom.

Afew roles away, she saw her all-time best friend Misao staring absently at her textbook. Kaoru knew right away the girl's mind was no where near their teacher's lecture but probably was wandering off to her boyfriend, Aoshi.

Kaoru turned around to see her other close friend Megumi, bending so close to her desk that her nose was just about an inch or so from the piece of paper. She was scribbling something onto the teeny weenie paper, scrunching it up she threw it across the room towards her boyfriend Sanosuke who caught it expertly.He read whatever she had written. Wrote his reply and threw it back to her again.

She couldn't believe it. Everybody she knew seemed to be able to find themselves a boyfriend or a girlfriend. But she...Kamiya Kaoru is incapable of doing so! Gosh she wasn't jealous of her friends. No! She's not. Actually she was really happy to see them all so content with one another. She had known Misao since she was a kid and had known Sano, Megumi and Aoshi ever since she came to this school which is like forever.

But it's getting really annoying. They seemed to be in a world she could not reach. Misao and Megumi had made her feel pretty awkward lately.....giggling and smiling at nothing at all. And all the 'Oooh yea...he's also like that' and 'Wish he's like that' are driving her insane.

The Bell finally rang indicating the end of school. Kaoru stuffed her books into her bagpack and make a beeline for the door when Misao came up to join her. Seeing her girl's face she hieved a sigh knowing what was coming. 'Mann can you believe it??!! Aoshi wouldn't let me go and see him at the office', she rant stomping her foot in frustration.' I mean I already promised I'll just sit quietly not bothering him while he work. Anything's better than sitting in that dull class...listening to Anji-sensei's monotone. Wait till he comes!!!' she continued, looking real dangerous that a few guys coming out of the class didn't even dare look at her face. 'Now, now Misao chan what are you planning to do when you meet him?

Kill him?? I don't think you can muster your courage into doing that or could you.' Kaoru asked lightly knowing her friend can't do as much as give her boyfriend a playful slap on his arm.

'What make you think I can't kill him?? He more than deserved that!! You just wait and see

what I'll do Kaoru, I'll ----.'

You'll what?? Asked an icy voice causing chills down the spine. Kaoru turned around to see none other than Aoshi himself looking straight at her and Misao who's now blushing ten different shades of red, not out of anger that's for sure. 'Errr....I'll, I'll go..um to the ice cream place, yea that's it. 'she said sheepishly. 'Oh I see, I'll go with you then drive you home then.' He said calmly. 'To the ice-cream place then!' She exclaimed excitedly and hurriedly dragged her boyfriend away.

Halfway down the stairs she turned back to Kaoru a frown on her face. 'What ya waiting for Kaoru...hurry up or there won't be a table left for us.' Kaoru was surprise that her friend wanted her to join them. Not wanting to be the third wheel she decided to go straight home.' You two go ahead I'm abit tired...guess I'll go home get some sleep.' She replied. 'Oh ok I'll call you tonight then, see ya later.' With that Misao disappear down the stair.

She walked slowly to her locker and grabs some books she needed for homework. It had been a really long day and she indeed needed some rest. She glanced down the hallway to find Megumi and Sano talking. He must have cracked a joke or something making her giggle. Then they walked away together hand in hand.

She sighed. 'Mann wishes I'd have someone. But hey, I haven't even start finding that someone at all.' Thinking about it, how her friends ended up together was pretty obvious. Misao's been having a biggest crush on Aoshi for as long as she remember. Aoshi behind his calm exterior also have the same feeling towards the girl. Megumi and Sano even though they teased each other alot it's obvious to see that they're crazy about one another. Her on the other hand never had interest in anyone until....now. 'Maybe the time's ripe for me to go on a search for a guy. Just hope I'll find one soon.' Smiling at her tiny plan she walked home slightly happier than she had expected.

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