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Chapter 20

Couple Crisis

Enishi looked mildly amused at the group assembled infront of him, especially the fuming redhead. He loved it when the guy was provoked, and to know it was because of him. That is just really exciting.

"Tsk Tsk Tsk. Kaoru..Why didn't you atleast give me a call and tell me that there's a getting together tonight?" He asked giving Kaoru a creepy smile that shook her inwardly.

"I wouldn't have bother to go home if I knew you're all here." He said carelessly as his gaze landed on his sister.

Tomoe could only gape at her brother. This sure is not looking good. She knew her brother too well. And when he's smiling and talking at the same time like that..it made her shudder.

"Enishi…I think we better go home." She said as she stepped up to her brother and tugged on his arm indicating him to leave. At that moment her eyes caught a faint glint of silver coming from under his coat. She froze at the recognition of what it is.

But he merely shrugs out of her clutch and continued on. "I thought I made it clear, Kaoru, that I do not want you to meet Himura. But it seems like you don't understand…"

Kenshin glared at the guy standing infront of him with pure hatred. "Enishi. This is between you and me. Quit messing with Kaoru before you'll be sorry." He warned tightening his hold on the girl's hand.

"Oooh… acting heroic?" Enishi chuckled darkly. "But I'm not scared of you Himura. And you better take that hand off my fiancee." By now his face had broke into a hideous expression that made even his sister to feel the cold chill down her spine.

Kenshin too had turned, quite calm, only his eyes were that of burning gold. "She's not your's. But—since you're really asking for it. Why don't we have a little duel? Right now. Just the two of us."

"Kenshin! Don't.." Tomoe gasped her eyes widening at the ex-boyfriend, all the while tugging at her brother's arm iritatedly. "Enishi. Let's go home. Let Kaoru go. You don't even like her."

Enishi merely scoff and replied to Kenshin's challenge completely ignoring his sister. "Great. Now it's getting fun. Let's say whoever wins gets Kaoru. And whoever loose.."

Kaoru stared hard at Kenshin who seemed very unlike himself. She felt very uneasy at the way he's acting.

"..Whoever loose dies." Came Kenshin's ice-cold voice, which made her knees to wobble.

"Kenshin.." She said lightly causing him to turn to her. She watch as his eyes soften when they met her's.

"Everything will be okay, I promise." He assured softly before walking down the porch towards the smirking Enishi.

"Let's finish this mess. Just the two of us." Kenshin said clearly as his eyes flashed towards his two friends who stood looking grimly back at him.

"Fair enough." Enishi agreed and nodded still ignoring his sister who now stood in shock.

"Why don't you go fetch your weapon then. I'll go and wait for you at the glen behind this cottage." He chuckled darkly and glided away.

Tomoe waited until her brother was out of sight before rushing up to the group. "You can't fight him, Kenshin." She cried. "I don't want anybody to get hurt."

Kenshin shift his gaze away from her. "I'm sorry, Tomoe. But this is the only way."

"But—" She was cutted short when a hand descended onto her shoulder. "Everything will be okay." Soujirou assured her, "Won't it, Kenshin?"

Kenshin eyed his manager for a moment before his eyes landed on the face of his ex-girlfriend.

"Yes." He affirmed causing the girl to relax somewhat.

"But please…" She trailed giving him a desperate look.

He nodded back knowing what she would ask of him.

Kenshin turned to walk into the cottage to retrieve his katana when a warm hand landed on his arm. "Kaoru?" He asked in mere whisper at the girl who now had an unreadable expression on her face. "I-I don't want…" She trailed her voice breaking.

Kenshin's eyes soften and he strokes her mid night black hair. "It's okay..I promise you."

Sano took that as his cue to step up to the girl. "Come, Kaoru. Kenshin never break any of his promises."

Kenshin nodded at his friend gratefully. -Sano.- With that he whisked into the cottage and within seconds he returned, a katana in his hand. With one last sweeping glance at his friends he took off after Enishi.

Kaoru's worried gaze followed him until he was out of her sight. "Sano…Can we go and watch?"

She asked hurriedly.

Tomoe too looked as worried. "Yes. Soujirou could we?"

The two guys exchange a glance but before they could even answer the girls broke off running towards the direction Kenshin went

"Oh great. Why bother asking!" Sano grunted at the manager who also shook his head.

"I guess we better go after them then." Soujirou said lightly. And the two also shot off after the departed girls.

Further away another guy eyed all the action of the group closely as he reported every single detail to his boss. "So what do you want us to do sir?"

His eyes widen at his boss's order but he manages to keep his voice neutral. "Yes sir." Putting the phone back into his pocket he turned to his collegues who sat next to him. "We are to stay where we are and not to interfere." He announced lightly to his colleagues amidst the confused look on their faces.

"But that's weird…" One of the guys said.

"We do as we are told."



Hiko hung up the phone and turn to look at his guests. "Well it seems like what we thought is true after all, Shinomori."

The younger man nodded back. "But why…all the trouble? I still don't understand.."

"I don't either. But we'll find out soon enough..I think." Hiko replied absently.

Misao, who had been listening to the conversation for sometimes now, heaved a sigh. "I really had no idea what you two are talking about." She said bluntly.

This is so much the date she had expected. Aoshi had promised her a dinner somewhere nice while they're talking that afternoon. But as soon as he had arrived at her house. She just simply said that Sano had found out where Kenshin is. And before she could even say anything. She was whisk into his car and off to Hiko's house, their dinner absolutely forgotten. Mentally cursing herself for telling him, she threw him on of her annoyed look only to be frowned at.

"Misao. I'm sorry if this is boring for you…But I promise I'll make it up for you."

Misao kept her annoyance in place not falling for that trick.

Aoshi shook his head in dismay. "Okay I promise to take you for a two week trip to any place you want."

At that Misao perked right up. "You promised?"

Hiko could only chuckle lightly as he watch the iceman nodding at the girl. –Young people do act weird. I only hope everything will turn out well.-


Kenshin stood facing the brother of his ex-girlfriend, a strange sensation knotting in his stomach. The glint in Enishi's eyes told him, this will not be easy. He knew Enishi well enough to know the guy's skill. And he had to admit; he might not be able to beat this guy. His gaze drift over to the group assembled some distance away. He sighed deeply at the sight of her, his angel. Her mid night hair flying in the night's wind. As her blue eyes lock with his..Kenshin felt all his doubts melted away. He had to win. To stay with her. Unsheathing his katana he stared dagger at the white haired guy infront of him. "Let's finish this, Enishi." He said his voice dropping another octave lower.

Enishi scoffed lightly as he too, unsheathed his katana. Without an answer he lunged forward.

The sound of metal clashing, echoed through the silence of the night.

Kaoru gasped at Enishi's speed and had to wince at how her boyfriend barely blocks the attack.

Her eyes widened at the scene before her. Soon all she could make out was the blur contrast of both men with whisps of red from time to time. The sound of metal clanging into each other never ceased. And she had to admit she was getting worrier with each second. To her side, Kaoru could hear the faint gasp coming from Tomoe. For a slight moment she wonder who the girl is cheering upon. Obviously it had to be her brother. With that, Kaoru realized something she never did before. It must have been hardest for Tomoe, to watch her own brother fighting with her ex-boyfriend.

Snapping her focus back on the battling guys, she found that their speed had dropped immensely. Maybe they're both getting tire. And then to her surprise the two broke apart leaving a slightly stunned, katana-less Enishi.

Kenshin dodge attack after attack. It was not easy to avoid such heavy attacks. He frowned at how his speed had dropped. It is definitely not a good sign that he is getting tire. And judging from the blows he received from his opponent, he knew that Enishi too is getting tire. He had to finish this duel soon. He only needed to win. Killing Enishi would not help anything better and it would also cause Tomoe immense sadness. That's right he couldn't just think of Kaoru but he had to be concern about Tomoe's feeling as well. Gritting his teeth he dodge another blow and landed to Enishi's left. Right at that moment he saw an opportunity. Enishi had a loophole in his stance. Not wanting to miss the one and maybe the only opportunity to win he quickly shifted his foot bringing him slightly to Enishi's side.

Taking the hilt of his katana he knocked the katana out of guy's hand.

The younger guy stood gaping at the redhead unable to speak.

"It's over Enishi." Kenshin said lightly as he sheathed his katana while his eyes landed on a certain girl. He watches as her face broke into a large smile. He was quite lucky that Enishi had let his guard down only for a brief second. A few more minutes longer and he's not sure what the outcome of the match will be.

But before he could take another step away he heard a light snicker coming from the white-haired guy. Before his brain could register anything he too felt his katana being knocked out of his hand.

Enishi grinned menacing. "Uh oh. Looks like we're both weapon less."

"It's over Enishi. I won. Accept that." Kenshin repeated once again.

Enishi continued to snicker. "No it's not over." And Kenshin's eyes widened as his gaze fell on the gun in the younger guy's hand. –Where did he get it from?- He knew instantly, he could not dodge the bullet, with such a close distance to the gun. He's dead as soon as Enishi pull that trigger. At the moment it seemed like his whole life is flashing right before his eyes.

There's so much he wanted to do. So much he wanted to say, especially to Kaoru. It always came back to her, his angel. Why hadn't he tell her more often that he loved her and show her that he really felt that way. Why hadn't he showed her the magnificent ring that lay peacefully in his pocket all this time? But it's all too late now. He's dead in a matter of seconds.

"Say goodbye to everything, Himura." Enishi's voice plagued into his thoughts.

Kaoru's eyes widened as she saw the gun pointed straight at Ken shin's chest. She wanted to run to him. To beg Enishi for his life. "Enishi Don't!. Sano Let me go!" She screamed fighting Sano's hold on her waist.

Sano only hold onto her tighter. "No. You don't get any closer to them!" He shouted back.

She tried kicking him but the rooster head didn't even budge.

"Please..Sano let me go. You can't let him kill Kenshin." She wailed desperately as she fight against his iron grip.

Sano gritted his teeth as he brown eyes flashed dangerously. "Kenshin will never forgive me if I let you get any closer."

Kaoru continued to kick and fight oblivious to what her friend said. The only thing that her brain registers right at that moment is to get to the two of them. To stop Enishi. She is willing to marry him without a second thought if only he would lower that gun.

Kaoru elbowed her friend rather hard in the stomach and felt his hold loosen, taking that moment she rush out to where the Kenshin stood. That exact second the sound of gun blast echoed through the night and Kaoru felt her heart stopping as she saw Kenshin falling to the ground in a heap.
She felt a familiar arm drawing her into a hug but she push away and continue to stagger forward to where Kenshin laid. She could hear Enishi's insane laughter and felt a sharp pang through her heart.

Her mind spins out of control. Visions of the past repeating itself with every step she took. The first time she met Kenshin. Their first lunch. All of the time they had spent together.

Tears streamed from her eyes as she saw him lay there unmoving. She ignored Enishi who had fallen to his knees laughing so hard like he was having the time of his life.

Kaoru knelt down beside Kenshin unable to say anything as warm river of tears kept blurring her vision. All was lost for her. She didn't have any parents nor relative, and now she had lost the one person she had loved. For a second she knew what it was like to be in the state of total shock. She wondered why she couldn't throw herself on top of him and cried her soul out like those girls in the drama. All she could seem to do is to touch him lightly as if he was made out of thin piece of glass that might shatter with her touch.

She was about to lean forward to stroke his cheek when she heard a groan emitting from his throat, quickly she wiped the tear away from her eyes and for the first time she realised that there was no blood or wound on his body. In total confusion she could only gape as Kenshin emitted groan and open his amethyst eyes.

Seeing that her boyfriend is still alive Kaoru threw herself at him and hug him as if to make sure that it wasn't a dream.

Kenshin sighed and wrapped his arms protectively over her small frame.

"I thought…I thought you're…" Kaoru whimpered as she pulled away to look him straight in the face.

"But how come?" She asked confusedly. She definitely heard the gun blast, saw him fell to the ground and Enishi…is still laughing like a lunatic up until now.

Judging from the surprised look on Kenshin's face, he too isn't entirely sure how he is still alive.

By this time Sano and Soujirou had also joined Kaoru and was all staring bewilderedly at Enishi who was unable to stop himself from laughing.

"I so got you, Himura. Oh This is so fun!" He cried as he rolled on the ground laughing non-stop like a mad person.

Tomoe stood next to her hysteric brother not knowing whether to laugh to cry or to shake some sense into him. So instead she gritted her teeth.

"Explain..Enishi." She said slowly indicating that she was on the verge of immense anger release.

Hearing his sister's tone Enishi immediately calm down and stood up sleekly. Shaking his head he eyed Kenshin and Kaoru as if they were both tiny babies.

"You two are so gullible. Especially you, Kaoru. But if it wasn't for you my plan wouldn't be this successful."

"What are you talking about?" Sano quipped.

Enishi just smirked back. "Can't you see this is all my plan. I repeat all..my..plan! Threatening Kaoru to marry me to keep Himura safe. Going away for a business trip so that you could have some time to find out where Himura is. And this.." He held up the gun that was still in his hand.

"..Is a toy gun. It couldn't do as much as bruise you." He smirked and threw it to the ground.

"Why?" Was Kaoru asked back still not fully understanding.

"Why?..Kaoru darling..Let me tell you why…At first I intend to really threaten you as I did, to make Himura suffer for what he did to my sister. For how he had selfishly refused to help her in the time she needed his help. But then one day Tomoe came home smiling happily saying that Himura had generously helped her out of her trouble. I haven't seen such a heart warming smile from her for years. So..let's just say I change the intention of my plan..slightly. I reward those to make my sister happy. I knew you two are going out, but you two didn't seem to know how you felt for each other yet…so I helped you to know how you both really feel towards one another and speed things up a little bit. Kaoru. You two should thank me. " He concluded crossing his arms together smugly.

"You're crazy!" Sano raged waving his fist in the air. "Who in their right mind could come up with such a dumb prank!"

"I did. And for your information Saggara, I'm as sane as you are." Enishi replied nonchalantly.

"Really Enishi! Did you realise you scared me almost to death!" Tomoe screeched at her brother.

"Sorry, Tomoe. But I thought it was kinda fun. Letting you know would spoil it all."

"So this is all a set up?" Soujirou spoke up.

"Duh..Seta san I thought you had to be clever to be a manager. Tsk Tsk Tsk. How I had mistaken."

Soujirou's face burned slightly but he kept quiet.

"So nobody knew about this prank of your's?" Tomoe questioned.

Tapping his chin lightly, Enishi smiled back faintly. "Well there's two other people that found out about it…Hiko Seijurou and Shinomori."

Kenshin's eyes flashed up at the mention of his uncle. "He knew?"

Enishi scoffed back. "I didn't tell him, Himura..he found out on his own. I wouldn't be surprise to find afew of his people around this area." Glancing up at the star lit sky he sighed. "Well I think we should give Kaoru and Himura sometime to talk." He said lightly as he took off with Tomoe commenting his attitude loudly for everyone to hear.

Sano patted his friend on the shoulder and whisper. "Goodluck pal." And strode off with Soujirou beside him.

Silence fell between Kenshin and Kaoru as soon as all the other had departed. Kaoru decided that it was getting awkward, gazed up at the night sky and sigh. "I can't believe that we have been completely fooled by Enishi."

Kenshin nodded in agreement. He couldn't believe it too. And he wouldn't let his chance slip out of his clutch ever again.

"Kaoru.." He said lightly as he reaches out for her hand. "For a second that I thought I was going to die…I regret so many thing in my life. But what pains me most is that.. I never get to tell you how much I love you." He said sweetly as he gazed deep into her blue eyes. "I love you, Kaoru."

The young girl blushed prettily under the moonlight. Kenshin felt a smile tugging on his lip at her expression. "Do you feel that same way?"

Kaoru blushed a deeper shade of red as she mumbled back. "Ofcourse I do."

Kenshin smiled in content as he pulled her closer to kiss her tenderly.

But he had to pulled away from her sooner than he would like when a small, 'Hem, hem.' Came from behind them.

Frowning both of them turn to see Enishi standing there, a smug expression printed on his face.

"What more do you want?" Kaoru raged.

"Not that I really want to see you make out..but Kaoru, darling…I believe you still have my engagement ring on your finger. It's quite expensive so I would appreciate it if you would return it to me…" A mischievously glint appears in his eyes. "..Unless you want to.."

Having enough of this guy for a single day Kaoru quickly wrenched the ring from her finger and threw it at him. "Take your stupid ring and leave!"

Catching it easily, Enishi stuff the ring into his pocket and shook his head lightly. "Mind your temper darling or Himura might find some other girl." And he strode airily off totally oblivious to a fuming girl.

Kenshin chuckle lightly at his girlfriend. "I won't find any other girl even if your temper is a hundred time worst than they are." He assured.

Kaoru smile faintly and had to shake her head. "That Enishi..Seriously is a real pain." She look up at the sky once more and smile. "Such a beautiful night..I haven't seen so many stars in such a long time."

"Kaoru.." Kenshin said lightly drawing her attention. "I've been wanting to ask you for some time now.."

Kaoru blinked at him in confusion but then her eyes caught a glint of something in his hand. She had to blink twice to make sure that her eyes are not playing a trick on her. A ring prettier than any she had seen in her life was perged between his fingers. A heart shaped sapphire with tiny diamond surrounding it. "Would you give me the honor to place this on your finger?"

Kaoru's eyes widened as she look at her boyfriend deep in the eye. "B-but..I'm not even in college…" She stammered not knowing what else to say.

"I'm willing to wait..I can wait forever for you. Just give me the chance to wait, will you, Kaoru?" Kenshin ask simply.

"B-but…it's abit too fancy." She stuttered still eyeing the magnificent ring.

"I'll order you another one, anyway you like it." He stated as a matter of factly causing her to jaw to drop open. "No don't! This must cost you ever so much already."

"I don't care how much money it is..only if you're happy…" He replied sheepishly.

Kaoru shook her head a smile adorning her face. "Then I'm already the happiest girl alive."

She said as she held out her hand for him.

Kenshin blinked and then smiled brightly as he slid the ring onto her finger.

"Wow. It fits perfectly." Kaoru mused and she gave him a big hug. She sighs contently as she felt him hugging her back as well. –Oh this is so magically.- She thought as she drew her eyes up to the sparkling sky once more.


Sunlight streamed into the airy living room of a large manor, casting a cozy atmosphere to the large space. Even though the room was filled with luxurious furnishing the feel of warmth and love lingers thickly in the air. A small table in one corner of the room was laid with many picture frames of a gorgeous couple. One with the said couple in the middle of their grand wedding ceremony. Another with them cradling a baby amidst a group of merry people. Beside that, a portrait of a tiny boy with framing red hair on a swing with a pretty woman with jet black hair, stood brilliantly in a golden frame.

A woman dressed in a cream silk blouse and a matching skirt came bustling in, her dark raven hair tumble freely onto her shoulder. She paused at the tiny table that she had named 'the table of memories'. Picking up one of the portrait she gazed down fondly at it. She couldn't believe how fast time seemed to creep up on her. It had been six years since that picture had been taken. Six whole years that she had been happily married to Kenshin. Chuckling lightly at the sweet memories she let her thoughts flew to those who had been in that portrait with her.

Aoshi and Misao are now engaged, much to the Okina's relieve. They could announce that marriage any day now. Megumi is in her last year at the medical school, unfortunately her father still did not approve of her going out with Sano, who took after his friend's step as a singer.

Tomoe's been kept busy most of the time with her company doing tremendously well with the help of a certain person named Soujirou. Enishi seemed to be quite busy himself, busy with what, Kaoru is still clueless. As for herself and Kenshin. Well…after she had graduated Kenshin had promptly asked for her hand in marriage up to no one's amazement. He had stopped singing soon after that and had taken up his place at his uncle's company as the Vice President. After the birth of their beloved child Kenji, they had moved out of their pent house for the large manor, which used to belong to Kenshin's parents. And had resided there up until now.

Kaoru sighed and place the portrait lovingly back onto the table. She walked over to the far side of the room to open a drawer. Smiling at what she came for she shut the drawer lightly as a voice called to her from somewhere outside the room.

"Kaoru? Did you find the passports?"

Shaking her head lightly she padded out of the room to find Kenshin rummaging through another drawer. "I'm sure I put them in here." He ranted his eyes still fixed on what he was doing.

Kaoru smiled lightly."No you didn't."

"Huh?" He replied and looked up at her. While Kaoru is fully dressed in her working mode, her husband is quite the opposite. Still in his shorts and a shabby nightshirt, that he had carelessly threw on earlier that morning.

Kaoru held up the passports in her hand and sighed. "You put it in the drawer in that room." She pressed the passport into his hands and pointed towards the room she just came from.

Kenshin scratched his head and shrug back at his wife. "Oh well."

"Dadddddd!" Screamed a five years old as he came running up with a wireless telephone in his hand.

"Hey!" Kenshin smiled as he scooped his son into his arms. "So what's this?" he asked nodding at the phone.

"Great uncle Hiko. Wants to talk with you." Kenji said nodding at this father.

Kenshin took the phone while giving Kaoru an exasperated look before letting his son down.

As soon as his feet down the ground, Kenji pranced off.

Waiting until his son is out of his sight, Kenshin frown at his wife who stood shaking her head mischievously.

Reluctantly he pressed the answer button on the mouthpiece. "Yes, sir?."

He shot Kaoru a glance and nodded his head to affirm her. Kaoru could only grin back at her husband. "Well..I'll let you talk to Kaoru then."

He held out the mouthpiece to her a mischievous glint shining in his eyes. Kaoru took the phone and pressed it to her ear. She sighed as the voice of Hiko filled her ear.

"I DEMAND ANSWERS!" Shouted his voice.

Kaoru heaved a sigh and replied calmly. "As usual..there's no used shouting. The answer is the same as it has been every time before."

"And that is!"

"That is…I couldn't let my son stay with you knowing that some mafia might show up for dinner." Kaoru answered dully as she gave her husband a sly smile.

"Er..I won't invite anyone for dinner. Look! I deserve to take care of Kenji while you and my stupid nephew's away. I'm his great uncle, For Crying Out Loud!"

Blowing a stray hair away from her forehead she replied. "I know you're his great uncle but the answer is still no. Okay I think I have to go. See you when we're back then. Bye."

Not waiting for his reply, Kaoru hung up and threw the phone at her husband.

"He does that every time. I wonder why he never gave up." Kenshin mused.

"I know your uncle's great with Kenji, but I really couldn't leave knowing a guy with a gun hidden somewhere on his body might be having dinner in the same house with him."

Kenshin nod understandingly back.

At that moment they heard their front door banged open followed by the familiar voice. "Oi. Anyone home!"

Kaoru glance down at her watch and had to frown. The two of them trodded out to the foyer to find their all time friend standing there with a large grin pasted on his face.

"Sano..I thought you had to be at some press conference." Kenshin mused.

"Yea…it about…ten minutes." Kaoru added.

Sanosuke whistled lightly. "Wow looks like you two knew the exact timing of my schedule…But I think I should drop by to give you two a goodbye." He said winking at his friends.

"Oh come on Sano it's just a four days business trip not like we're going to be off for months." Kaoru chuckled. "Unless…you're just trying to get someone in trouble."

"…Sano! Oh gosh that was one heck of a drive you just did. Hi Kaoru..Kenshin." Soujirou came hurriedly in. You want Tomoe to kill me? She totally said that she would if you're late one more time."

"Fine. Off we go then. Bye Kaoru. And Kenshin, I better get some souvenirs when you're back." With another wink he rushed off.

"Sorry…no time to say much. But goodluck both of you." Soujirou gushed as he quickly followed Sanosuke out of the house.

"They get along pretty well don't they?" Kaoru said as she nudged in closer to Kenshin.

He nodded. "But Soujirou seemed abit surprised. Maybe he thought Sano might turn out better than I am..Well a big mistake for him."

They turned around and started to walk deeper into their house when a tiny knock on the front door caused them to spin around.

Leaning casually on the open door was none other than Enishi, in a pair of jeans and a gray shirt. And image that just screamed 'I'm wealthy and a total bad boy'.

"Hey..I just ran into that rooster head. He's going to be late for sure." He smirked at the couple.

"Oh come on, Enishi that smirk of your's really annoying." Kaoru quipped iritatedly at the guy.

"Mommyyy..when will…" Kenji complains trodding over.

Enishi gave a tiny wave at the boy. "Hey Kiddo."

As soon as the young boy saw Enishi, his face broke into a large smile as he pounce the white- headed guy.

"Uncle Enishi! What took you so long!"

Enishi scooped the boy into his arms and scoffed. "The traffic was horrid, kid. You ready to go?"

"Yea!" was the reply that came with a fervent nodding.

"But I don't see any bags, kid. Don't' expect me to lend you my clothes." Enishi drawled.

"I'll get that." Kenshin said as he walked away to retrieve his son's bag.

Kaoru walked over to her son and give him a light kiss on his cheek. "You behave yourself. Don't' give uncle Enishi a hard time, alright?"

Kenji nodded at his mom. "I will. Uncle Enishi said that if I give him a hard time he won't take me to the graveyard ever again."

Kaoru eyes widened at her son's word. She stared at the white haired guy and screech, "YOU TAKE MY SON TO THE GRAVEYARD!"

Enishi stuffed his finger into one of his ear and sigh. "How Himura could stand you is a total wonder. And by the way 'graveyard' is what I called that flower garden over the cliff."

"Why did it you call it like that!" She yelped back.

Enishi just shrugged. "That's none of your business."

Clasping both her hands to her head she grunted. "I couldn't believe I left my son with someone like you. Really! And I still couldn't believe that we made you his godfather."

Enishi just shrugged back. "Do you realised you say that every time you're going on a business trip?"

Kaoru was about to say something back but Kenshin came back with Kenji's bag in his hand.

He handed it over to Enishi and smiled. "Thanks, Enishi."

Enishi took the bag with his free arm but he drawled back. "I still don't like you Himura…"

Turning to the kid that was in his other arm he simply said. "Let's get going then, kid."

"Byeee mom…Byee dad." Came Kenji's voice as he went though the front door and into the bright sunlight outside.

Kenshin and Kaoru walked out after Enishi to see him tugging the young boy into the passenger seat and got himself into the driver's seat. Within another second the slick silver car was zooming away down the street.

Kenshin drew his wife to him. "I couldn't believe he is so great with Kenji."

"I couldn't believe he is great person with all that attitude." Kaoru chuckled snuggling closer to her husband.

He smiled warmly at his wife. –We owe so much to him…-

"Come on..we have a plane to catch and I'm still not ready." He pouted.

Kaoru pouted playfully at him. "Aww…poor you. " and walk back into the house calling over her shoulder. "But that's not my problem, mister."

"Oh…so that's what you say?" He called back with a sly grin on his face. "Well...looks like you're going to get some consequences from what you just said, honey." He purred as he quickly dash after her closing the door behind him.


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