Just so I have all my fic up on Fanfic.net, here's a drabble and a half that I originally wrote in my livejournal. Enjoy!


They flinch. A few seconds ago they were floating gratefully in peaceful
slumber and now... Now a monster stands in their dream and growls, blood
dripping from its claws and fangs.

They twitch. In their sleep, a young girl screams helplessly and dies, the
knife curved and sharp, the blood running down her side and soaking into her
clothes and...

They whimper. A group of black-robed figures march across their dreamscape,
their faces blank and their eyes... Oh god, their eyes...

They moan. The seal is dark and dangerous, and they are standing next to it
and Jonathan looks up and the knife...

Andrew cringes, and Jonathan sobs, his face twisting in anguish and his hand
reflexively gripping his stomach.

And at the foot of the bed, Warren stands and stares and smiles as they
struggle impotently, trying desperately to escape the nightmare.

The First Evil likes to watch.