Twists and Turns

by Kali

Author's note: Being somewhat (okay, really) disappointed by the lack of followup with the current Phillip storyline on GL. I have been coming up with numerous scene ideas of my own. Disjointed ideas, not all tied together. But things I wanted to play with. Some things serious, others, not even remotely serious. Hence this fic, which will be a collection of various scene ideas. Some more comprehensive, than others.

Phillip: "You want me to be honest about my feelings? Have a nice little heart to heart chat? Is that what this little getaway has been about all along?! Why you didn't want the kids here? News flash! The "intervention" happened weeks ago. Neither of you were there. And Alan just did it so he could replace me with Gus!"

Ross: "Phillip, calm down."

Phillip: "Ross, please, Ive done my time in the mental ward. Im better now."

Justin: "We know Phillip, I realize that the past few months have been rough for you. Your uncle and I just want to help you."

Phillip: "You know, I am getting a little sick and tired of being treated"

Ross: "Yeah, the situation is a bit awkward. But, Phillip, you need to try to see our point of view on this. We're worried about you. We only want what is best for you."

Phillip: "Really? Huh?"

Justin: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Phillip: "It means be careful what you wish for. Lizzie said it to me, when I asked her be truthful with me. And I got an earful. I'm not so sure you'll want to hear what I have to say."

Justin: "Say it anyway."

Phillip: "For weeks I kept seeing her, the baby, as a teenager, taunting me, hating me for abandoning her. For not being there when she was growing up. Every time, there was nothing but pure contempt."

Justin: "Oh."

Phillip: "You get the gist of it, dont you? Something I realized in therapy. She wasn't real, but the feelings she represented, were. They suggested that I talk to you about it, but"

Justin: "You resent me, that much?"

Phillip: "You left Springfield shortly after I found out."

Justin: "For Sammy's sake. I thought you understood that."

Phillip: "I I don't know. You told me to come visit you whenever I wanted to. But, it wasn't the same. And it wasn't the only time you abandoned me."

Justin: "Phillip."

Phillip: "You thought Alan was a monster. Don't deny it. You all hated him. So why"

Justin: "Phillip."

Phillip: "Why did you abandon me to him?!"

Ross: "Phillip, it wasn't like that."

Phillip: "Then, what was it like? Huh? Cause I'd like very much to understand. How could someone leave their child to be raised by someone like Alan, unless..."

Justin: "It was because we loved you that we did it. You were miserable living with Jackie and me."

Phillip: "Because I thought you were my ex-stepparents! Do you know how confusing that was?! I felt like Alan and Elizabeth had abandoned me! That I had been replaced by Alan-Michael!"

Justin: "Phillip, you had just been gravely ill, and we didn't want to take any risks with your health. And Elizabeth"

Phillip: "Didn't want me, didn't love me, anymore."

Justin: "That's not true."

Phillip: "Then why haven't I heard from her in years!"

Justin: "It was a very difficult, painful time for her. She had things she had to work out on her own. But, Phillip, she wanted only the best for you. It was because of her and Hope, that you came to live with us in the first place. She wanted you to have a normal, happy life. Something she felt she couldn't give you, after what happened."

Phillip: "Okay, so "mom" abandoned me to the "good life". At least she had the sense to realize that me being raised by Alan wasn't a good thing. You know, before the paternity test, when Olivia and I thought the baby might be Alan's, I actually considered raising the baby as my own, in order to protect it from Alan. How messed up is that!?!"

Ross: "Phillip, yes, in hindsight it was a mistake. But, we didn't know that at the time. And you need to know that it wasn't easy for your father, either. To see you growing up from a distance. Alan did everything in his power to minimize Jackie and Justin's time with you. You know that. "

Phillip: "Yes, but nothing was ever done to stop him. The adoption wasn't exactly legal, Ross, you could have used that. "

Ross: "Yes, but Alan would have put you through a painful, protracted custody suit anyways, in an attempt to keep you. Your mother and father didn't want that, and neither did I."

Justin: "We were trying to protect you."

Phillip: "Were you "protecting" me by not inviting me to my own mother's memorial service! I'm sorry, I just don't get that. Or, are you going to blame Alan for that?"

Justin: "No, that was me. I just I just couldn't have you there, and not I couldn't trust myself. I think I would have told you, then and there. And I couldn't bear the thought of you finding out that way."

Disclaimer: GL characters belong to P&G Productions. This little fic is meant as pure, harmless fun., etc.